5 activities to discover Val di Sole

If you are searching for the perfect summer destination in Trentino, is your lucky day. Located in the heart of the region, Val di Sole promises mesmerizing views of the Alps, rivers and regional parks. Get ready for an unforgettable summer in Val di Sole: rafting adventures, canyoning explorations and mountain biking rides are waiting for you!

Nestled in the Alps, Val di Sole is located between Trento and Bolzano, in Northern Italy. Mostly known for its magical winter atmosphere surrounded by the Italian Alps, Val di Sole is also a popular summer destination. Thanks to its mild weather, refreshing alpine air nature reserves and rich biodiversity, Val di Sole is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday immersed in nature. In addition, Val di Sole is home to large fruit fields, making the landscape vibrant and colourful. Thanks to its unique geography, there are plenty of things to do in Val di Sole: a solo hiking trip through the forest, a picnic by the Noce River with your special someone, or a fun-filled activity for the whole family. Thanks to its lakes, torrents and the Alps in the background, all kinds of travellers will find the adventure that suits them best. Val di Sole has everything you can dream of, from canyoning on the Noce River to rafting on rapids, from mountain biking up mountains to climbing the most exciting via Ferrata routes. Read on our top 5 activities to discover Val di Sole!

1. Canyoning

Canyoning in Val di Sole
Trantino Wild

First on our top 5 activities in Val di Sole, we have canyoning down the Noce River. This river rises in the Alps and flows for over 100 km (62 miles) through Val di Sole, creating dreamy scenery. If you love nature and are unafraid of a little adrenaline-pumped adventure, canyoning in San Biagio is the perfect summer activity. Along with a mountain guide, you'll descend the Noce River and explore Val di Sole from a different perspective! During this 3.5-hour adventure, you’ll challenge yourself with abseils, slides, and jumps. You’ll discover wonderful waterfalls as you learn the fundamentals of canyoning. Slide over the 20-meter-high waterfall, the highest waterfall in San Biagio! Anyone can try canyoning, all you have to do is follow your instructor and enjoy the experience. Also, this canyoning in Val di Sole is tailored to beginners, guaranteeing the most fun family activity in Val di Sole.

2. Rafting

Rafting in Val di Sole
Trentino Wild

If you are searching for a good adrenaline dose, look no further than this rafting in Val di Sole! Suitable for beginners, this beginner rafting down the rapids of the Noce River will highlight your holidays. Immersed in the alpine environment of the valley, you and your crew will join a mountain guide and paddle altogether. Wear a helmet, and life jacket and get ready to get wet! After showing you how to paddle, your guide will lead the way on a memorable adventure. If you have some experience with rafting, you can join this advanced rafting adventure in Val di Sole and enjoy a fast-paced ride Tanks to the Noce River's rapids, rafting is one of the best things to do in Val di Sole! Once you're done splashing and speeding down the river, why not have a sweet picnic with the whole family? The great thing about Val di Sole is the picnic areas. It won't be hard to find one!

3. Kayaking

Kayak tour in Val di Sole
Trentino Wild

If you really want to visit Val di Sole, you cannot miss this kayaking tour through the Rio Novella Gorge. Renowned for its landscapes, Rio Novella Gorge is a steep and narrow canyon attracting visitors from all around the world. Thanks to these double kayaks, you can paddle through the narrow canyon fissure with a friend. Strap your helmet and life vest, grab your paddle and get ready to explore! This kayaking tour is tailored to beginners, all you have to do is follow your guide and enjoy the incredible views. Before starting, your guide will show you how to paddle, ensuring everyone feels safe and ready to go. Paddling is easy, the views of the Rio Novella Gorge will be worth the effort. Cruise through the pristine waters and admire the rocks, the lush trees and bushes!

4. E-Mountain Biking

E-Moutain biking in Val di Sole
Ursus Adventures

There's nothing better than a mountain biking experience among the things to do in Val di Sole. The region is full of cycling roads and off-road paths where you can enjoy a fun-filled ride at your own pace. You can also join an MTB tour and follow a mountain guide on an amazing exploration. With this guided e-mountain biking tour in Val di Sole, you'll cycle around the valley like a local. In the magical atmosphere of the woods, wide views and the Alps in the background, your guide will welcome you and provide you with top-notch mountain bikes. All geared up, they’ll lead you through forests, vineyards and fruit fields, showcasing jaw-dropping landscapes - Nothing can beat a spectacular Alps view from a mountain bike in Val di Sole! Along the way, you’ll enjoy a few breaks to catch your breath and admire Trentino’s hidden gems. If you are a mountain biker, this MTB tour will be one of your must-try activities in Val di Sole.

5. Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata near Val di Sole
LOL Garda

If you wish to discover Val di Sole from above, why not join this via ferrata delle Aquile Paganella, Andalo? Only a 1.5-hour drive from Val di Sole, you'll find some amazing via ferrata routes for climbers of all levels. On our top 5 activities to discover Val di Sole, we recommend via ferrata delle Aquile, suitable for beginners above 12 years old. If it's your first time trying or you're seeking a pleasant outdoor adventure, this via ferrata route won't disappoint you. All geared up and under the supervision of a mountain guide, you'll explore Val di Sole's surroundings from steep walls. Climb up and enjoy the refreshing alpine breeze and spectacular views with all your friends!

Val di Sole is a little corner of paradise at the foot of the Alps, waiting to be discovered. Whether you are searching for a thrilling adventure with your friends or a memorable outdoor activity with your family, Val di Sole won’t disappoint you. The best time of the year to enjoy a fun-filled summer trip is between May and September. The mild weather and good temperatures will treat you to warm sunny days, allowing you to enjoy the best activities in Val di Sole. Gather your friends, family and loved ones and plan your summer in Trentino. The Italian Alps await you!

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