From passenger to piloting your paraglider

The Flyeo paragliding school has answered all our questions about tandem paragliding in Annecy. Since then, there are no more secrets about this wonderful experience. But once you have tasted the sensations and the freedom of a paragliding flight, chances are high that you want more: flying your own paraglider! Therefore, we turned again to Flyeo and asked them how to go from passenger to piloting your paraglider. Here’s their answer!

Annecy, one of the best spots for paragliding

paragliding flight over Lake Annecy

Perhaps you dream of soaring free like a bird and feeling closer to the elements than ever before?

Paragliding is certainly the most accessible way to make those dreams come true, especially around Lake Annecy which is a world-famous place for paragliding. With the right equipment, a grassy slope, and favorable weather conditions, it is possible to take off as a passenger during a first flight or as a pilot after having followed training in a paragliding school.

Why make your first paragliding flight a tandem?

Paragliding tandem flight with Flyeo

To discover the world of flying, the easiest way is to let yourself be carried along by a state-qualified pilot. There’s no need to feel stressed, except maybe for the little adrenaline rush during the take-off phase. Other than that, lean back and relax while you soar over Lake Annecy. You will be able to see the landscape from a new perspective, feel the air around the canopy above you, and observe how staying in the air is possible. The pilot can also lend you the controls and share with you this unique piloting sensation.

But let us warn you: there’s a risk that with your first paragliding flight you get addicted for the rest of your life ;-)

Piloting your paraglider? It’s possible!

For those who have fallen in love with paragliding after their first flight and for all the future passengers that might feel the same way, it’s time to learn about piloting your paraglider yourself! To do so, the solution is simple: take a paragliding initiation course!

Paragliding courses are proposed by schools that are approved by the French Federation of Hang-gliding (Fédération Française de vol libre FFVL). During an intense week, you and six other trainees will be taught by two state-qualified instructors. Theoretical and practical courses will be on the program to prepare you for your very first solo flight, where you will still be guided by radio. This course will also lead you to the first certificate that attests to your new skills: the initiation certificate.

And that’s the moment when you go from being a tandem passenger to piloting your paraglider!

Learning to pilot your own paraglider

For you, the aerial world is getting bigger and bigger, and you’ll be able to be in contact with birds on a daily basis… So to start an adventure like this one, everything starts with a first paragliding experience!

Prepare yourself mentally, it will be magnificent! A big thank you to the Flyeo team for this useful information. They are waiting for you with open arms for your first flight and/or paragliding initiation course in Annecy!