The 8 Best Boat Excursions in Milos

Milos is a beautiful island located in the Cyclades group in Greece, renowned for its unique geological features, picturesque beaches, and rich history. Situated in the heart of the Aegean Sea, a boat excursion is one of the best ways to experience the stunning island of Milos!

A boat tour in Milos allows you to truly discover the diverse coastline of the island, with dramatic cliffs, sandy beaches, and enchanting sea caves. As the island is of volcanic origin, it boasts many unique geographical aspects, including colourful rock formations and hot springs. Travelling along the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea, you can also explore hidden coves and beaches only accessible by boat. Finding the best sailing tours in Milos depends on your preferred group size, duration, route, time of day, type of boat, and inclusions. In this article, we’ll go through the top 8 best boat excursions in Milos to inspire you for your next adventure in Greece!

1. Semi-private Full-day Sailing Tour from Adamas

Sailing Tour in Milos
Polco Sailing

The first boat excursion in Milos on our list is a semi-private full-day sailing tour from Adamas. This excursion lasts 8 hours and includes a traditional lunch, snacks, and refreshments. The boat trip begins at Adamas, the main port and one of the largest villages in Milos. You’ll explore the western coast of Milos and discover places that are only accessible by boat. The island is also rich in history, and this tour includes a visit to old Christian catacombs, the ancient capital Klimas (where the statue of Venus de Milo was discovered) and Kleftiko, a medieval pirate hideout. With a guided historical tour, and swimming and snorkelling stops, this boat excursion has it all!

2. Half-day Speed Boat Tour to Kleftiko

Speed boat Tour in Milos
Volcano Boat

This half-day speed boat tour to Kleftiko is an exciting way to explore the west coast of Milos in 5 hours. Starting from Adamas, you’ll sail along the Gulf of Milos to the renowned Kleftiko Bay, a complex of rocks formed from volcanic activity. This coastal area is only accessible by boat. You’ll swim and snorkel in the azure waters here, discovering the hidden sea caves made from white volcanic rock and the dramatic underwater rock formations. This boat trip also includes seasonal fruits and drinks, and visits to the impressive Sykia Cave, a unique cave with a collapsed roof, and Kalogries Bay, a beautiful secluded beach.

3. Sunset Cruise by Catamaran from Adamantas

Sunset Boat Cruise in Milos
Trinity Yachting

The islands of Greece are renowned for their breathtaking sunsets, which cast the sky in an array of colours during the evening. A sunset cruise by catamaran from Adamantas offers a front-row view of this phenomenal spectacle! On this 6-hour trip, you’ll set off in the late afternoon and enjoy a full meal and beverages on board. Before the sun sets, you’ll stop for swimming breaks in the warm waters around Kleftiko. You’ll end the day at the fishermen’s village of Klima, enjoying the incredible colours in the sky as the sun slowly dips below the horizon. What better way to end an enjoyable day in Milos!

4. Sailing Tour of Milos and Poliegos from Adamas

Sailing Tour in Milos
Polco Sailing

This 9-hour sailing tour of Milos and Poliegos from Adama offers a full-day adventure at sea, visiting all of the main spots on both of the islands. Starting from Adamas, you’ll stop at several beautiful coastal areas perfect for swimming, snorkelling and stand up paddling in Milos, including Kalogries Bay and Kleftiko Beach. You’ll also visit Galazia Nera, a pristine coastal area which literally translates to 'Blue Waters' in Greek. The final swimming and snorkelling stop of the trip is at Gerakas, another charming coastal area. You’ll enjoy a delicious lunch and drinks on board, and sail past some iconic locations along the coast, such as the colourful fishermen's village of Klima, the historical mining site of Vani, and the bear-shaped rocks of Arkoudes Bay.

5. Full-day Private Sailing Tour in Milos

Private Sailing Tour in Milos
Polco Sailing

If you want a more personalised excursion and experience with just your group, this full-day private sailing tour in Milos is for you! On a sailing yacht holding up to 18 people, you’ll set sail from Adamas port. You have the opportunity to customise your trip and plan the itinerary with the skipper. You could visit the nearby charming island of Kimolos or the beautiful uninhabited island of Poliegos. As you sail, you can sunbathe on the deck, listen to music, and enjoy snacks, a full Greek lunch and cold beverages!

6. Half-day Catamaran Cruise from Adamantas

Catamaran Cruise in Milos
Trinity Yachting

In the early morning, you can experience the calm waters of the Aegean Sea on a peaceful half-day catamaran cruise from Adamantas in Milos. For this 6-hour cruise, you’ll board a comfortable catamaran in the morning and sail to Milos’ surrounding islands. You’ll enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, fresh fruits, and alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages throughout the trip. This excursion also includes swimming stops at the secluded Kalogries Beach, the Sykia Cave, and the beautiful Agia Kiriaki Beach.

7. Full-day Cruise and Stand Up Paddling from Adamantas

Boat Cruise in Milos
Trinity Yachting

On this all-inclusive full-day cruise and stand up paddling adventure from Adamantas, you’ll spend 10 hours sailing around the island of Milos. Starting from Adamantas port, you’ll head northwest towards Cape Vani, an impressive 30-metre tall rock behind which the old 19th-century iron mine once operated. Throughout the day, you’ll have plenty of stops to swim in the turquoise waters, explore beneath the surface with snorkelling equipment, and test your balance with stand up paddling! You’ll visit iconic spots including Kalgories Bay, Sykia Cave, Kleftiko, Gerakas Bay, and the Bay of Adamas. This sailing trip also takes you to the nearby islands of Poliegos and Glaronisia. Breakfast, lunch, fruit, and drinks are all included!

8. Full-day Semi-Private Catamaran Tour around Milos and Poliegos

Catamaran Tour in Milos
Polco Sailing

The final boat excursion on our list is this full-day semi-private catamaran tour around Milos and Poliegos. On a luxury catamaran yacht, you can explore the island with a small group of up to 20 passengers. This 9-hour sailing tour starts from Adamas port and sails along the coastline of Milos. You’ll pass by the village of Klima, the historical site of Vani and its Sulfer mines, the beautiful Tsigkrado Beach, the coastal area of Glaronisia, and the bear-shaped rocks of Arkoudes. You’ll enjoy swimming and snorkelling stops at popular spots on both Milos and the island of Poliegos, including Kalogries Bay, Kleftiko, Galazia Nera, and Gerakas. A full Greek BBQ lunch, snacks and beverages will also be served on board.

Milos is home to many natural geographical features and attractions best discovered from the sea, such as secluded bays, sea caves and unique beaches with crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, there’s a boat excursion in Milos perfect for you!

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