Adventure Dives from Paradise Beach, Mykonos

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About the activity

A scuba safari for certified divers to go underwater in the shipwrecks, in the caverns or the reefs of Mykonos

Daily boat and beach dives for certified divers. You will find wreck dives, cavern dives, and reef dives around the island of Mykonos. You only need to be a qualified diver to go in an adventurous safari to discover scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of Mykonos.

The spots
Paradise reef - One of the most often dived reefs in Mykonos. Divers will encounter the friendly grouper Tony and hand feed the hundreds of friendly wrasses. Very good location for not so experienced divers. Depth - 5 to 30m. Travel time: 15 min.

Grouper Rocks - Not far away from Paradise Reef to the west, Grouper Rocks reef is one of the liveliest reefs in the area. Plenty of friendly wrasses follow the divers on the entire dive. The most important point of interest of this dive though is the antiquities that are encountered throughout the dive. Depth 10 to 30 m. Travel time: 16 min.

Peloponisos wreck - A wreck dated from the 1930s' which sank on the north eastern side of Mykonos next to a reef in the middle of the sea. She was a Greek ship named "Peloponnisos" and has been cut into two pieces. The ship remains in good shape. It is a difficult dive, though, which requires favorable weather conditions due to the wrecks' location. The reef is vivid with lots of colorful fishes and good visibility. For advanced divers only. Depth 20 to 45 m. Travel time: 40 min.

Super Paradise reef - Super Paradise Reef is located just east of Super Paradise beach and is a natural extension of the land. Octopus, wrasses, morays, and lobsters make this area unique. A true dive shelter even for the roughest weather. Depth 10 to 35m. Travel time: 22min.

Prasonisia - Perhaps one of the most spectacular dive spots, Prasonisia is considered to be a divers paradise. Littered with antiquities, this location will satisfy even the most demanding divers. A very good spot for intermediate and advanced divers alike. Depth 5 to 18m. Travel time: 30 min.

Dragonisi/ The Caverns - This dive spot is located at Dragonisi island, an uninhabited private island, a few miles south east of Mykonos. The spectacular natural rock formations that have been dug for thousands of years from the waves, have formed caverns that are inhabited by hundreds of glassfish. The walls are covered with thousands of small yellow sea anemones, a marvel for macro photographers. During this dive it is not uncommon to have a close encounter with a monk seal. Due to the distance and duration of the trip an additional small fee is charged to cover necessary expenses. Depth 3 to 30m. Travel time 1 hour (half day trip).

Octopus Island/ Wall Diving- Situated approx. 10 miles off the South Coast of the island reached within 1 hour's time this spectacular wall offers a profusion of undersea marine life. Sea anemones, sponges, interesting rock formations are all a background to the variety of fish, octopus, sea horses, crabs, sea stars, and morays. The wall's depth drops down to 60m but the depth is limited to 30-35m. Travel time is 1 hour.

Anna II Wreck - This wreck just sunk in mid July, 1995 and is a 60 meter cement carrier. She lays on her side in depths of 18-35 meters. This is an ideal location for intermediate and advanced divers. The wreckage itself attracts a large variety of pelagic marine life and it is not unusual to see schools of amberjacks around the hull. Due to its remote location, a small additional fee is charged for this dive. Depth is limited to 30-35m. Travel time is approximately of 30 minutes.

Please note that all locations are subject to weather conditions and may not be accessible at all times

The water temperatures vary from 16 -24 Celsius Degrees from May to October.


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Nahla A., Saudi Arabia — 11/08/2019
It's a really amazing and wonderful time good job guys you are very expert and cares about the participant thanks so much but next time give more deep inside the water
Margaux D., France — 26/09/2018
Activité super et très bien organisée. Les accompagnateurs étaient très à l'écoute.

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