SSI Open Water Diver course in Le Marin, Martinique

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SSI Open Water Diver

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Take your SSI Open Water Diver certification in Martinique and learn to dive to a depth of 18 m in pairs!

Take your SSI Open Water Diver certification in Le Marin, Martinique, and learn to dive to a depth of 18 m in pairs! The training lasts a minimum of 3 days (6 half days in total).

The SSI program is based on the Diver Diamond: Knowledge, Skills, Equipment and Experience!

At the end of the course, you will be able to dive in pairs to a depth of 18 meters under the supervision of an instructor: this is relative autonomy, i.e. using a dive computer, orienting yourself and giving air. Abroad, the guide takes 4 pairs of divers (8 divers), that's why a certain number of additional things are required from these divers, which is the object of this SSI Open Water Diver training. The main difference with the French ANMP level 1 is that the latter trains you to follow an instructor with 3 other divers.

With SSI, you will be able to download a free digital kit including :

- Your digital dive course with videos and updates,
- Interactive review questions,
- Your digital logbook,
- Your digital certification card.

Order your SSI training and start your learning at home at your own pace to better enjoy your dives afterwards in Martinique!

Immersion Caraïbes takes you to different diving spots:

Borgnese Point

Site for all, from the beginner to the advanced diver. The anchorage near the coast offers a sheltered area ideal for beginners. The shallow water under the boat (4/5 m), the turquoise water with darker spots invites the diver to come and discover the Martinique seabed.

Caye des Boucaniers

A site for everyone but more exposed on the surface, often agitated. Beginners dive on the shallow plateau, at the edge of a drop off richly populated by a jumble of multicoloured sponges (yellow, purple, orange and blue).

The Aquarium

An interesting and richly populated site, ideal for PE12 and Level 1 divers! In the 7 to 15 m zone, you will observe schools of gorettes in all directions, stealthy passages of kingfish, wandering manioc in the water, trumpet fish looking for their meal, etc.

Ti' Mur/Voilier

Very nice site, accessible to all. Under the boat, the descent is made over ten meters, on the plateau, near the drop off. The beginning of the drop off is well marked, quite steep and then gently slopes down beyond 20 m.

Garden of Sainte-Luce

Off Sainte-Luce, this site is remarkable for the diversity of its corals! The 7 m anchorage at the plateau allows all levels of divers to dive. The banks of maniocs pass by, the kingfish follow one another in the open water.

Photos and videos are offered for all dives. Don't forget to bring a USB key or an SD card to get them back and keep memories of your dive training at Le Marin in Martinique!

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