Must-do activities in the Arrábida Natural Park

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Did you know that there are 40 natural parks in Portugal? Although the fame of this country lies in its cities, wines and surfing beaches, some natural parks such as Peneda-Gerês or the Alvão Natural Park are a must for hiking lovers and those looking for contact with nature. In this article, you will find the best things to do in Serra da Arrábida, near Lisbon.

Every year Portugal attracts more and more tourists. Porto and Lisbon in particular are becoming cosmopolitan cities of great importance at European level. The good weather almost all year round, the atmosphere of its streets and the restaurants of great gastronomic value, as well as a wide range of activities to do in Lisbon and Porto make it a perfect destination for all types of travellers, both young and families, as the offer adapts to all tastes, even for those who are looking for nature.

Portugal is much more than tiled facades, trams and wine cellars, as the country presents impressive natural parks such as the Douro International Natural Park or the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. If you are thinking of spending your next holiday in Lisbon and you have more than 3 days, a good idea is to visit the Arrábida Natural Park, a 10,000 hectare natural park with beaches, cliffs and breathtaking landscapes that stretches along Sesimbra and Setúbal.

The Arrábida Natural Park is located 45 minutes from Lisbon. The best way to get there is by car, but it is also possible by train to Coina or by bus to Vila Noguera Azeitão and from there by taxi. Want to know what to do in the Arrábida Natural Park? Read on!

Tandem paragliding flight over Serra da Arrábida

Paragliding in Serra da Arrábida
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There is no better way to get to know a place than from the heights to get a general idea of the area. So overcome your vertigo to paraglide over the Serra da Arrábida and be amazed by the region's breathtaking scenery. During a 25-minute flight you will enjoy spectacular views of the most famous beaches such as Praia de Galapinhos or Praia da Figuerinha and you will be amazed by the contrast between the blue waters and the intense green of the mountains. You will also fly with a pilot from the Federação Portuguesa de Voo Livre, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Coasteering excursion

Coasteering in Serra da Arabida

One of the peculiarities of this coastal area of Portugal are the winding cliffs that outline the coastline and create spectacular shapes and caves. This is why coasteering in the Arrábida National Park is one of the activities not to be missed, as you are guaranteed to have fun while enjoying nature at the same time.

During this coasteering you will climb, swim and jump up to 8 metres along the coast of Portinho da Arrábida and Ribeiro do Cavalo, so strap on your trainers and... and jump!

Caving inthe Gruta do Médico

Caving in Arrabida
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The sheer size and beauty of the cliffs and beaches in this part of Portugal is something that no one can fail to notice. But did you know that there is a whole wonderful underground world to explore?

Spelunkingin theArrábida Natural Parkis the best way to discover a whole system of galleries with impressive speleothems and streams, getting to know perfectly the treasures of the region. The most famous cave is the "Gruta do Médico", of about 174 square metres and 4 rooms at a depth of 21 metres. A cave you can't miss, guided by some of the most experienced speleologists in Portugal.

Kayaking and snorkelling excursion

Kayaking in Arrabida
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The Arrábida Natural Park is home to the marine reserve Parque Marino Luiz Saldanha, an area of great animal and plant biodiversity that stretches along 38 kilometres of coastline, from Figueirinha beach to Foz beach. Akayak trip in the bay of Portinho da Arrábida will take you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the park, such as Anicha Island and Alpertuche Beach. During the trip you can also stop to snorkel and swim with some of the more than 1,400 species that inhabit the reserve, such as red mullet and green crabs.

Kayak trip and climbing in Fenda

Climbing in Arrabida
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The cliffs and geographical features of the Arrábida Natural Park make this area a mecca for climbing enthusiasts. In particular the Fenda, a 61-metre vertical wall that rises impressively from the sea. Although it looks difficult, this wall has several climbing routes with options for all levels. If you add to this climb at Fenda in theArrábida Natural Parka kayak trip to discover some of the secret beaches of the coast and Anicha Island, the experience is simply unique.

These activities in the Arrábida Natural Park will leave you with a totally different impression of the Portuguese country and will surely make you want to come back. But if you want to get to know Arrábida even better, don't miss these activities in Sesimbra. And if nature parks are your thing, here you'll find ideas for exploring the Peneda-Gerês National Park or the Douro Valley.