The best things to do in Quebec

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Are you leaving soon for Quebec and intend to take advantage of the exceptional natural setting of this Canadian province? Or do you just want to dream a little? Whatever the season, you will find many activities to do in Quebec.

Did you know that Quebec is the largest province in Canada? It covers an area of 1,542,056 km²! So even if it's impossible to cover everything, at least one thing is guaranteed: the feeling of freedom that comes with the great outdoors will accompany you everywhere. Whether covered in snow or under a bright sun, Quebec is full of places to explore, on land, on water (frozen or not) and in the air!

With that in mind, it's no surprise that Quebec has recently become a must-see destination for outdoor activities. Apart from hockey and basketball, which are Canada's main sports, Manawa offers you to discover Quebec's outdoor and adventure activities. The famous dog sledding excursions, or dog sledding as the Quebecers call it, snowmobile rides in the snowy forests or boat trips to meet the whales of the St. Lawrence River! This is just a sample of all the activities to do in Quebec!

What to do in Quebec all year round?

Outdoor activities never really stop in Quebec. For ease of reference, we've categorized the activities by season, but as you'll see, there's usually a winter and summer version of many sports. Dog sledding becomes cani karting in the summer, snowshoeing becomes hiking, and fat biking is replaced by cycling.

However, there are also year-round activities: a great advantage when you never want to stop having outdoor adventures! So no matter when you're in Quebec, you're bound to be able to enjoy one of these activities (after you've bought Canadian weather gear of course).

Helicoptering in Quebec

Take to the skies and fly away in a helicopter in Quebec!

What better way to contemplate the beauty of Quebec's nature and its 900,000 hectares of forests than to take a flight and discover various aerial views of Canada's most beautiful landscapes?

Helicopter flight over Quebec City
Go Hélico - Complexe Capitale Hélicoptère

Take off in a helicopter over the Mont-Tremblant National Park in the Laurentians or fly over the highest waterfall in Quebec: the Montmorency Falls and admire the magnificent scenery from the air! Without a doubt one of the activities in Quebec that will amaze you the most, the helicopter flight allows everyone to discover the Canadian province from a new angle. So don't forget your camera!

Don't hesitate, and come and discover helicopter flights in Quebec to experience an unforgettable aerial experience!

Floatplanes in Quebec

More original, but just as effective, take a seaplane in Quebec!

Take off from the water and fly away for an unforgettable activity aboard an unusual craft. From the seaplane, you will fly over the surrounding area to enjoy the Quebec landscape before returning to the departure point. Thanks to the 4500 rivers and hundreds of thousands of lakes in Quebec, seaplane flying is a very accessible activity! One of the best times to fly over the Quebec skies is probably in the fall, the varied colours of the trees will not disappoint you!

So, marvel at the various aerial views during a seaplane flight in Quebec!

Tyrolean traverse in Quebec

Often found in tree climbing courses and accessible to all, the zip line in Quebec is a good way to experience thrills in the heart of beautiful landscapes!

Winter Tyrolean traverse in the Laurentians

Above Montreal or the forests of the Laurentians, attach yourself to the zip line, launch yourself into the void, and descend at full speed while enjoying an exceptional view. From a few dozen metres to more than 300 metres, take advantage of the descent to admire the magnificent scenery of the province. A mix of thrills and natural landscapes awaits you!

Seize the opportunity to go zip-lining in Quebec!

Via Ferrata in Quebec

Fans of hiking and climbing, if you haven't already done so, combine these two sports and practice the via ferrata in Quebec!

Via ferrata on Mont Catherine

Hanging from a metal lifeline, you will walk on the slopes of the Quebec mountains, along a course specially designed for this activity. From up there, you'll enjoy panoramic views of the province's natural surroundings. The via ferrata is a sensational activity perfectly suited for sports outings with family or friends! To practice this activity in Quebec, go to Mont Catherine in the Laurentians or to the cliffs of Gaspésie for an exceptional adventure.

