Big air combo from Victoria Falls Bridge

Big air combo from Victoria Falls Bridge
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Activity Snapshot

  • Sensation Level: Extreme
  • Spoken languages: English
  • Fitness level: Everybody welcome
  • Minimum age: minimum 14 y/o
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Cancellation policy: 
    moderate 1) Cancellation 10 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
    → You are automatically refunded for the full activity price

    2) Cancellation between 4 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity starting date
    → You are entitled to a 50% refund

    3) 4 days or later, prior to the agreed activity starting date, is considered last-minute cancellations
    → No refund will be made
  • Meeting point:
    Victoria Falls Bridge
  • Opening seasons:

Activity description

Calling all adrenaline junkies to dare this thrilling adventure that combines bungee jumping, the bridge swing, and the bridge slide all in one awesome package!

Bungee jump
Dare to jump from Victoria Falls Bridge and experience 111 meters of pure adrenaline rush! Over 50,000 people have committed themselves to the thrill of jumping off this majestic bridge. 

Chal­lenge the lim­its of the mind and test the edge of fear by leap­ing off the im­press­ive bridge, with the Falls be­hind and the mighty Zam­bezi below. 

The ankle harness has two components: padding to provide protection to the ankles and mountaineering webbing (3,000 kg working load).

The webbing is secured over the padding and around both legs just above the ankles, binding both legs firmly together. The knot used is a self-loading knot that is impossible to either slip or come undone during the jump. There have been over 1 000,000 jumps worldwide using this particular ankle tie method without an incident of it slipping or coming undone.

You'll be harnessed up for the jump and not to worry, you'll be safely attached at all times. You'll use the sternum attachment with a separate sling attachment to the bungee cord as a secondary back up and for recovery back to the bridge. All connections to the bungee cord are made before the platform safety line is removed. 

Your weight is transmitted through the ankle harness to the bungee cord, which stretches out to approximately three times the original length. This elongation provides a gradual deceleration of your free‑fall without placing any sudden stressful forces on you.

You can decide at any stage not to jump. At no stage is anybody forced to jump or pushed.  However, after the registration process has been completed, jumps paid for are considered non-refundable and non-transferable.

Recovery Position:
After you've jumped, a recovery operator is lowered down to you, who then attaches a recovery line to your body harness. Both you and the operator are then winched back on to the catwalk below the bridge. During this process, you're pulled into an upright position.

You're attached to a safety line on the catwalk and checked by a senior jumpmaster before being escorted onto the bridge road-deck.

Bridge swing
Step off the Victoria Falls Bridge into the Batoka Gorge over the mighty Zambezi River in an upright position for an 80-meter freefall then become a human pendulum as you swing in a huge arc with the cascading waterfall rumbling by your side!

Your harness is attached to a rope, the rope is attached to the middle of a cable that runs across the full width of the gorge.

Once you are all set, you stand on a platform on the edge of the Victoria Falls bridge, say a quick prayer, and jump off - How crazy is that! You jump off and free fall for about 80m straight towards the rocks and river below, then as the rope becomes taught you will start to arc and thankfully swing away from the river you were hurtling towards fractions of a seconds ago. Although it looks like the most insane thing to do, everyone who does it is on such a high afterward.

With the bridge swing, you can go at it alone, or you can do it with a partner and scream together as you take the 80-meter plunge...then once you've swung through the gorge, take in the sight of the Batoka Gorge and the mighty Zambezi River below while you both get pulled up to the Victoria Falls Bridge.

Bridge slide
Beginning from a platform on the Zambian bank, the zipline glides 300 meters over the rapids in the Batoka Gorge below providing incomparable views of The Falls before gently coming to rest on the Zimbabwean side of the bridge.

Of all the bridge activities, the bridge slide is certainly the tamest one. People of all ages can do it from toddlers to old-timers. It does provide a bit of an adrenaline rush, not enough for you to question all of your life choices, but enough to make you want to do it again.

You will need to cross the Victoria Falls Bridge to where the Bridge Cafe is located. Once you've checked in and signed all your paperwork, you are strapped into your harness and walk up to the platform on the Zambian edge of the Batoka Gorge. You can choose to go at it alone or in tandem.

The zipline goes for 300 meters over the Zambezi River rapids in the Batoka Gorge below giving you a spectacular view of the Zambezi River and gorge before you are gently brought over to the Victoria Falls Bridge. Then you take a short walk under the bridge to the Zimbabwean edge of the Batoka.


- Availability in low water: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
- Starting time in high water: 10.00 am

Adventure Zone closes for lunch from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm

Activity requirements

Minimum client weight is 40 kilograms (88 pounds)
Maximum client weight is 140 kilograms (308 pounds) in low water and 130 kilograms (286 pounds) in high water

Bridge swing
Minimum client weight is 30 kilograms (66 pounds) and the maximum weight is 180 kilograms (396 pounds)

Bridge slide
Minimum client weight is 30 kilograms ( 66 pounds) and the maximum weight is 200 kilograms (440 pounds).

Special terms

With prior notice, the team does its best to accommodate the special needs of physically challenged individuals.

Border formalities:
The Victoria Falls Bridge lies in "no man's land" between the Zimbabwean and Zambian Border Posts. Jumpers, sliders, swingers, spectators, etc. must indicate to the immigration officials that they are only proceeding onto the bridge and then returning through the same border post. Immigration officials will then issue a gate pass without stamping of the passport.

Sufficient time must be allowed to get from Vic Falls/Livingstone town to the border, through Customs & Immigration, then down to the bridge and up to the registration area to check-in.  As such, clients should leave town ONE HOUR before their appointed jump time.

Client registration:
The registration area is set up adjacent to the bridge on the Zambian bank of the Zambezi River.  All clients are to proceed to the registration area prior to jumping/swinging/sliding. No special clothing, equipment, or experience is necessary. Jumpers/sliders/swingers are advised to remove any jewelry and accessories.

Clients who have pre-booked and/or prepaid need to present their voucher at registration. The clients are screened, weighed, and registered for their product of choice.  Registering includes signing an indemnity form, payment (or voucher presentation), and the recording of the payment transaction.

The jump/swing/slide number and weight are clearly written on the back of the client's hand.


Meeting point
Victoria Falls Bridge Get directions


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