An ideal stay in Tenerife: must-do and unusual activities

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Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, is a veritable playground for adventure and nature lovers. With its mild year-round climate and varied landscapes, Tenerife offers a multitude of activities to suit all tastes. Let's take a look at the must-do and unusual activities.

Hi everyone, I'm Julie, travel blogger and Spain lover! After moving to Tenerife, I launched my own blog dedicated to the Canary Islands: Explore-Canaries. Today, for Manawa, I'm sharing with you my top 10 must-do and unusual activities in Tenerife:

1 - Boat trip from Los Gigantes to see dolphins and whales

Dolphins Tenerife
Julie Explore-Canaries

Let's start with a must-do activity on Tenerife and, above all, one of my favourites: a boat trip from Los Gigantes to watch dolphins and whales. Tenerife is an exceptional place for whale watching, thanks to its waters, which offer ideal conditions all year round. Species such as dolphins and pilot whales can be observed here. I recommend choosing a small-group excursion for a more intimate, animal-friendly experience. And be sure to choose a company that is committed to maintaining a safe distance from these magnificent creatures.

As for Los Gigantes, its cliffs are truly spectacular, rising between 300 and 600 metres above the sea. In short, when you set off from Los Gigantes, you'll be able to enjoy not only a wealth of marine life but also a breathtaking view of these rock formations.

2 - Trekking at the foot of Chinyero volcano

This area, Chinyero, witnessed the last eruption on the island in 1909. There are many signposted hiking trails through the lava fields and resilient vegetation! From here, you can enjoy impressive views of the volcano and Tenerife's diverse landscape. I particularly recommend the PR TF 43.1 section.

3 - Climbing Teide

Teide National Park
Julie Explore-Canaries

Of course, you can't list Tenerife's must-sees without mentioning the Teide! This 3,718-metre-high volcano (Spain's highest peak) not only offers breathtaking views, but is also a playground for hiking and nature lovers.

To reach the summit, you have two main options. The first, and most accessible, is the cable car which will take you close to the summit, sparing you much of the physical effort. The second option is a hike for the more athletic. However, it is important to note that special authorisation is required to access the last few metres to the peak. This permit is free but must be booked several months in advance due to high demand.

Even if a full ascent is not in your plans, spending a day in Teide National Park is still an activity not to be missed. The park offers a host of more accessible hiking trails, such as the Roques de Garcia.

4 - Surfing lessons at Las Americas

Surf Las Americas
Julie Explore-Canaries

Surfing is undoubtedly one of the Canary Islands' most emblematic water sports! If you're like me and want to try your hand at surfing, Las Americas in Tenerife is the place to go. The area is particularly well known for its beginner-friendly conditions: regular waves that aren't too intimidating, a pleasant year-round climate and ideal water temperature.

5 - Visit to a banana plantation

Let's move on to an unusual activity on Tenerife that's a little less sporty: a visit to a banana plantation. The island is full of banana plantations, which are an integral part of the local landscape. Immersing yourself in the banana culture of Tenerife is not only a unique way to learn more about one of the island's main exports, but also to understand the importance of this crop to the Canary Islands' economy and identity. The best known is the Finca Las Margaritas banana plantation.

6 - Kayak trip from Los Gigantes or Los Cristianos

Kayaking Tenerife
Teno Activo

Let's get back to an activity that involves sport and the ocean. And yes, in Tenerife you don't really get the chance to get bored. One of the activities I've been able to try out and recommend is kayaking! There are several possible departure points, including Los Gigantes and Los Cristianos.

From Los Gigantes, paddling along these cliffs allows you to fully grasp their grandeur. Kayaking at the foot of these immense rock faces is a humbling experience.

From Los Cristianos, this area is known for its clear waters, which are home to a rich biodiversity, including dolphins and turtles. Kayaking in this environment offers a chance to come across these marine creatures in their natural habitat!

7 - Paragliding

Paragliding Tenerife
Enminube Paragliding

Paragliding is a must-do activity on Tenerife! Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to try it out myself yet, but it's highly recommended for those who love thrills.

Tenerife is particularly good for paragliding, thanks to its varied landscapes and favourable weather conditions. The best option, of course, is a flight over the Teide National Park.

8 - Snorkelling at Puertito de Adeje

Snorkeling Tenerife
Travel Sub Dive Center

Puertito de Adeje is one of my favourite snorkelling spots in southern Tenerife. It's a small village preserved from the massive tourist influx, characterised by a few houses and a sublime beach. This place offers an exceptional snorkelling experience where, with a bit of luck, you can sometimes come across sea turtles!

9 - Star gazing in Teide National Park

Stargazing Tenerife

For this penultimate recommendation of activities in Tenerife, you'll have to wait until nightfall! The Teide National Park has one of the clearest night skies in the world. Thanks to its high altitude and strict regulations on light pollution, Teide is a prime site for astronomy. During your stay, you can take part in a guided night-time tour of the park and learn more about the constellations, planets and celestial phenomena.

10 - Farniente (or not) at the beach

Finally, let's end this list with one of Tenerife's must-do activities: going to the beach. Whether you want to relax in the sun or have fun in the waves, the island offers a wide variety of beaches, from stretches of volcanic black sand to golden sandy beaches. Among my favourites are Playa El Socorro for its surf and family atmosphere, Playa de Las Teresitas with its yellow sand imported from the Sahara, and Playa Jardin, known for its beautiful gardens and setting.

This list is obviously not exhaustive! But I hope you've enjoyed my selection of must-do and unusual activities in Tenerife and that it will inspire you for your next adventure.



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