Take to the skies and discover new landscapes thanks to the via ferrata in Quebec!

Sea kayaking in Quebec

Want to explore Quebec's waterways and enjoy a rejuvenating moment? Try sea kayaking in Quebec!

Kayaking in the Saguenay Fjord
Fjord by Kayak

Like all water sports, kayaking is a very easy activity to find in Quebec. Paddle in hand, navigate quietly on the St. Lawrence River, the Saguenay Fjord or Lake Saint-Jean, and enjoy a moment of calm in the middle of Quebec's nature. On kayaks specially designed for trips, you will be in the best conditions to enjoy the exceptional setting offered by the local flora.

Share an unforgettable moment as a couple, with family or friends, aboard your kayaks! Experience kayaking in Quebec!

Diving in Quebec

Still little known and practiced in the province, diving in Quebec is worth the diversions!

Put on a wetsuit and go and admire the underwater world of Quebec. With your diving mask and tank, go and live an unforgettable experience in a unique environment. Descend into the depths of Quebec's waters and observe the marine life evolving around you!

Available all year round, diving in Quebec becomes ice diving when temperatures drop. In a lunar setting, go down under the ice covering the lake and let your eyes get lost in the natural spectacle that faces you.

Add diving in Quebec to your list of things to do in Canada!

What to do in Quebec in winter?

Winter is the longest season in Canada, generally lasting from December to March, depending on the year. It is a particularly cold winter, but also dry in the interior of the country, which makes it more bearable. In any case, the sub-zero temperatures do not stop Quebecers! For them, it's the opportunity to get a good equipment and to go outside. So do as the Quebecers do, and discover the activities to do in Quebec in winter.

Dog sledding in Quebec

Dog sledding in Quebec, or dog sledding, is an activity not to be missed during your trip to the Canadian province. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, put on your warmest hats and gloves and hop on the sled! Once the dogs are tied up and ready to go, you'll speed through Canada's forests, breathing in the fresh, clean air of Quebec.

Everywhere in Quebec, from big cities like Montreal or Ottawa, but also in less touristy regions like the Laurentians or Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, you can enjoy a sled dog ride and live a moment out of time. For animal and nature lovers, dog sledding in Quebec is a must.

So it's your turn to discover sled dogs in Quebec!

Sled dogs in Tadoussac
5-Star Farm Holiday Centre

Sledding in Quebec

Very accessible, sledding in Quebec is an activity that will delight young and old alike!

Renowned for its consistent snowfall in winter, Quebec is an optimal playground for sledding. Whether you choose to practice this activity with your family or as a thrill-seeker, you will find what suits you thanks to the different degrees of difficulty of each track. Whether in the middle of nature or in a sledge park, there is something for everyone. In the middle of the forest or on the snowy hills, take your sled and slide at full speed for maximum thrills!

Take it in turns to go down the slope in sections, accompanied by a guide. The perfect activity for a good time with family and friends!

Alternatively, opt for the inner tube slide and use the lift to relive the experience as many times as you like!

Come and have fun on a sled and share a convivial moment in one of the many sledding parks available around Montreal, Quebec City or Gaspésie.

Come and have fun sledding in Quebec!

Skiing in Quebec

Snow means skiing in Quebec!

With more than 50 ski resorts, Quebec is one of America's favourite destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. The best known resort is by far the Mont-Tremblant resort in the Laurentians, which welcomes more than 3 million visitors every year! But there are also less touristy ski resorts like the Chic-Chocs. Quebec has more than 1000 km of slopes, enough to ski for days. All you have to do is choose a resort and go explore the slopes!

Whether you are a novice or an experienced skier, there are many instructors waiting to accompany you on a lesson or a ski tour. Either way, you'll enjoy superb descents and breathtaking views of Quebec's valleys and mountains.

Finally, for a more leisurely way of skiing, try ski touring in Quebec! Unlike alpine skiing, ski touring allows climbers to lift their heel for an easier ascent. But the big difference is that the skis used are much lighter so that your tour is easier! An accessible activity that everyone can enjoy.

