Top 10 Best Surfing Beaches in Northern Spain

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Surfing is the activity of the summer, as it allows you to discover beautiful beaches while practising sport. In the last few years, this activity has experienced great growth in Spain as it has become increasingly common to see beaches full of surfers. Surfing in northern Spain can be a perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the natural beauty of this part of the country. Here you'll find good waves, a great surf culture and delicious Spanish cuisine. This is the perfect destination for surf lovers looking for more than just waves.

In this article you will learn about the best surfing beaches in the north of Spain, starting with the Basque Country where you will find Zarautz beach and Mundaka beach, continuing to Santander where you will enjoy great surfing waves on the beaches of Somo, Mogro and Laredo. Don't miss the beaches of Asturias such as Playa de la Espasa, Rodiles beach or Salinas beach. Finally, in Galicia, you can visit the beaches of Razo and La Lanzada. In the north of Spain you will feel like a real surfer thanks to the number of surf schools and surf shops. If you still have any doubts, don't forget that northern Spain offers delicious seafood dishes, such as the octopus of Galicia or the famous pinchos of San Sebastián. If you are looking for your surfing destination, Northern Spain is waiting for you.

Surfing lessons in the North of Spain
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Surfing on the beach of Zarautz, Basque Country

The first stop on this surfing route through the north of Spain is in the Basque Country, which has two of the best surfing beaches in San Sebastian. First up is Zarautz Beach where you can enjoy the many surf shops and surf schools. This beach is popular for its consistent and good quality waves. Thanks to its large extension this beach is home to surfers of all levels. Here you will find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where you can share your passion for surfing. This beach is surrounded by green mountains where you can relax after a great surfing session. If you are on holiday in the Basque Country and you are wondering what to do in San Sebastian, just 20 minutes away by car you have the beach of Zarautz where you can start discovering the best waves in the north.

Zarautz beach, Basque Country
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Surfing on Mundaka beach, Basque Country

Continuing our route through the best surfing beaches in the north of Spain, 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from San Sebastian you will find the famous Mundaka beach also located in the Basque Country. This beach is internationally famous as intermediate to advanced surfers from all over the world choose to spend their holidays here. This beach is located in a quiet village called Mundaka in the Basque Country, it is similar to a wave pool as it has big waves that have their mouth in the river. This estuary is located within the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve protected by UNESCO. Surfing on Mundaka beach is one of the activities in San Sebastian that you cannot miss if you are on a trip to the Basque Coast.

Mundaka beach, Basque Country
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Surfing on the beach of Laredo, Cantabria

Continuing our route through the north of Spain you'll find the best surfing beaches in Santander, a popular destination for its large and beautiful beaches. Laredo beach is located a 30-minute drive from the city of Santander. Laredo beach has great quality waves that make this destination one of the most famous for surfers of all levels. Its waves are consistent and suitable for both beginners and professionals. In Santander you can enjoy a pleasant climate throughout most of the year, allowing you to enjoy surfing at any time of the year.

Santander, Cantabria
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Surfing on the beach of Somo, Cantabria

Somo beach is another of the most famous beaches in Cantabria, located just 30 kilometres from the capital, Santander. If you are on holiday in this beautiful city you can start your adventure with a boat trip to Somo. This beach is known for being a quiet place where you can surf and then relax on the fine sand. You can find great surf schools such as the Cantabrian Surf School that will offer you surf lessons on the beach of Somo for two hours where you can choose the level you feel most comfortable with. This school has more than 27 years of experience teaching this sport in a fast, easy, safe and fun way. The groups are small and homogeneously separated. Learn with these surf lessons in Santander sliding down the waves and enjoy the experience of surfing in one of the best beaches in Spain.

