Introductory paragliding course over Lac du Bourget, near Aix-les-Bains

5 half days
Occasionally sporty
From 12 years-old and up

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Make your dreams come true with this 5 day introductory paragliding course over Lake Bourget, near Aix-les-Bains !

Learn how to fly! Do you dream of flying – of soaring freely amongst the clouds? Make your dreams come true with this 5 day paragliding course over Lake Bourget, near Aix-les-Bains!

This course in Chindrieux, on the edge of Lake Bourget, is perfect for beginners, including those who have no idea what paragliding is! With your instructors at Parapente Hélico, you will start off in the classroom learning flight theory. From there, over the following days you will move on to ground practice, including how to take-off and land, tandem flying around Aix-les-bains with your instructor, learning basic flying techniques, and by day 5 of the course, you will be able to conduct your very own solo flight over Lake Bourget!

The course will consist of 3 hour sessions every morning for 5 days with a qualified paragliding instructor who knows the skies above Lake Bourget like the back of his hand. Each class is capped at 4 people, allowing for your instructor to give personalised feedback and attention to every student. During the flying lessons, you will be equipped with all the necessary gear and safety equipment, including a radio which will allow you to communicate with your instructor at all times.

Overlooking the verdant mountains of Haute-Savoie and the sparkling turquoise waters of Lake Bourget, the beautiful environs of Aix-les-Bains offer an ideal spot to learn how to paraglide. While there are many activities to enjoy during your lakeside sojourn, none of them are quite like this one. This course will not just give you an unforgettable experience, but the chance to learn new skills and incorporate a new hobby into your life. Whether you have always wanted to learn how to paraglide, or simply want to build your confidence by learning something new and exciting, this initiation into the world of paragliding is a great place to start.

Book your paragliding course near Aix-les-Bains now, and add flying to your list of superpowers!

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