Ice Fishing Trip at the Great Inari Lake

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Ice fishing - Great Inari Lake

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Ice fishing for first-timers with a professional guide at the Great Inari Lake. All necessary gear included, come and enjoy your fresh catch!

This ice-fishing excursion welcomes all first-timers and beginners. Your professional guide Atte will take you through all the steps and provide you with all the best fishing gear to ensure you catch as many fish as possible. It is almost impossible not to catch a fish with them!

You will embark together on your ice-fishing adventure to the great Inari lake, which is also known as the Sami Ocean. The third largest lake in all Finland, every human on Earth could stand on its icy surface and still have space to raise their arms! Also with its impressive average depth, Inari lake holds more water in it than all the other lakes in Finland together. The deepest parts are 95 meters (311 ft) deep.

Our fishing spots are right beside the Inari village and a lot of fish are attracted to come there due to the nearby river. Atte will drive you there on his snowmobile, which will pull you along on a sled behind him. Sit comfortably in the sledge as you skid along for up to 4km out to the lake ice.

Your fishing guide Atte Ikkala has all the latest ice fishing gear. You get to use ice fishing sonar and on a cold day, you can fish comfortably from inside a fishing tent. Atte also produces some custom-made ice fishing gear and ties his own fishing flies. You are in some of the best fishing hands of Lapland during this wholesome trip to Lake Inari. Enjoy!

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