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1h free access session
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From 4 years-old and up
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1 hr
From 1 years-old and up

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Enjoy a free access session at Hapik and discover fun climbing with your family or friends in Chambly!

Enjoy a free access session to Hapik Chambly near Paris and discover 100% fun climbing!

Hapik Chambly isn't your traditional climbing gym... it's a one-of-a-kind venue combining leisure and sporting challenge. Whether you're looking to climb solo, with family or friends, Hapik has the right challenge for you. Vertical challenges, climbing walls, canopy tours, there's something for every taste and level: from beginners discovering climbing for the 1st time to experienced climbers. Hapik Chambly is also an opportunity to introduce your children to climbing from the age of 4!

Fun and colorful climbing walls! Test the 3 levels of difficulty independently and at your own pace, thanks to a certified self-belay system. For the little ones, the "first climb" area is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with vertical climbing from the age of 4.

Vertical challenges! Would you like to challenge yourself and approach climbing from a less traditional angle? Get your adrenalin pumping on the bamboo course, the vertical slide or the impressive Angel's Leap... thrills guaranteed!

Canopy tours! Are the sunny days long gone? Is your Canopy tour center too far away? Don't worry, Hapik also offers an indoor canopy tour. Monkey bridges, Himalayan footbridges, nets or zip lines - all the classics are there!

Hapik Chambly also pays particular attention to the safety and support of our youngest customers. Each session begins with a 15-minute briefing, after which the team remains available to accompany you. The practical, certified self-belay system is easy for children to use, and instantly restrains the climber in the event of a fall. Finally, if you're a parent and don't want to climb, you can still accompany your child free of charge.

So book your climbing session in Chambly, near Paris now!

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