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New sports at the 2024 Olympics: skateboarding

Skateboarding, the eagerly-awaited new sport at the Paris 2024 Olympics, will be putting on an exceptional show on the Place de la Concorde in the heart of the capital!

7 Best Outdoor Sports Video Games

Here's a list of 7 adventure video games to play while you're bored during lockdown. This list is a trip down memory lane!

Top 10 Outdoor Activities to Gift This Christmas!

What better time to give outdoor activities as a gift to your loved ones than Christmas? Gift someone the joy of bungee jumping or skydiving this Christmas!

Skateboarding: instructions for use

Everyone loves skateboarding, that timeless skateboard with its avant-garde, fun and rebellious image but do you really know this sport?

12 Outdoor Activities To Do On Reunion Island

Beautiful beaches, volcanic mountains, and tropical forests allow you to engage in a variety of outdoor activities to do on Reunion Island!

Everything you need to know about mountainboarding!

Snowboarding that can be practiced even in summer with this perfect mix between mountain biking and skateboarding!

Top outdoor activities in and around Marseille

Some ideas for activities in the city of Marseille if you are a fan of adventure and thrills.

Top 12 Extreme Sports in Paris

Welcome to Paris, the city of light, the city of lovers…you’ve heard all the clichés. However, maybe what you haven’t heard is that France’s capital city also is an exciting hub for

DIY: How to make your own longboard!

A tutorial to build your own longboard, here is what should delight many riders! Let us guide you...

Skateboarding 101 – the answers to those questions you’re too afraid to ask!

An international sport with a rebellious reputation, skateboarding might have cleaned up its act since the heyday of half pipes and Ollie pops – but how much do we really know about

The 15 Most Beautiful Backflips in the History of Freestyle

Here is a small selection of the most mythical backflips, at least those that have changed the history of extreme sports:

Exclusive interview with Richie Jackson

With his Salvador Dalí look straight out of a spaghetti western, Richie Jackson defies trends and even creates them.