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Trails Beyond is a boutique tour operator in Greece, offering unique guided adventures, off the beaten pathway. It’s a company of and for travelers, dedicated to creating authentic, meaningful and transformative travel experiences, that benefits not only the travelers but also the places and people you visit.

The company was established in 2013 by Danae Tsadila, driven by her passion for travel and her vision to share with other travelers the hidden treasures of Greece. Having traveled extensively herself in Greece and 30 more countries around 4 continents, Danae realized that Greece is a uniquely beautiful country and a promising destination for responsible adventure tourism. The country’s diverse landscape (ranging from infinite sandy beaches with turquoise crystal clear waters to wild mountains with rivers and alpine lakes) and the rich cultural and historical heritage offer endless opportunities for activities (varying from trekking, cycling and rafting to visiting archaeological monuments of worldwide importance) and memorable experiences.

With the aspiration to promote Greece as a four seasons destination, Danae’s vision was incarnated into Trails Beyond, a tour operator organizing and offering quality adventure experiences beyond the ordinary places people visit in Greece or beyond the conventional things people see or do in well established Greek tourism destinations. On top of that, all their guided explorations have a local touch, as they strongly encourage their guests to interact with the local people, always with respect to the places we explore.

Gathering other people around her – people sharing the same travel ethos, values and vision, real travel experience, expertise in the travel industry and passion for Greece– Danae created a consistent team, committed to offer its guests memorable travel experiences. It is an amalgam of passionate athletes, professional licensed guides, travel experts and locals with depth knowledge of the place, young specialists with fresh and innovative ideas and older professionals with years of experience, all dedicated to deliver you supreme services. They are constantly developing new itineraries and finding ways to improve established routes in order to exceed your expectations, while at the same time remaining faithful to our quality standards.

In short, with Trails Beyond you won’t just visit Greece; you will immerse yourself in the country, you will experience Greece from a local's perspective and enjoy an adventure you will remember for years!

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