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Lanzarote Ocean Diver's might just be one of the most professional and expert diving centers. Come join them and become an expert diver while sharing the nature-caring philosophy and passion!

Lanzarote is where you will find the most beautiful and accessible diving sites. The center has a swimming pool where they offer confined water dives, a compressed air tank fill station, transportation, and a support boat. Also, at a walking distance, Lanzarote Ocean's Divers offer different kinds of accommodation.

The team is a mix of genders and backgrounds, but they all share the same goal; to help you enjoy the experience of being underwater and push the limits of your comfort zone. They're committed to make you feel safe and to let you enjoy the splendor of the underwater world.

Lanzarote Ocean’s Divers encourages respectful diving towards marine life and the rest of people who enjoy and interact with the sea. It is very simple; you just need to follow some basic rules which can be resumed to "respect the ecosystem".

Finally, safety is a critical aspect of diving and it always comes first when diving with Lanzarote Ocean's Divers. They check daily weather conditions and adapt your diving routes to them in order to offer the safest and most comfortable diving experience possible both for beginners and advanced divers. They also use first quality equipment that is constantly renew to ensure high comfort diving.

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  • 5 / 5


  • 5 / 5

Très bonne maîtrise du français, agréable et pédagogue

  • 4 / 5

Mon instructeur était super. Il m a donné les bonnes explications pour l 'activité. Très sympathique et professionnel.

  • 5 / 5

Manu l'instructeur était très gentil rassure très bien malgré ma panique, il explique très bien pour le matériel et les consignes.

  • 5 / 5

Instructors were very polite and nice I don't know swimming nor I have ever done scuba diving so was very nervous but thanks to the instructors they very well managed to remove my nervousness special +5 stars more to both the instructors😊