Top 12 skydiving spots in France

When it comes to the variety of landscapes, France has a lot to offer: from the Mediterranean Côte d’Azur passing by the highest peaks of the Alps to the impressive cliffs of Normandy. Whether you are an experienced skydiver or a beginner, jumping into the void in beautiful landscapes will make your jump even more memorable!

Skydiving is an activity with extreme sensations that will leave you with unique memories. Most people choose to experience skydiving in a tandem version, hooked to a skydiving instructor. The advantage of this unique sport is that it does not require any prior training! So why not give your life a boost with a skydiving experience over one of the most beautiful panoramas, discover mesmerizing mountains and the Unesco World Heritage site?

1. Soulac-sur-Mer, near Bordeaux

Tandem Skydive at Soulac-sur-Mer
XLR Parachutisme

Soulac-Sur-Mer, near Bordeaux, offers you an exceptional setting between land and sea, with a view of the most beautiful waves of France: the waves of the southwest. To do a tandem jump, you meet the instructors from the XLR Parachuting Club at the aerodrome of La Runde. During the ascent in the plane, you will have a great view of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde, the river passing through Bordeaux. We can’t promise, however, that you will enjoy the view, given the adrenaline rise in anticipation of the imminent free fall… But what we do guarantee is that the jump will be an awesome experience! And instead of choosing the classic parachute jump with landing on the drop zone, you can opt for an ocean drop with landing on the beach, feet in the sand, for an even more exceptional experience!

You jump over the most beautiful waves of France and by choosing the ocean drop you’ll even land on the beach! It is simply magnificent! What better place to do tandem skydiving in France?

2. Gap, Hautes-Alpes

Tandem Skydiving in Gap
Skydive Center

Gap-Tallard is the biggest dropzone in France! It is undoubtedly THE reference for skydiving in France and a world-famous spot. Located in the Hautes-Alpes region, this destination has amazing weather most of the year, which allows you to practice this sport in all seasons. You will jump between the summits of the Alpes-Maritimes with the snowy peaks of the Mercantour and the Ecrins massif in the background. It’s magical!

Throughout your jump, you will be surrounded by a breathtaking panorama. With the Dévoluy to the north, the lake of Serre-Ponçon to the east, and the mountain of Céüse to the west. The latter is also called “the flying saucer” because of the round and flat shape of its plateau, and it is particularly impressive to observe from the air. Its relief consists of a ledge which, seen from above, looks like a horseshoe. Sounds strange? Go and see it with your own eyes during your skydiving experience in Gap.

3. Chambéry, Savoy

Tandem Skydiving above the Lac de du Bourget
Savoie Parachutisme

Between the massifs of the Bauges and the Chartreuse, in the northern Pre-Alps, lies the city of Chambéry. Former seat of the Dukes of Savoy, this prefecture of the Savoy department is an important cultural and economic center of the Alpine furrow. And in our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places to jump out of an airplane! Why? The city is located near the Lac du Bourget, the largest natural lake of glacial origin entirely located in France, and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. You are jumping over the biggest natural lake located in France, in the middle of the Alps. And in good weather, at 4000 m you can see the Mont-Blanc to the east...

Savoie Parachutisme offers both tandem jumps and Accelerated Free Fall training (so-called PAC in France). In both cases, the dropzone is located at the Chambéry-Savoie Airport on the shores of Lake Bourget, about 10 km from Chambéry. You will jump almost above the lake and will have a breathtaking view of the Bauges and Chartreuse mountains, as well as of the Savoyard Alps on the horizon. You can enjoy it during the ascent, during the 50 seconds of freefall, and during the 8 minutes of flight under canopy…

4. Ardèche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Tandem skydiving in Ardèche
Dragon Fly Parachutisme

Ready for a thrilling adventure in the heart of the Ardèche? Skydiving in this region offers much more than just a dose of adrenalin. As a thrill-seeker, you'll have the opportunity to plunge into the sky over majestic mountains and winding rivers, offering a breathtaking panorama. Whether you're an intrepid beginner or a seasoned skydiver, specialist centers such as Dragon Fly Parachuting welcome you with qualified instructors to ensure a safe and unforgettable experience! Imagine flying over lush green valleys, vineyards, and picturesque villages. This center is the only skydiving center in the Ardeche region, you will meet at Aubenas Airfield, near Vogüé, Ruoms, and Vallon-Pont-d'Arc to make your tandem freefall a reality...

Skydiving in Ardèche is much more than a daring adventure, it's a unique way to discover the natural splendor of this region in a completely new way. So, are you ready to take the plunge and enjoy an experience you'll never forget?

5. Propriano, Corsica

Skydiving over the beaches of Propriano in Corsica
Ecole de Parachutisme de Valinco

The next spot brings us to Corsica because skydiving on a paradise-like island deserves to be on this list. Between sea and land, the island of beauty is known for its superb and wild landscapes as well as its Mediterranean character. Propriano, a port city on the west coast of the island, is one of the most famous resorts in Corsica and known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise water bay – an exceptional setting to experience the thrill of skydiving!