Discover Ski Touring in Saguenay
Rose des Vents Adventure

So for a successful Quebec winter, don't skip out on skiing in Quebec!

Snowmobiling in Quebec!

Want to combine the thrill of speed with the discovery of Canada's snowy forests? Then you must try snowmobiling in Quebec! This extremely popular activity in Quebec offers you the opportunity to travel hundreds of kilometres across the great white plains of Quebec. A feeling of freedom guaranteed!

After a briefing on the operation of the machines, get on a snow scooter and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. As a pilot or passenger, imagine yourself speeding through the enormous playground that is Quebec! With family or friends, enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Canadian nature on a snowmobile!

Snowmobiling in the Laurentians

Available in all regions of the province, you will find snowmobiling everywhere. You can choose to ride along the Saguenay Fjord and snowmobile near Tadoussac or discover Duchesnay and its lakes while snowmobiling around Quebec City.

Don't hesitate and experience unique sensations while snowmobiling in Quebec this winter!

Snowshoeing in Quebec

When there is too much snow to go hiking, it is out of the question not to go for a walk, so it is time to put on your snowshoes!

Snowshoeing is practiced everywhere in Quebec! In Jacques Cartier National Park, in the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve or in Bic National Park... In other words, among the 24 national parks of Quebec, you have a lot of choices!

Once you've strapped on your snowshoes, head out on one of the local trails and discover the fir forests under a magnificent blanket of snow. With its thousands of forest trails, Quebec is the ideal destination to enjoy a snowshoe hike! And if you want to make the fun last, most parks have shelters where you can organise multi-day hikes.

Don't wait any longer and enjoy a rejuvenating moment thanks to snowshoeing in Quebec!

Fat biking in Quebec

In winter, there is only one bike to ride... the Fat Bike or oversized bike!

Fatbike near Montreal
Bruno Vélo

Indeed, thanks to its big wheels, the fat bike can be used even when it snows, without the risk of slipping. The big wheels also make it very comfortable on any terrain. It goes without saying that with a fat bike you are well equipped to explore even the wildest and least traveled paths!

So don't let the snow stop you and take a stroll through the streets of Quebec City, ride the fat bike trails in Mont-Bellevue Park or those of the Base en plein air André-Nadeau.

With your family or as a couple, share a friendly and fun bike ride! Go Fat Biking in Quebec!

Winter camping in Quebec

Come and live a typically Canadian experience, winter camping in Quebec!

If you don't want to give up the pleasures of camping despite the sub-zero temperatures, congratulations, you're already in the state of mind of Quebec's Nordicity! Indeed, it is possible to enjoy convivial evenings by the fire and a privileged contact with nature even during winter, if you are properly equipped.

Every winter in Quebec, many parks offer you the opportunity to try winter camping: Gaspésie, Jacques-Cartier, Mont-Tremblant and many others.

So pitch your tent, get out your most insulating sleeping bag and enjoy a magical moment! In the heart of Quebec's nature, recharge your batteries and enjoy the silence of the snowy forests that will make you feel like a true Canadian camper.

Try the unique experience of winter camping in Quebec!

Ice canoeing in Quebec

Practice a sport that is unique in the world and classified as an intangible heritage item: ice canoeing in Quebec!

Ice Canoe in Quebec City
Ice Canoe Experience

Initially a means of transportation used by the natives, the ice canoe in Quebec linked the two shores of the St. Lawrence and its islands. Today, it has become an essential sport and leisure activity in Quebec.

The activity is generally practised in small groups of 5 canoeists who move both on the water, thanks to large oars, and on the ice, taking the position of a "scooter", with crampons on their feet, in order to make the canoe slide on the ice.

Want to try it? Then get into a large reinforced canoe designed exclusively for the activity, and cross the St. Lawrence River and the ice on your way! Supervised by a team of professionals, equip yourself with a paddle and set off on an adventure.

