The 5 best things to do in Pico, Azores

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Fly to the Portuguese archipelago on the island of Pico, where adventure and sublime landscapes combine to create unforgettable memories. From whale watching to kayaking and scuba diving, discover the aquatic wonders of this island in the Azores. But that's not all...

The islands of the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago made up of nine volcanic islands, offer you a rich experience of discovery right in the heart of the Atlantic! Just 2 hours 15 minutes by plane from Lisbon and around 1,360 kilometres west of the capital.

Map of the island of Pico
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The island of Pico, located in Portugal's Azores archipelago, is best known for its majestic volcano, Mount Pico, which is Portugal's highest point at 2,351 metres. This impressive volcano is surrounded by spectacular volcanic landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage-listed vineyards, which produce unique wines thanks to the mineral-rich soil. Its territory, which is the most volcanic in the archipelago, makes it the perfect place to experience outdoor activities in Pico's unspoilt wilderness. You'll have a wide choice to suit all tastes!

Hiking on Mount Pico

Guided walk in Pico
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Hiking to the summit of Pico is a spectacular adventure, offering breathtaking scenery and total immersion in the island's natural environment. The well-marked but demanding route begins at Casa da Montanha, at around 1,200 metres above sea level. You'll cross lava fields and rocky slopes, where the vegetation gradually changes with altitude, from lush green meadows to high altitude mosses and lichens. Once you reach the summit, you'll be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the neighbouring islands and the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. Although physically demanding, this 8-hour hike is an experience not to be missed by nature lovers and adventurers, offering a unique communion with the elements and an exceptional sense of achievement.

Little by little, you'll climb up and see the landscape change completely. At lunchtime, you'll reach Piquinho, the summit, from where you'll have a breathtaking view of all the islands in the central group. After a rest and recuperation, it's time to start the descent back to base. This is clearly one of the best activities on Pico for discovering the wild landscapes...

Whale watching on Pico

Whale watching on the island of Pico
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The diversity and abundance of cetaceans on the island of Pico make it a popular destination for marine wildlife watching. Sea trips, often led by experienced guides and marine biologists, allow you to observe a wide variety of species, including playful dolphins, majestic sperm whales and sometimes even blue whales, the largest animals in the world. The ocean environment around Pico, rich in nutrients thanks to ocean currents, provides the perfect environment for these marine giants. As well as arousing intense emotions at the sight of these majestic creatures, the boat trips also have an educational dimension, raising participants' awareness of the biology and conservation of these small mammals. Observing these animals in their natural environment is an extremely enriching experience and is clearly one of the best activities on the island of Pico.

In Lajes do Pico, a municipality in the south of the island, you can observe some of the 28 species of cetacean endemic to the Azores during a 3-hour excursion.

Sea kayaking at Pico

Sea kayaking at Pico
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Sea kayaking on Pico, the Azores' most volcanic island, is an exciting activity that allows you to discover the island's rugged beauty and spectacular coastal scenery from a unique perspective. Paddling along the coast, adventure-seekers can explore sea caves, impressive rock formations and secluded beaches, often accessible only by sea. The crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic offer exceptional visibility, allowing you to observe the local marine life, including colourful fish, rays and sometimes even sea turtles. These outings are not only an opportunity to connect with nature, but also to immerse yourself in the tranquillity and serenity of the seascapes.

If you've fallen under the spell of Mount Pico, you can keep your eyes on this natural wonder during a kayaking excursion... Whether it's a leisurely exploration of hidden coves or a more sporting expedition along the coast, sea kayaking in Pico is an unmissable experience that combines the excitement of adventure with the natural beauty of the Azores.

Walk and wine tasting in the vineyards of Pico

Pico vineyards
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Did you know that the island has an extremely rich wine culture? It even became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004! The Criação Velha trail stands out for its assets and unique beauty, offering a spectacular setting for a walk through old volcanic vineyards. To relax after your sporty stroll, you can opt for a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the nearby natural pool, while observing interesting geological and volcanological features. This vineyard walk, located in the municipality of Madalena, has won awards for its scenic and cultural richness: it's clearly one of the must-do activities on Pico.

Like a desire to toast a local elixir in a breathtaking setting where volcanoes mingle with the ocean? We know what you mean... A rich wine culture means excellence! Wine lovers, prepare your palates for an explosion of flavours that will blow your mind.

Caving at Pico

Caving at Pico
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Caving is one of the best activities on Pico! In the heart of the Azores archipelago, this island is a veritable paradise for lovers of caving and underground exploration. Pico boasts spectacular geological formations. Its caves and lava tunnels, formed by ancient eruptions, are particularly impressive. Exploring these natural structures will give you a better understanding of the volcanic processes that have shaped the island. Gruta das Torres, in the west of Pico, is the longest lava tube in Portugal, at over five kilometres long.

And don't forget that you can discover this natural wonder in complete safety in the company of a guide! The Gruta das Torres is considered to be a natural formation, probably the result of an eruption of the Cabeço Bravo around 1500 years ago...

To other islands...

If you want to explore the other islands of the Azores, such as the famous island of Sao Miguel, the largest island in the archipelago offers a wide range of activities for adventures in total connection with unspoilt nature! And for an overview of these marvellous bits of land, discover the best things to do on the island of the Azores.