The Most Beautiful Spots for your First Scuba Dive

Whether it is to discover unusual spots, to marvel at the corals, reefs, and multicolored fish, or wander between wrecks, scuba diving offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Another world awaits you underneath the surface of the ocean with an infinity of beautiful surprises. A silent world, with amazing local fauna & flora.

Here is our small selection of the most beautiful spots for your first scuba dive. You will be amazed by these sensational places. Get your fins, tuba (snorkel), and let’s go!

Santorini, Greece

Diving in Santorini

Santorini is one of Greece’s most visited islands with its unique sceneries, dreamy sunsets and a deep blue sea. No wonder it is one of the most beautiful spots for a first dive!

Dive with Santorini Diving Center’s instructors will allow you to discover an extraordinary underwater world. You will be supervised by a Scuba Dive Master instructor or a certified diving instructor. A safe, fun and definitely an experience to at least try once in your life!

Saint Leu Bay, Reunion Island

Scuba diving in Saint Leu with turtles

Between volcanic hills and fine sandy beaches, Reunion Island is a paradise on earth for all outdoor activity lovers. The Indian Ocean, with its clear and warm water (between 21° and 31°c whichever the depth) has the ideal conditions for a first scuba diving experience.

Diving in the bay of St Leu is done on the outer slope above one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world with over 3,500 species! The spot is less than 30 minutes away by boat, which allows people who are not very comfortable on the water to enjoy themselves.

Palma, Mallorca

Diving in Palma Mallorca

As part of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a popular travel destination, and this for a good reason: the island has many beautiful, virgin coves with turquoise water and white sand beaches.

The island is as beautiful above as it is underwater. Mallorca is thus one of the best destinations for your first dive. The bay of Cala Delta, located in a marine reserve near Palma de Mallorca, is a particularly beautiful spot. With professional instructors from the Diving Adventure school, you will discover the underwater ecosystem in complete safety.

Le Marin, Martinique

Scuba dive in Martinique

Talking about the most beautiful destinations for a first dive, Martinique has to be on the list. With an average temperature of 26 °C and a very rich aquatic fauna, diving in the Caribbean waters is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

With Immersion Caraïbes, discover the magnificent diving spots of the “Grand Sud Martiniquais”. Virginie, your instructor and owner of the school, will take you from Saint-Anne to the “Rocher du Diamant” which means “the Diamond Rock”. From there, the formula for happiness is simple: one boat, one instructor, and lots of different diving spots!

Underwater Atlantic Museum, Lanzarote

Underwater museum in Lanzarote

Here is the most extraordinary diving experience on our list: in the underwater museum of Lanzarote. It is the first underwater museum in Europe and in the Atlantic Ocean. It traces the history of Lanzarote and its people. Furthermore, it covers 2500 square meters and is 14 meters deep in the clear waters of Bahia Las Coloradas on the south coast of Lanzarote.

With your instructor, you will discover this underwater museum and the underwater fauna of the Canary Islands.

Heraklion, Crete Island

Diving with a squid in Heraklion

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and is an ideal playground for activities such as sea kayaking, hiking, canyoning, and scuba diving. It is definitely worthy of being on our list of the Beautiful Spots for your First Scuba Dive!

Explore the underwater world of this Mediterranean island with Stay Wet’s professional instructors. After a 45-minute introduction course, get ready to meet the sea’s inhabitants such as starfish, octopus, fish, and more.

Île Rousse, Corsica

scuba dive in Corsica

Another destination that is perfect for a first scuba diving experience is Corsica, more precisely a cove near Ile-Rousse, in the northwest of the island.

Guided by a state-qualified instructor, your first outing will be filled with adrenaline, and you will get to admire the underwater fauna and flora in complete safety. It is an exceptional group activity – to share with family or friends (children are welcome from the age of 8).

Moorea, French Polynesia

diving in Moorea

The most beautiful spots for your first scuba dive can be found all over the world, also in French Polynesia! Take advantage of 40 minutes underwater to discover the enchanting universe of Moorea’s seabed.

Moorea Blue Diving takes you to the famous Cook’s Bay in Moorea’s Lagoon. Why is it so great? Because it is shallow and allows the most stressed divers to reassure themselves by seeing the bottom, but especially because you will regularly come across turtles, clownfish, anemones, Titan triggerfish, scorpionfish… in complete safety!

Cape Town, South Africa

scuba diving in Cape Town

Head to Cape Town for our next must-see destination for your first dive. Get a taste of what life is like underwater in the world’s capital of shark diving.

Into The Blue’s scuba diving course is an introduction to diving and a fun way to learn how to breathe underwater. There are two ways to take your first dive, either in the pool or in the ocean near Cape Town.

Cancún, Mexico

Back to the Caribbean’s for the last of the most beautiful spots for your first scuba dive. In Cancún, on the Yucatan Peninsula, you can dive in the warm Caribbean waters surrounded by colorful fish.

Isla Mujeres offers different diving sites for all levels, only a few minutes away from the island. In the National Marine Park, you can explore the Manchones Reef where marine life is more than abundant.

If your next holiday destination is not in our selection above, don’t panic! This does not mean that a scuba diving experience would not be nice there, it’s just that we had no more space in the article. Here you will find all our scuba diving activities.

And to prepare yourself for your discovery of the sea bed, watch one of The 5 Best Scuba Diving Films of All Time