Enjoy an experience you won't soon forget! Discover ice canoeing in Quebec!

Ice skating in Quebec

Ice skating in Quebec is a true religion. On a natural ice rink, outdoors or indoors, there is something for everyone! When Quebec's lakes and rivers freeze over, it's time to put on your skates.

Thanks to the sub-zero temperatures of the Canadian winter, many natural ice rinks are emerging! This gives you the chance to skate in a beautiful natural setting and have a memorable time.

If you want to skate in any season, you will find the largest indoor skating centre in America in Quebec City! It is the only centre with a covered ice ring in Eastern Canada and it also has 4 other rinks, two of which are international standards. Finally, cities also have outdoor rinks, which are a great alternative if you are in town and need to stay there.

Come and try ice skating in Quebec, the province of ice hockey!

Ice climbing in Quebec

Looking for a new sporting challenge? Why not tryice climbing in Quebec? This sport, derived from classic climbing and mountaineering, is sure to appeal to adventurous spirits who love thrills at altitude!

Ice climbing is a sport accessible to all, but it is very important to know how to "read the ice" to make sure it is hard enough to climb safely. If you are not an experienced climber, the best option is of course to be accompanied by professional ice climbing instructors. So equip yourself with ice axes and crampons and try to climb an icefall with the help of the instructor who will accompany you.

There is no shortage of places to go ice climbing in Quebec: Parc de la Gorge de Coaticook, Parc d'aventure en montagne, Les Palissades de Charlevoix, Vallée Bras du Nord... More or less close to the cities, you should find something to suit you. So enjoy a moment of adventure in nature and climb the waterfalls of the Laurentians or those of the Parc de la Chute Montmorency in Quebec!

Ice climbing on Lake Wasa
Abitibi Base Camp

Get ready to go ice climbing in Quebec! A unique experience in winter!

Ice gliding in Quebec

Unusual activity not to be missed, I named the float on ice in Quebec!

Also known as ice cart or ice sailing, discover a little-known sport that will offer you unprecedented gliding sensations. On board a float equipped with skates instead of wheels, you can reach high speeds even in relatively light winds, as there is very little friction between the float and the ice.

Head to one of Quebec's many frozen lakes and get ready for a unique experience. On the Magdalen Islands and off the Lower Laurentian, Gaspé and North Shore coasts and on the lakes, the wind is almost omnipresent, so these are very good grounds for ice gliding in Quebec.

The activity is even more popular in neighbouring Ontario, which hosts several international championships! Just a few hours drive from Ottawa and Montreal, Lake Ontario is one of the best places to discover ice carting.

Get into your float and let the wind blow your sail! Try ice carting in Quebec and leave with lots of memories!

Ice fishing in Quebec

If you like ice activities, why not try ice fishing in Quebec?

Ice fishing in Sainte Rose du Nord
Rose des Vents Adventure

This sport involves setting a waddling line, with a handle shorter than a traditional fishing rod, in a hole drilled in the ice. The perfect place to try this winter activity? Quebec's outdoor centres! The activity is supervised, they lend you equipment, and some offer heated shelters on site.

Go to one of the many lakes around Saguenay for a typical Quebec activity. Supervised by a professional ice fisherman, you will learn everything you need to know about this discipline. Under the ice, you can fish for trout, yellow perch or walleye.

Once you're settled, grab a fishing rod and enjoy the view! In the middle of a frozen lake, you will feel alone in the world in an incredible setting. A unique winter experience in Canada!

Don't miss the chance to go ice fishing in Quebec!

What to do in Quebec in summer?

After a long winter, Quebec is bathed in sunshine and temperatures are finally rising. It's the time of festivals, full terraces and picnics in the parks! Nature awakens and the rivers thaw out to find their peaceful movements. This is also a sign for outdoor enthusiasts: new activities become possible.

Hiking in Quebec

Why not discover Quebec on foot? It's the perfect way to slow down, find a rhythm in harmony with nature and recharge your batteries.

