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Mykonos, which is placed in the middle of Cyclades, is an island with dual personality. It’s one of the most picturesque islands in the whole Cyclades, with traditional backstreets, whitewashed houses, chapels and windmills.

It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations, which has excelled at international level for its cosmopolitan character. Visitors of Mykonos can enjoy their holidays in a unique natural environment despite the island’s development.

There are wonderful beaches, whitewashed cottages, proud windmills and small pigeon houses but above all, there are friendly and smiling people. It combines all the above with the transparent and refreshing summer atmosphere, its colours, the earthy, the grey, the white and the blue in all shades, the endless stone walls, the prickly and the reeds, justify the reason that Mykonos, from the early years, became the hot spot for adrenaline hunters that want to try on new adventures.

Water sports such as snorkelling and diving give explorers the opportunity to unveil the secrets of the Greek seabed. Kitesurfing, windsurfing & surfing are important sports as well, giving riders the opportunity to check out some of the most cool waves in the area.

The entire complex of Mykonos – Delos – Rineia, has been characterized as an area of outstanding natural beauty and is protected by a special legislation. The reputation of Mykonos and the great number of visitors, among whom really important personalities from all over the world, created a significant commercial activity on the island. Last but not least, if you visit Mykonos in winter time and you seek to approach, discuss and make company with the islanders, you will find out that the majority remains simple, vivid and hospitable. They always find as much time as it is needed to keep their traditions and their customs.

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Caio N., Netherlands — 20/05/2024
It was perfect! The first time doing scuba diving and I felt very confident after all the instructions, the instructors were also amazing, very friendly, fun and patient, I’d really love to do more classes if I had more money and time to stay in Mykonos
Patricia H., United States — 14/10/2019
We had a great time on our yachting day around the islands of Rhenia and Delos. There was plenty of time to swim around Rhenia and the water was crystal clear. We were not allowed to swim at Delos though, so the choice was to stay on the yacht for two hours while the others toured the island, or go on the excursion. We had originally thought that we would be able to swim at both islands so we did not plan on touring Delos, but once we were told otherwise we decided to join the tour. I'm glad we did though, because it was very interesting history about Greece. The food onboard was delicious and there was all you can drink wine.
Nahla A., Saudi Arabia — 11/08/2019
It's a really amazing and wonderful time good job guys you are very expert and cares about the participant thanks so much but next time give more deep inside the water
Samantha S., United States — 09/10/2017
Very fun, it was our first time diving and this was definitely a great first!!
Randy S., United States — 24/06/2018
A good activity, but was under power the entire time. No actual sailing. Other than that, a good experience.

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