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Paros is an incredibly beautiful, colloquially-Greek island that is situated in the Aegean Sea. Located in close proximity to Mykonos and to the West of Naxos, Paros is one of the largest and most populated islands of the Cyclades Archipelago. Parikian is the capital of Paros, and the primary hub for visitors travelling to and from the airport, as well as in between islands.


Paros was first inhabited by ancient Greeks as early as the Mesolithic era, around 7500-6500 BCE. It remained a major hub throughout antiquity and prospered as a trading center as well as a producer of many agricultural products. By the classical period, the island may have boasted more than 10,000 citizens, a considerable figure for that time!

The picturesque old town of Naoussa and its harbours have been fought over for many centuries by the Ottomans, Venetians, and the Russians.

Paros Marble

Paros is known for it’s stunning marble exports. Paros marble is very fine, pure-white, and transparent, making it ideal for carving beautiful works of art. Many famous, ancient sculptures were made using Paros marble, including the iconic Venus de Milo and Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb. Today, Paros still produces marble in small quantities for archaeological restoration works at the Marathi quarries. Tourists can visit this site and it is a short drive from Paroikia.

Naoussa Harbour

Naoussa Harbour will likely be one of the most charming dockside towns you'll ever visit. Traditional white and blue Greek buildings line the waterway, while tiny white and blue boats rock back and forth in the clear turquoise waters. Lined with a variety of restaurants and cafes, visitors can sit and have an outdoor lunch or drink and soak in the sun. The Greek use the harbour for fishing and trade, and Naoussa is also a hub for Greek island nightlife. You can find many trendy bars, as well as a variety of larger clubs at the entry of town.

Antiparos Cave

Antiparos Cave, also known as the Cave of Agios Ioannis Church, is located 400 meters (1,312 feet) underground. As one of the main attractions in Paros-Antiparos, this is one natural wonder that you have to experience (if you are physically fit enough to climb up and down the 400 step staircase!). The winding stairway takes you deep into the earth into the caves. Incredibly magical in person, much more so than in photos, the ceiling of the caves are a cathedral of stalactites and stalagmites, which are icicle-shaped mineral formation caused by dripping water over many years.

Paroikia Ekatondapiliani Church

The name of this famous church translates in Greek to “Virgin of the Hundred Doors”. The oldest features of the church date back to 326 CE, making Ekatondapoliani one of the oldest churches that still stands. It was likely founded before Christianity was adopted by the Roman Empire as an official religion.

Besides its undeniable historical value, There is a great deal of myth and mystery that surrounds this site, and the origins of the hundred doors. An ancient Greek myth states that the church has 99 doors and that the last would magically appear when Constantinople was reconquered. The beautiful stone facade and stunning interior make the church a primary spot to visit on the island.

Lefkes Village

Set on a Greek mountainside, this tiny white-washed village is a must-see for visitors to Paros. Typical of Greek architecture, you will see the white buildings and blue-domed churches. The streets are lined with large slates of rock, and colorful pink bougainvillea flourish on roofs and sides of homes. It’s a beautiful, unique spot to see, perfect to visit for dinner, and makes for epic travel photos. You can also find excellent hiking trails from Lefkes into the Paros mountains.

The Beaches of Paros

Churches and caves aside, beaches are obviously a main atraction for visitors to Paros. These soft-sanded beaches are the gateway to beautiful, clear blue waters of the Aegean sea. Some of the top beaches to see are, Golden Beach, Lageri, Pounda, Martselo, Santa Maria, and Agios Georgios on Antiparos. But these beaches are not just for lounging, there are many fun water-based activities to try as well!

Adventure Activities

Paros is also known as a prime spot for windsurfing and kitesurfing. In the summer, the islands experience Meltemi winds, which blow at speeds of 4-5 beauforts. Pounda Beach is especially famous for kitesurfing, while Golden Beach and the East Coast are the go-to places for windsurfing.

Those in the mood for more relaxing adventures can enjoy the sights by sea kayak or SUP (stand-up paddleboarding). You can also go scuba diving or snorkelling and discover Paros' diverse aquatic life.

Paros also offers boat tours, swimming, and an overall amazing time!

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Haley H., United States — 03/10/2023
An incredible, personalized boat tour of Antiparos and surrounding islands.
Costin-Alexandru Z., Romania — 16/09/2023
The activity was not too hard to do, we had 2 breaks on land with 3 kayaking rows between. The view is gorgeous, on our day the water was also calm. There was also the possibility to swim and snorkel on the 2 land breaks.
Sofie Amalie S., Denmark — 06/08/2023
So great! The instructor was very sweet and helpful and made me feel safe all the way!
Jessy B., Canada — 19/09/2022
The activity was fun, it was a small group and our instructor made it easy to follow along. The pictures taken under water were a great addition!
ABIGAIL B., United States — 03/09/2022
Diving with the team here was easy and fun. It was my first dive post-open water certification, and they could not have made the experience more seamless.

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