Hiking in the Jacques-Cartier National Park
Four Natures

So grab your best hiking boots and head out into the Canadian wilderness. On your own or with an instructor, take advantage of the best hikes in Quebec to visit one of the province's 24 national parks.

And why not take advantage of this time in nature to try to meet the local wildlife? One of the most popular activities in Quebec is to meet the black bear. Posted in a tower close to its natural habitat, you will be safe and able to admire it, without disturbing it. From a high vantage point, you may also spot a deer, an elk, a wolf or a porcupine! In the northern part of the province, it is even possible to meet one of the most mythical animals of Quebec: the caribou.

Come and discover Quebec's hikes for yourself and enjoy beautiful views of the province!

Canoeing in Quebec

Want to go hiking with a dog? You should try the cani-rando in Quebec! With this activity, the complicity with the dog becomes a central element of the hike. Before leaving, you put a big belt around your waist and attach it to the dog's harness with an elastic lanyard that will absorb the shocks. Then, off you go! Share a pleasant moment in the Quebec countryside, and be prepared to adapt your pace to that of your dog or to slow it down if it doesn't suit you. Perfect for nature and animal lovers, the cani-rando in Quebec will give you an unforgettable moment!

Cycling in Quebec

Whether on forest roads or through the big cities, a bike ride in Quebec is a good way to get to know the province.

Mountain biking in the Aerobic Corridor Park
Echo Aloha

There are many types of bikes available: city bikes, mountain bikes and electric bikes. With them, you can easily ride wherever you want all year round. So go and discover the Old Port of Montreal, the Mount Royal Park Loop or the Mountain and Mountain Loop in Tremblay in Quebec! For the more sporty, enjoy a mountain bike ride in the wilderness!

The advantage of cycling is that it is very accessible and will allow you to share a moment with your friends or family, while enjoying the beautiful Quebec nature!

Don't hesitate and discover Quebec by bike!

Cani karting in Quebec

Did you know that there is a summer version of sled dogs? Yes, try cani-karting in Quebec!

Without snow, it is on a sled with all-terrain wheels that the dogs will take you through the forest trails of Quebec. First developed as a training tool for sled dogs in the absence of snow, the cani-kart is also a way for the musher and the team to continue their activity whatever the season.

Today, cani-karting has become mainly a tourist activity. This activity can be practised alone, in pairs or in family with a dog team adapted to the number of passengers.

Speed along the dirt roads through the forest and enjoy a memorable moment. Breathe in the fresh Quebec air and enjoy a unique sense of freedom.

Don't miss the opportunity to share a moment of complicity with the dogs during a cani-kart excursion in Quebec!

4WD in Quebec

Looking for adrenaline? Why not try 4x4 driving in Quebec?

This activity is a good way to discover the province's vast pine and maple forests. With its countless forests and wide open spaces, Quebec is the perfect playground for a 4x4 ride. Climb into an all-terrain vehicle and explore the trails of the Laurentians or Charlevoix! Thanks to the great traction of 4x4s, you can get to the least accessible places in Quebec and enjoy incredible views of the area. Enjoy the local flora in an exceptional setting and let the fresh air fill your lungs. An exceptional experience awaits you!

Come to Quebec to experience a sensational moment in contact with the Canadian nature.

Boat trips in Quebec

Boat trips in Quebec are a popular way for visitors to discover the province. Crossed on both sides by rivers, Quebec is mostly covered by water... A perfect playground for a boat trip! From a simple visit to the St. Lawrence River towhale watching from Tadoussac, you are bound to find something to suit you.

Tadoussac whale watching tour
AML Cruises

A boat trip is an ideal activity to do in Quebec to have a good time with your family, your partner or your friends. You can enjoy the best views of Quebec's coastline in comfort while chatting with the people accompanying you. Sometimes you can even learn about the history of a place on a guided boat trip.

Get your cameras ready, and immortalize the scenery as it passes by during your boat trip in Quebec. Come and live the experience of a boat trip in Quebec!

