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Outdoor activities to do in Omis for adventurers

Omis is a small town in Croatia with a unique landscapes that allows you to practice a vast number of outdoor activities.

Outdoor Activities to do in Italy on Valentine's Day

Great Activities to do in Italy on Valentine's Day with your loved one, from Via Ferrata and Canyoning to Paragliding and Hot Air Ballooning.

7 Best Indie Outdoor Sports Video Games

Here's a list of 7 indie outdoor sports video games for you to enjoy! From snowmobile to dog sledding games - this list will give you street cred!

5 Thrilling Whitewater Movies

For 80's, 90's and noughties whitewater adventure flicks to brighten your day, and documentaries to inspire you to chase your dreams, check out our picks.

Top 5 Rivers to Go Rafting on in Croatia

If you enjoy whitewater sports, there's no place more stunning and exotic than these top 5 rivers for rafting in Croatia!

The Top 5 Places in Spain to Go Kayaking

Check out the top 5 places in Spain to go Kayaking. Explore these 5 stunning, beautiful rivers, mountains and towns by river kayak!

The Best Rivers in Europe to Go Whitewater Kayaking!

Find the best rivers in Europe to go whitewater kayaking! Discover amazing destinations for the ride of your life.

The Complete Guide to Whitewater Kayaking

Check out the complete guide to whitewater kayaking. Discover amazing places to go kayaking, from Bali to Italy, and France.

Top 5 Paragliding Destinations in Switzerland

Looking for a place to go paragliding? Check out the 5 most stunning places in Switzerland to paraglide, such as Zermatt, Verbier, Gstaad and more!

Top 8 Outdoor Valentine’s Experience Gifts

Gifting your loved one an outdoor activity experience is an easy way to give a personalised present, that will also allow you to make new memories together.

The Ardèche, the perfect spot for adrenaline fans

The Ardèche is a huge and inexhaustible playground for adrenaline fans...

The Best Outdoor Activities in Interlaken, Switzerland

In the heart of Switzerland hides a region which seems to be from another time, nature blossoms in its raw state and creates a tangible paradise for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

8 Amazing Waterfalls to See Whilst Kayaking

What's the best part of any river in kayaking? For paddlers, it’s all about going over the edge. Take a big breath, just in case and enjoy the drop.