Beginner surf courses in Corralejo, Fuerteventura

From 4 hrs to 3 half days
Everybody welcome
From 8 years-old and up

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1-day course: 4 hours
4 hrs
2-day course: 8 hours
2 half days
3-day course: 12 hours
3 half days

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Corralejo is one of the best places to learn surfing, its perfect beaches and the schools great coaches will get you standing up on the board in no time!

Corralejo is one of the best places to learn surfing, its perfect beaches and the schools great coaches will get you standing up on the board in no time!

Corralejo Surf School is convinced everyone should try surfing at least once in a lifetime, they are sure that it's such a fun activity that you will never forget!

The amazing thing about surfing is that everyone, in general good health, can join a beginner's surfing lesson. The school will go through all the basics so you can really get into the culture, history, philosophy and rules of surfing. This way you'll understand why surfing is not only a sport but a way of life. The main principle for all this is that students will have to respect the other surfers.

Corralejo Surf School will teach you how to surf and everything that involves surf. This way, you will eventually learn to be an independent surfer! You'll be taught how to understand the behavoir of the sea (currents, wave formation, different types of breakers, among other aspects), and will share their infinite love and respect for the surrounding environment and nature.

Before getting in the water you will start with a warm up, stretches, breathing warm-ups and then you'll continue into the safety rules. Once this has been covered, you'll be taught the basics on land, then you'll be ready to start practicing you new skills. The conditions vary from one beach to another, depending on the tides, the breakers and other factors. You'll be taught how to understand the sea in all its dimensions and complexity so you can surf around the world!


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Patrick B., Austria — 18/02/2023
If you try this activity once you will get obsessed with it.
Natasha W., United Kingdom — 16/04/2019
We are a family of four including two teenagers ages 16 & 13! Great fun but hard work on the whole body!
Edi M., Ireland — 11/02/2019
Tough but great wish i trained a bit more in the gym before
Rachel M., United Kingdom — 24/03/2018
As a beginner I found it really challenging but extremely fun. It's very frustrating as it's a lot harder than it looks for first timers. Once you get up and your riding a wave the feeling is incredible
Rainer S., Germany — 19/12/2021
Seine Augen waren überall, so, als würde er nicht neben uns sein, sondern als säße er auf einem Hochstand, stets ein kurzes Stück über der sich vor mir auftürmenden und dann brechenden Schaumkrone. Ich habe mit David die sichere Hand eines Surflehrers gespürt, die mich auf dem Brett über Stunden hat spüren lassen, dass ich, mit 71 Jahren, mich auf eine völlig neue Art die Kraft des Meeres hat spüren lassen, die mich sonst nach einer Viertelstunde hätte aufgeben lassen. Er war stets wachsam und hat zudem eine hohe Sozialkompetenz, die ihn positiv motivierend ist. Was bleibt, nach diesem absolut glücksbringendem Tag, der mich sehr viel Kraft gekostet hat, ist die Ehrfurcht vor der Gewalt des Wassers, aber auch das Gefühl, sie mit innerer Kraft, guter antrainierter Kondition und der richtig angewandten Technik für eine Sportart nutzen zu können, bei der man die Nähe zur Natur nicht schöner erleben kann.

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