Rock climbing up Hamarøyskaftet mountain in Skutvik

Rock climbing up Hamarøyskaftet mountain in Skutvik

Activity Snapshot

  • Sensation Level: Adventurous
  • Spoken languages: English, Norwegian
  • Fitness level: Sporty
  • Minimum age: minimum 10 y/o
  • Duration: full day
  • Cancellation policy: 
    moderate 1) Cancellation 10 days or more prior to the agreed activity starting date
    → You are automatically refunded for the full activity price

    2) Cancellation between 4 and 10 days prior to the agreed activity starting date
    → You are entitled to a 50% refund

    3) 4 days or later, prior to the agreed activity starting date, is considered last-minute cancellations
    → No refund will be made
  • Meeting point:
    Hamaroyskaftet, 8290 Skutvik, Norway
  • Opening seasons:

Activity description

Summit one of the most iconic and impressive mountains in Northern Norway with this guided rock climbing excursion to the top of Hamarøyskaftet.

An austere feature that seems to pierce the sky, Hamarøyskaftet might seem like a formation best left to the pros - but in fact, it is more accessible than you might think... Hamarøyskaftet looks steep and virtually unclimbable at first glance, but don’t be put off. Most people manage this rewarding climb just fine - the reward at the top is wonderful views in all directions, especially the magnificence and beauty of the Lofotveggen (The Lofoten Wall). Plus, don't forget to ask your guide to explain the mountain's meaning in English, it's sure to make you laugh out loud!

Hamarøyskaftet is one of the most characteristic mountains in Northern Norway. It’s less well known than Stetind and the summit is just 613 metres above sea level making it suitable for adventurous beginners. If you are wondering whether you can climb Stetind (Norway’s national mountain), climbing Hamarøyskaftet will give you a good indication of how you tackle heights. A mountain in the municipality of Hamarøy in Nordland county, hiring a car from Bodo is recommended due to the lack of over-land public transport. Halsen is the nearest town and can be reached on the E6 from Ulvsvåg and from Lofoten via the ferry from Svolvær.

A full day guided rock climbing excursion in Northern Norway, summit Hamarøyskaftet mountain this activity is suitable for confident beginners and experience alpine climbers alike. Hamarøyskaftet is not a very difficult climb, but you will still need ropes and guiding to reach the top. You must be comfortable with some airy climbing. Between the alpine sections, you will find large ledges to rest on while you enjoy the amazing views. When you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with views of the Vestfjord and Lofotveggen (The Lofoten Wall) – the line of mountains on the nearby Lofoten Islands. the climbing is only half the fun – the trip down from Hamarøyskaftet involves five abseiling sections.  Along with climbing, the instructor will help you master some key skills like alpine climbing, using ropes and belaying. A 6-8 hour ascent, the total length of this trip is 3 km (both walking and climbing included). All necessary equipment is included like ropes, carabiners, climbing harnesses and helmets but remember to pack a pair of hiking boots or approach shoes - ordinary trainers aren't suitable for this climb due to the soft sole.

This trip is graded as Moderate – intermediate grading. The climb to the summit involves several short, airy sections, but does not involve any very difficult climbing. Between the alpine sections, you will find large ledges where you can rest, eat lunch and enjoy the view. Elevation: the Starting point is 200 metres above sea level. 

Activity requirements

Suitable for participants in good physical condition with previous hiking experience.

Children should be accompanied by an adult

Special terms

Activity subject to weather restrictions.

Please note: this excursion operates with a two-person minimum

  • Rock climbing instructor
  • We have all necessary equipment: ropes, carabiners, climbing harnesses and helmets.
Do not forget to bring
  • Wind- and waterproof outer clothing
  • Hiking boots or approach shoes
  • Backpack (30 – 40 litres)
  • Food and drink
  • NOK 20 for the toll.
Meeting point
Hamaroyskaftet, 8290 Skutvik, Norway Get directions


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