Surf lessons at Somo Beach
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Surfing on the beach of Mogro, Cantabria

The last beach we offer you in Cantabria is Playa de Mogro, just 20 minutes from Santander. This beach is also known as Usil beach located in Mogro in the municipality of Miengo in Cantabria. The beach is located in the estuary at the mouth of the River Pas and is a perfect place to enjoy the tranquillity that northern Spain has to offer. It is 620 metres long and 30 metres wide. There you will find the Special Surf school that will offer you the best conditions for surfing lessons in Santander that will turn you into a professional. The teaching method you will learn in this school will start with the basic surfing so you can learn the right way to enjoy the waves from the first moment and ensure a better protection in the future. In order to progress quickly, the explanations will be simplified as much as possible without forgetting any step.

Surf lessons in Playa de Mogro
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Surfing on the beach of La Espasa, Asturias

Your route through the best surfing beaches in northern Spain continues in Asturias, starting with La Espasa beach. This is one of the most beautiful areas of Asturias and is the ideal place to enjoy surfing all year round. This beach is located near Gijón and there you will have the opportunity to receive your surfing lessons in Asturias. You will be accompanied by the instructors of the Marejada School and the classes will be formed by a group of 7 students. The groups will be divided so that you will have the opportunity to surf with people of the same age range and level as you. The minimum age is 7 years old and each class will last two hours. Surfing in Asturias is a plan not to be missed.

Surf class in Playa de La Espasa
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Surfing on the beach of Rodiles, Asturias

The next beach in Asturias is called Rodiles beach, it is located in Villaviciosa and is known as another of the best surfing beaches in Asturias located just 30 minutes from the Asturian capital. It has a variety of waves from a low tide at the west end of the beach to high tides in the east where there are some very good surfing peaks. Rodiles beach is located in a nature reserve where you can admire its great beauty by signing up for these surf lessons at the Special Surf school where you will have the opportunity to learn to surf and become a real professional accompanied by their teachers who have over 30 years of experience. You can enjoy classes at any level starting with basic surfing.

Surf lessons at Rodiles Beach
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Surfing on the beach of Salinas, Asturias

Your surfing route in Asturias will end at Playa de Salinas, this beach is famous for having a lot of waves in a northwest direction with several left and right peaks. It is one of the best coastal areas for wave lovers amongst the Asturian and mainland surfing community. Surfing at Salinas beach is a must if you are looking for good waves. This beach is located to the west of Cabo de Peñas next to the city of Avilés. It is very popular thanks to its incredible stretch of sand as it is 2 kilometres long. At Salinas beach you will always be able to enjoy clean waves, where you will find multiple breakers or peaks scattered along the entire length of the beach.

Salinas Beach, Asturias
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Surfing on the beach of Razo, Galicia

This route through the beaches of northern Spain will end in Galicia. An obligatory stop if you are a surf lover is Razo Beach in the municipality of Carballo, located 30 minutes by car from the city of Coruña. This beach is famous for its smooth and consistent waves, perfect for surfers of all levels. Razo beach has different peaks that will adapt to the different sea conditions which will ensure that there will always be waves to surf. After surfing at Razo beach you will have the opportunity to explore the different hiking trails along the different cliffs.

Galicia, Spain
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Surfing on the beach of A Lanzada, Galicia

The last beach we suggest for surfing in Galicia is A Lanzada Beach, a 10-minute drive from Sanxenxo, the capital of Galician tourism. A Lanzada beach belongs to the municipalities of O Grove and Sanxenxo and is one of the most famous beaches in Galicia. This beach has a beautiful natural environment surrounded by white sand dunes and crystal clear water. The waves that you will find on this beach are perfect if you are just starting out in the world of surfing as they are flat and work with all tides.

Galicia, Spain
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Travelling in the north of Spain is a unique experience that you will always remember and by booking your surf lessons you will enjoy the waves, the sun and the surfing culture. Looking for more adventures in the area? Here you can discover different activities to do in Santander and Asturias. And if you decide to go surfing the waves of the world you can read our article on The 10 best surf spots in the world for beginners.