Rafting in Quebec

Thanks to the many rivers that flow through the province, rafting in Quebec is a must-do water activity.

Rafting is the act of descending a river, canyon or fast flowing water in an inflatable raft paddled by several crew members. Perfect to try with a group of friends or family, this is a sensational and fun experience that will give you a great time! Glide on the tumultuous waters of the Laurentian Rouge River or on the Jacques-Cartier rivers. Laughter and thrills guaranteed!

In recent years, derivatives of rafting have emerged. Today, it is possible to try canoraft or cataraft. Installed in a single-seater buoy in the shape of a catamaran or a canoe, you will sail at full speed on the current! An original activity in Quebec and reserved for the most adventurous!

So don't hesitate and come and try rafting in Quebec!

Rafting on the Metabetchouan River
H2O rafting canyoning

Canyoning in Quebec

If you prefer to follow the currents on foot and/or by swimming, you must try canyoning in Quebec!

This sport consists in moving along the bed of a river, passing through gorges or narrow ravines. These canyons are traversed by waterfalls of varying heights that can be crossed by jumping, sliding or abseiling. Equipped with a wetsuit and a helmet, your goal is to follow the currents to find yourself at the bottom of the watercourse.

Recently imported to Quebec, this outdoor activity promises to be a thrill! Go down natural slides, jump from the river's waterfalls and cross the various obstacles that will be set up in front of you! An experience not to be missed by thrill-seekers and nature lovers! So take advantage of the many canyoning routes throughout Quebec, and discover the magnificent canyons of the Gaspé and the Laurentians.

Try canyoning in Quebec!

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in Quebec

On the province's many lakes, discover an alternative to kayaking: SUP in Quebec, or paddleboarding in Quebecois.

SUP in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson
Echo Aloha

Stand on a large board, work on your balance and paddle around. The advantage of this sport is that it is accessible to everyone and allows you to have a clear view of the beautiful landscape around you. By the way, did you know that SUP is the origin of modern surfing?

Easy to learn, SUP is a great activity to do with family or friends on the calm waters of Quebec. Surrounded by forests, discover the joy of being able to walk on the Lac Saint-Jean, the banks of the St. Lawrence River or on the small remote lakes of Quebec in a unique way.

Don't hesitate and discover Stand Up Paddle in Quebec!

Paragliding in Quebec

Paragliding in Quebec is a unique opportunity to see Canada's French-speaking province from the air.

In Quebec, paragliding bases are waiting for you to discover the local landscapes from the sky. Equip yourself with quality equipment that guarantees your safety in flight, then set off on an unforgettable aerial adventure. Once you've gained height, you'll fly over the valleys, national parks and lakes of the Canadian province. An extraordinary view that will fill your eyes! During your flight, the instructor will surely have the opportunity to do some aerobatics exercises to make you experience incredible sensations!

Without engine noise and with a feeling of absolute lightness, fly a paraglider in Quebec!

Tree climbing in Quebec

While roaming the forests of Quebec, who doesn't want to climb trees? Fortunately, you can trytree climbing in Quebec.

Adventure park in Saint Agathe

Also called tree-to-tree in the province, accrobranche allows you to follow a course with games of balance and agility to reach the final point of the circuit. A family activity, it can also become difficult thanks to the different levels of difficulty that are offered. You will move through the circuit of accrobranche thanks to a life line to which you will be attached, and will wear a harness which will guarantee you an optimal safety.

Fun and thrills await you! So take advantage of accrobranche in Quebec!

Climbing in Quebec

Climbing in Quebec is an ideal activity to discover the Canadian nature.

On the most remote mountainsides, gain altitude and reach unprecedented viewpoints. Accompanied by a professional instructor who will be able to guide you, you can discover climbing in complete safety. Look for natural holds and make your way up the rock face!

To make the most of this fun activity in contact with nature, go to the most beautiful climbing spots in Quebec: Kamouraska in the Lower St. Lawrence, Cap Trinité in Saguenay or Val David in the Laurentians. Of course, these are just a few examples, but the choice is so vast that we can't list all the spots! Mont Tremblant is also a top destination for rock climbers in Quebec!

