Guide to the best places to go skydiving in Spain

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If you've always dreamed of flying, in this article we give you the keys to make your dreams come true with a list of the best places to skydive in Spain: beach, city, mountain... There are parachute flights for all tastes!

Have you ever thought about what dreams you would like to fulfil before you die? Living in a foreign country, travelling without a set route, running a marathon? These are some of the most recurrent ideas, situations that make us step out of our comfort zone and lead us to know our true selves and our limits.

If there's one classic that never goes out of fashion on bucket lists, it's parachute jumping. Why? Mainly because the mixture of emotions and adrenaline that you experience when you jump 3000 metres from a plane accompanied by a tandem pilot is unique. The sensation of those first 45 seconds in freefall is incomparable to anything you've ever experienced before.

Choosing where to skydive in Spain is not easy, as there is a wide range of options that makes it difficult to choose. The diversity of landscapes within the country means that we find a range of different landscapes to suit all tastes: mountain, city, sea... This means you can enjoy different experiences depending on the type of landscape and the area of Spain you want to visit. In this article we take you on a tour of the country to help you decide where to go skydiving in Spain.

Skydiving from 3100 metres in Seville

Skydiving in Seville
Skydive Spain

Andalusia is a must on this tour of Spain. The south of the country is an explosion of culture, colours and good food, so no matter which city you choose, all of them are a must. Skydiving in Seville, the region's capital, is without doubt a unique experience, especially as the year-round good weather creates the perfect conditions for skydiving in any season.

Just 20 minutes from Seville is the Aerodrome La Juliana from where you will take off in an EC-KTC Dornier G92 and enjoy a flight over Seville until you reach 3100 metres: time to jump! After 1 minute of freefall at 200 kilometres/hour, the pilot with whom you will fly will open the parachute and you will glide over the sky for about 8 minutes enjoying spectacular views of some of the most important monuments such as the Giralda and the Guadalquivir river running through the city.

Parachute jumping in Seville is a unique way to discover the city!

Tandem parachute jumping in Requena, Valencia

Parachute jumping in Valencia
Skydive Requena

Valencia is one of the must-see cities on the Mediterranean coast. As well as a rich historic centre and heart-stopping paella, its incredible beaches are the perfect backdrop for soaking up the sun, relaxing on the sand, surfing or kayaking along the coast. But if after three days on the beach you're looking for something different, why not experience a skydive in Valencia? One hour from the city is Requena, known mainly for its wines and wineries and now also for making your dream of flying a reality. At the Requena Aerodrome you will meet your pilot who will accompany you on your tandem parachute jump over Requena who will accompany you on your free fall to an altitude of no less than 4200 metres at 200 kilometres/hour and then enjoy a peaceful 8 minute parachute flight with views of the vineyards and the sea.

Parachute jumping in Requena is unique because of the incredible views of the vineyards overlooking the sea!

Tandem parachute jumping in Totana, Murcia

Parachute jumping in Murcia
Skydive Totana

Halfway between Andalusia and Valencia, Murcia appears as a beach destination not very well known, but with a great potential that has nothing to envy to its neighbouring beaches. Parachute jumping in Murcia is the perfect enclave especially for those who are in Alicante, Albacete or Almeria, as the Totana Aerodrome is located just 1 hour away from these cities. There the pilots will equip you with a parachute suit, goggles and harness and after explaining how the jump works, you will be ready to jump with your instructor.

Skydiving in Murica is unique as you will enjoy incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Segura River and Murcia at an altitude of 4200 metres!

Tandem parachute jump over the Maspalomas Dunes, Gran Canaria

Parachute jumping in Gran Canaria
iJump Gran Canaria

Of course, in this selection we could not miss the Canary Islands: the paradise of adventure sports. Parachute jumping in Gran Canaria is a completely unique experience, unlike any other jump. The reason? After 40 seconds of free fall, the parachute will open and you will fly over Playa del Inglés until you land on the Maspalomas Dunes, a 400-hectare nature reserve with a halophilic dune habitat, unique on the island of Gran Canaria. Parachuting over this sea of dunes while skirting the coast of Gran Canaria and admiring the neighbouring islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura from above will leave you speechless.

Parachute jumping in Gran Canaria is unique because you don't always have the opportunity to land on the Maspalomas Dunes!

Tandem skydive near Madrid

Just 1 hour away from the city is the Ocaña Aerodrome, one of the leading skydiving centres in Europe and with a leading international school in Europe. There, you can enjoy a parachute jump in Madrid with its prestigious instructors who have a powerful fleet of 3 planes.

The activity consists of pre-flight training, a 15-minute flight in the plane and, when you reach 4000 metres, it's time to freefall for 50 seconds before your tandem instructor opens the parachute. You'll also be able to share the flight with your friends and take the experience home with you forever with an HD video recorded with a handycam. From Madrid to the sky and more than ever with this parachute jump in Madrid in which you will jump 4000 metres high.

Parachute jumping in Madrid is unique because the views over the capital are incomparable!

Parachute jump over A Coruña at 220km/hour

Parachute jumping in A Coruña
Skydiving Galicia

Can you imagine what it must feel like to free fall from 4000 metres above sea level at 220 kilometres per hour? If you don't know vertigo and you're always looking for sports that make you feel the adrenaline rush, then this parachute jump in A Coruña is perfect for you. 45 minutes from Santiago de Compostela, 1 hour from A Coruña and 1 hour and a half from Vigo is the Aeródromo da Fervenza in Mazaricos, on the Costa da Morte, the only place where you can parachute jump in Galicia and one of the few parachute jumps in Spain at 220 kilometres per hour.

Skydiving in A Coruña is unique because the views of the Galician coastline at 220 kilometres/hour will take your breath away!

Parachute jumping in Bilbao

Parachute jumping in Bilbao
Skydiving North

The north of Spain and, in particular, the Basque Country are a benchmark when it comes to outdoor adventure sports, as the wonderful landscapes that combine beaches outlined by steep cliffs with lush forests and rivers make it possible to practise almost any kind of sport you can think of. So why not enjoy these incredible landscapes while skydiving?

In this parachute flight in Bilbao you will fly over Biscay for 20 minutes with views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrenees and Bilbao, until you reach an altitude of 4200 metres, at which point you will jump into the void in a free fall for 1 minute! A thrilling parachute flight that you can enjoy from the age of 15 upwards.

Parachute jumping in Bilbao is unique because of the views of the Guggenheim!

After this adrenaline rush, you now have all the keys to choosing the right parachute jump in Spain to suit your interests, the type of views you prefer and the height you want to reach. And if you are still not completely convinced, in thisarticleyou will find all the information you need before you go skydiving to be completely sure.