The best activities in Menorca: itinerary from Mahon to Ciutadella

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The most paradisiacal beaches in Spain are undoubtedly to be found in the Balearic Islands. If you've ever been attracted by them, but don't know which island to travel to, in this article you'll find the activities in Menorca that you can't miss: the definitive sign you needed to book your tickets!

Menorca is part of the Balearic Islands and is the northernmost of the Balearic Islands, just above Mallorca. If Ibiza is known for partying and Majorca for being the capital of the archipelago and offering as many beautiful beaches as mountain options, Minorca is famous for having the best coves in the Balearic Islands. So if you are looking for paradisiacal beaches and a less mass tourism where you can find peace and quiet, Menorca is the island for you!

The pretty city of Mahón is the capital of Menorca, home to the government and the two main entrances to the island: Mahón airport and a 6-kilometre natural harbour. In this article, we suggest some things to do in Minorca, with an itinerary that starts in Mahón, in the east of the island, to explore the activity of the north and ends in Ciutadella, after discovering the coves of the south west. We recommend two villages where you can stay, the starting point for almost all the activities: Fornells (in the north) and Cala Galdana (in the south). Shall we start?

Excursion by catamaran from Fornells

Catamaran excursion in Menorca
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The first stop on the itinerary is the pretty fishing village of Fornells. And there is no better way to get to know the island than with a catamaran trip around Menorca. The boat trip starts in the port of Fornells. Depending on the wind, the captain will decide whether it is better to head east to visit Cala Pregonda or west towards Cala Mongofre. During this catamaran excursion you will make different stops to swim in the open sea and to snorkel if you wish, with the snorkelling equipment provided by the crew. Drinks and a snack will be offered during the trip. You will be able to choose between a midday, full day or sunset boat trip, the most magical one!

Rent a kayak

Kayaking in Menorca
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Renting a kayak in Fornells for half a day or all day can be another fun way to explore the coves in the north of the island. Here you are the captain and you decide the course of your excursion, leaving from the port of Fornells. After paddling for about 2 kilometres you can reach paradisiacal coves with reddish sands and crystal clear waters such as Cala Tirant or Cala Pregonda, where you can stop for a swim or a snorkel - a super fun activity to do with friends!

Visiting the coves of Fornells while paddle surfing

Paddle surfing in Menorca
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Paddle surfing has been the most popular sport on the island for a few years now, as it is easy, fun and very complete, as without realising it you will work your whole body at the same time as you visit different coves. You can rent paddle surfing equipment in Fornells for a few hours, half a day or the whole day and explore the north of Menorca on your board and with the help of a paddle, visiting coves such as Cala Blanca or Cala Tirant. A different and fun way of sightseeing, for which no previous experience is necessary.

Tour Menorca by jeep

Jeep in Menorca
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Menorca is mainly famous for its wonderful coves and beaches. However, few know the charms of the interior of the island. If after a few days of sun and beach you want to do something different, a jeep tour in Menorca is a great option to get to know the island in a completely original way. On board a Land Rover Defender you will travel along difficult access roads that will take you to ravines, cliffs, archaeological monuments of the Talayotic culture and your guide will explain concepts about the archaeology, geology, history, flora and fauna of the area. But that's not all, because on this excursion you will also visit a farm where Menorcan cheese is made and you will be able to taste it.

Experience a diving baptism in Cala Galdana

Scuba diving baptism in Cala Galdana
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After a few days in the north, it is time to discover the south of Minorca, whose white sandy beaches, in contrast to the reddish sands of the north, are the best on the island. Staying in Ciutadella or Cala Galdana can be a great idea to be close to coves such as Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella or Cala Mitjana. The white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of this part of Menorca make the southwest the best area for diving. Is it your first time diving? In that case, a diving baptism in Cala Galdana is undoubtedly the best place to do it, as the biodiversity of Menorca and the different species of fish that inhabit the sea depths are a visual spectacle. The diving baptism consists of two parts: a theoretical class, to learn the technique and how to breathe and a practical part, to enjoy the experience of diving!

Snorkelling excursion

Snorkelling in Menorca
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Snorkelling is not for everyone, due to the technical precision and the depths that can be reached. Therefore, another easier way to get to know the marine fauna of Menorca, without the need to master any technique, is a snorkelling excursion from Cala Galdana. From here and aboard a semi-rigid boat you will visit some of the best beaches in Menorca, such as Cala Macarella or Cala Escorxada, stopping to snorkel.

Watching the sunset at Punta Nati Lighthouse

Sunset at Punta Nati Lighthouse
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You can't miss watching the sunset from one of the many lighthouses that can be found all over the island. One of the best places to watch the sunset in Minorca is the Punta Nati lighthouse, a lighthouse dating from 1912 from where you can see the sun set into the sea. This lighthouse is about 13 minutes from Ciutadella by car. Once you park, you will have to walk 10 minutes to the viewpoint. It is best to go a little in advance, as there are many who want to enjoy this spectacular sunset.

Visiting Ciutadella

Port of Ciutadella
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Ciutadella is the largest city in Menorca and despite not being the capital, it has a great atmosphere in all the streets as well as a wide variety of restaurants where you can eat lobster stew and shops where you can buy sobrasada or the typical menorquinas, the traditional sandals of the Balearic Islands. It is a medieval city with a beautiful old town with arcaded streets and a large port where leisure options are plentiful. A city with a lot of charm that you will fall in love with!

The island offers possibilities for all tastes and after all these activities in Minorca you will surely want to come back. If you still want to continue your paradise adventure in the Balearic Islands, the best thing to do is to take a boat from Ciutadella to Palma de Mallorca. There you will find more spectacular beaches that contrast with the imposing Tramuntana Mountains and, of course, plenty of activities to do in Majorca.