So don't hesitate to discover climbing in Quebec!

Rock climbing near Rimouski
Riki Block

Snorkeling in Quebec

Admire what lies beneath Canadian waters with snorkeling in Quebec!

Mask on your nose and snorkel in your mouth, go for a swim on the surface of the province's lakes or rivers. Guided by the current, drift gently and discover the fish and other marine animals of Quebec during an unforgettable snorkeling experience. Creeks, fjords, lakes or rivers, many different exploration grounds call you to discover unique aquatic worlds.

In Quebec, Forillon National Park is one of the most popular places to snorkel in the country. You can snorkel from the shore, for example at Anse-au-Griffon, Anse-Saint-Georges or Anse Blanchette. With a bit of luck, you can observe the salmon and seals of Gaspésie. So take the time to recharge your batteries in Quebec's waters, they will not leave you indifferent.

Come and snorkel in Quebec and leave with a lifetime of memories!

Surfing in Quebec

Surfing in Quebec? You don't believe it? And yet, it is possible!

During the summer season, grab a board and come surfing on the St. Lawrence River. Along the river bank you can find what are called infinite waves. These waves are unique in that they never break due to the riverbed. The perfect place to learn or practice surfing because you never have to wait for the next wave. There is no downtime, you can surf forever! So put on your wetsuit and swim to the infinite wave with your board. Once you're close, catch the wave, get on your board and surf as much as you want!

If you really want to breathe the sea air, you can also surf in Gaspésie! In any case, wherever you are, feel the energy of the wave under your feet, savour a feeling of unequalled freedom, and enjoy yourself to the full!

Enjoy a fun time and surf in Quebec!

Kite surfing in Quebec

Wondering what other board sport to put on your list for Canada? Kite surfing in Quebec is one of them!

This water sport consists of being pulled by a sail in order to glide on the water. An extreme activity, it guarantees new and unique sensations on one of the hundreds of water sports bases in Quebec. What's more, with over 500,000 lakes, the French-speaking province is the ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts! So grab your board, your sail, and come kite surf on Lac Saint-Jean or on the lakes around Montreal!

Don't hesitate, go kite surfing in Quebec!

Wakeboarding in Quebec

Wakeboarding is a fun and exciting water activity to do in Quebec!

This water sport consists of performing acrobatic tricks while standing on a board towed by a motorboat. Try to stay upright for as long as possible and enjoy the thrill! For the more adventurous, try to get out and back in the wake of the boat and become a real wakeboarder. Available throughout the province, the most famous wakeboarding sites are in the Laurentians. On the many lakes in the region, have hours of fun in an exceptional natural setting. Enough to delight water activity enthusiasts!

Throughout your experience, an instructor will accompany you to ensure that you have as much fun as possible in complete safety.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, come and experience new sensations on the water while wakeboarding in Quebec!

Hydrospeed in Quebec

Hydrospeed, also called water sledding by Quebecers, is a great water activity to do in Quebec.

Hydrospeed on the Metabetchouan River
H2O rafting canyoning

This sport consists of descending white water rivers equipped with a wetsuit, flippers and a float. A fun activity that will give you a lot of sensations! As close as possible to the current, you'll blend into the natural environment around you. With its 4,500 rivers, Quebec is the ideal place for hydrospeed. The Metabetchouan River or the Nunavik River are famous sites for water sledding in Quebec, but there are many others just waiting to be taken down!

Don't hesitate to discoverhydrospeed in Quebec!

What are you going to do in Quebec?

Quebec is immense and full of varied natural spaces, opening the door to a large number of outdoor activities! From Montreal to Saguenay, via the Laurentians and the Gaspé, you will never be bored.

Whatever the weather, you have no excuse not to enjoy Quebec's nature and fresh air. Now all you have to do is pack your bags and go discover all the activities to do in Quebec with Manawa!