Tandem paragliding flight in Delphi, Greece

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Tandem paragliding flight in Delphi

About the activity

Open your wings and fly over the legendary Oracle of Delphi and Apollo's temple, in middle Greece with a tandem paragliding fun activity

Have you always been dreaming of flying? Are you ready to explore new, mystical places from high above? Then this is the right activity for you! Join Giannis on a tandem paragliding activity and fly over the Oracle of Delphi. The high cliffs in the area are ideal for a paragliding flight. The views ... simply magical!

Giannis is an experienced instructor, having performed more time flying in his life than walking. You will be flying with him from a take off point on the cliffs. You will land on the valley, smoothly after a 10-30 minutes flight (exact flight time depending on wind conditions). You do not need to do anything at all! Just sit back, relax and enjoy the magnificent views!

What will you be seeing?
Flying over Delphi is pure magic! It's class, it's everything! You will see the temple of Apollo, the archaeological sites, and the valley. The view will leave you breathless. Green mountains, silver coloured gloves and the weather always sunny and beautiful.

What should you have with you?
The only thing you need to bring with you is a pair of boots, a warm jacket for winter, and to be at the predefined point on time. Your pilot will let you know before the flight from which point you will be flying depending on the wind conditions.


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Makenna W., United States — 27/10/2022
Flying was absolutely amazing! Jannis was very reassuring throughout the flight and made sure we all had a great time.
Bryce A., United States — 14/10/2022
Couldn't have asked for a better day to paraglide! Views were phenomenal and it was just as exhilarating watching your friends paraglide as it was doing it yourself.
Pu X., Greece — 07/02/2022
It's my first time to do paragliding and I enjoyed it very much!
Laurence G., France — 27/08/2021
first flight for the whole family and everyone loved ! from 9 to 51 years !
Sharon B., United States — 24/04/2019
We had never been paragliding - what an exciting activity.

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