Canyon Swing from 109 metres over Shotover Canyon

Canyon Swing from 109 metres over Shotover Canyon
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Activity Snapshot

  • Sensation Level: Extreme
  • Spoken languages: English
  • Fitness level: Everybody welcome
  • Minimum age: minimum 10 y/o
  • Duration: 2.5 hrs
  • Cancellation policy: 
    moderate 1) Cancellation 10 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
    → You are automatically refunded for the full activity price

    2) Cancellation between 4 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity starting date
    → You are entitled to a 50% refund

    3) 4 days or later, prior to the agreed activity starting date, is considered last-minute cancellations
    → No refund will be made
  • Meeting point:
    Shotover Canyon Swing, 34 Shotover Street, Queenstown
  • Opening seasons:

Activity description

This is an intense, adrenaline stimulating activity achieved by launching yourself from a cliff, 109 metres over the famous Shotover River. The uniquely designed system allows you to swing 200 metres with a 60-metre vertical freefall down a steep rocky cliff face. Throw the amazing staff into the mix and you’ve got the experience of a lifetime.

It’s all about you. The team isn't here to rush or crowd you. The unique style of adrenaline and friendly service in a spectacular scenic location gives you time to relax in the surroundings; chat to your hosts and share in their passion for the best adrenaline rush by pushing your personal boundaries and safely managing your fear factor. Whether you're confident or timid, the jumpmasters are professional and crazy enough to ensure you have an awesome experience at gravity’s playground.

You call the shots, sometimes, well not really. You choose how you go at least. The numerous jump styles make Canyon Swing unique, each one a different thrill and each one appeals to people in a different way.  

Check out some of the favourites below:
The Cutaway
The easiest launch by far. You're suspended out over the canyon in a sitting position, which you will remain in for the whole of your swing. If you’re tough enough you can release yourself or leave it to the pros. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Pin Drop
With your hands clasped behind your back, leaning forward with your eyes focused on your toes, just pop off sideways to experience the greatest ground rush. Don't be fooled, this one of the scariest jumps available.

Standing on the edge looking down if you dare, then step, jump, fall, dive or leap any which way to begin your spectacular descent. You're free to scream, flap your arms and kick your legs as you accelerate into the canyon. Jumping off yourself is an amazing achievement.

Gimp Boy Goes To Hollywood
You'll be suspended upside down over the canyon, staring directly at the canyon floor, arching your back and reaching for the river below. Keep your eyes open and wait to be released, you'll swoop down towards the river - eyeballs first.

Standing with your heels over the edge of the platform. Hands behind your head and slowly fall back into the canyon below. The view of the platform rocketing away from you is truly freaky. A great option for experienced jumpers.

The Chair
You've been told that rocking back on your chair is bad, well in swing world it's GREAT. You'll sit in the chair then position backwards on the edge. It's up to you to play with gravity, slowly pass through the point of no return and enjoy. Seatbelt provided.

Fancy showing off your athletic prowess? You've got three options: forwards, backwards or gainers. Tumble your way through freefall before swinging out down in the canyon below. Try to beat the record: 12 forwards flips by Olympian Tom Daley!

Indian Rope Trick
Can you do a chin-up? This is the one for you… You're suspended over the canyon holding on with your big muscles. The team will pull the release trigger and it's up to you. Can you beat our current record of 33.25 seconds? It's one heck of a challenge.

Elvis Cutaway
The king of all head rushes. You'll be suspended out over the canyon, lying flat on your back facing the sky. Once released you'll travel through the arc upside down with the canyon walls rushing past your eyes.

The Slide
This ain't no playground. Climb up and take in the view from the top then slide into oblivion and remember what it was like to scream like a kid.

Each of the two independent ropes for the Canyon Swing has a breaking strain of 2.8 tonnes, enough to lift four cars! All aspects of each activity satisfy important safety requirements and are inspected, maintained and upgraded to ensure an extremely safe environment. The Canyon Swing is certified as an Amusement Device by WorkSafe New Zealand.

Activity requirements

Swing conditions:
- All Swingers must be able to fit the harness
- Maximum weight for solo jumps is 160kgs
- Maximum combined weight for tandem jumps is 180kgs
- Minimum age is 10 years (ID may be required) and able to fit harness (guideline of at least 35kgs)
- Parental/guardian consent required for those under 16 years
- Please wear appropriate clothing for the outdoors and all weather conditions
- In winter a jacket, hat and gloves are strongly recommended

If you are affected to any extent by any of the conditions listed below or by anything you consider relevant you must include details in your safety form so that you can be included safely in this activity.

Not all conditions necessarily exclude you from jumping, and if you have any doubts please talk with the team first and/or with your medical practitioner.
- High blood pressure
- Allergies
- Previous dislocations
- Pregnancy
- Hearing conditions
- Asthma
Neurological disorders
Head injury
Artificial limbs
Back injuries
Eye conditions

Special terms

Empty your pockets, or else you'll make an unwanted donation to the river below. There are cubby holes to keep your stuff safe.

Please check in 15 minutes prior to your trip time.

Mobility impaired persons
Most people should be able to experience the thrills of the Canyon Swing. The staff has experience swinging people with major neck, back, and limb injuries as well as those with permanent impairments such as blindness, deafness, paraplegia, amputations, and paralyzes. The safety of customers and staff is paramount and will only accept individuals on a case-by-case basis, and participation is conditional on the judgment of the operational staff.

The Shotover Canyon Swing site is located at the end of a 300m gravel track (downhill from the car park) and there are 61 steep stairs to descend to the platform (approx 900mm to 1200mm wide). Customers must have someone with them to assist with getting in and out of site.

Canyon Swing holds a Making Trax Seal of Approval for inclusive adventure, to find out more visit their website. Please contact us to discuss your booking or any questions you may have.

Canyon Swing offers spectators at $10 each. Please let the team know when you book.  

Photos and videos
With no obligation to buy, the photo and video options are a great way to relive your swing and to prove to your mates what you did!!

Available for purchase on-site, you can view before you buy, and will be ready before we take you back to town. Please be aware that photos and videos are not guaranteed.

With suitable strapped mounts, you can take your own Go Pro/camera along with you for the ride (sorry no selfie sticks).

  • Transport
Do not forget to bring
  • Wear layers as mornings are chilly, and winters are freezing!
  • Closed comfortable shoes
Meeting point
Shotover Canyon Swing, 34 Shotover Street, Queenstown Get directions



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This is really amazing ! And the view when you jump is so beautiful ! And the personal are very kind and crazy !! A very good moment with them

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