The Valinco skydiving school offers tandem skydiving as well as Accelerated free fall training and initiation jumps, but only in summer. The Tavaria Aerodrome is less than a 10-minute drive from Propriano. You know the schedule: briefing, equipment, boarding the plane, jump and fifty seconds of free fall later, you will fly under the canopy. At this moment, still filled with thrills and adrenaline, you will be able to admire the splendid view that is offered to you: wonderful beaches with translucent water at your feet and the mountains of South Corsica on the horizon. And how about landing on a sandy beach?

6. Le Havre, Normandy

Tandem Skydiving over the cliffs of Normandy
Abeille Parachutisme

As for the best skydiving spots in France, you will also find your luck near Le Havre in Normandy. The Normandy coast is known for its majestic cliffs of impressive verticality overlooking the English Channel. The most visited is undoubtedly the cliff of Aval in Étretat, a cliff with a natural arch! Not far away, on the other side of the Seine estuary, are the wide D-Day beaches as well as Honfleur, a historic port city, and the seaside resorts Deauville and Trouville that are very popular with Parisians.

Skydiving over this region is quite spectacular, and an unusual way to discover Normandy! Le Havre-Octeville airport is located near the seaside, a 15-minute drive from Le Havre’s city center. During the jump, you will enjoy on one side a view of the English Channel with the coastline and on the other side the land towards the Port of Le Havre and the D-Day beaches. Once landed, you will not only receive your diploma but also a T-shirt that will remind you of your skydiving experience in Le Havre.

7. Domme, Dordogne

Skydiving over the Dordogne Region
Chute Libre Dordogne

Heading to Dordogne for another skydiving spot in France that deserves to be on our list. Located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, this department owes its name and its unique landscape to the river that runs through it. Spectacular cliffs along the Dordogne River and numerous medieval towns and villages such as Sarlat, Rocamadour (yes, this is where the cheese of the same name comes from), and Roque-Gageac characterize the region. Many visitors decide to explore the Dordogne region by canoe. A very nice experience, but we promised you adrenaline! That’s why we suggest you admire the magnificent Dordogne Valley, a biosphere reserve with several UNESCO World Heritage sites, from the air.

The departure for this tandem skydive in Dordogne is from the Sarlat-Domme airfield, a 10-minute drive from the medieval village of Domme. You now know the sequence of the jump: briefing, equipment, boarding the plane, the big jump, 45 seconds of pure adrenaline, and then 5 to 10 minutes of flight under the canopy to admire the beautiful valley of the Dordogne and its many castles! After the thrills, you will need some energy: enjoy the gastronomic wealth of the Dordogne between good wines, foie gras, confit, truffles, and of course the famous rocamadour.

8. Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, Normandy

Tandem Skydiving over the Mont-Saint-Michel
Abeille Parachutisme

Jumping over one of the most visited monuments in France (or even in the world) is the reason why the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is part of our list of the best skydiving spots in France! The Mont-Saint-Michel, with its Abbey and its outbuildings erected on a rocky islet, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the bay surrounding it, you can observe the highest tides in continental Europe – up to 15 meters difference between high and low tide. A spectacular setting to do a skydiving jump!

The tandem skydiving at Mont-Saint-Michel starts from the little airport in Val-Saint-Père, less than twenty kilometers from the bay. You'll jump from an altitude of around 3,300 meters, where you'll free-fall at 200 km/hour! From take-off to landing, you will have a sublime view of the Mont-Saint-Michel and the bay, until Cancale and the Pointe du Groin. It’s hard to find a spot as impressive as this one for a free-fall experience!

9. Ile d’Oléron, South-West

Tandem skydiving over ile d'oléron

Here is another French island that deserves to be discovered from the sky: the island of Oléron. Off the coast of Charente-Maritime, the largest island in mainland France after Corsica is known for its high level of sunshine and is therefore very popular with visitors from April to September. The other reason for Oleron’s popularity? Thanks to the good land and water conditions, the island produces some of the best oysters in France.

Opposite the island is the Marennes Aerodrome, from where the plane will take off to bring you to an altitude of 3,500 meters. Although you will be jumping at a lower altitude than at other spots, you will still have 45 seconds of free-fall because you will be landing at altitude 0 (sea level). During your skydive in front of the island of Oleron, you will have a magical view of the Marennes basin, the island, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. And if you're thinking of extending your stay to enjoy the surrounding area, you can enjoy skydiving in La Roche-sur-Yon, in the Vendée department which offers an exceptional setting for this sport.

10. Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Haute-Savoie

Skydiving over the Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc Skydive

Mythical alpine town, host of the first Winter Olympics in 1924 and the highest town in France, if not in Western Europe… Of course we are talking about Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. And the reason why this village is part of our selection of the best skydiving spots in France goes without saying: jumping among the highest mountains in Europe!

As you know, when skydiving you jump from around 4000 meters, sometimes a little higher. In Chamonix, you will be jumping in the middle of the valley, at about the same height as Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps. This means that during the free fall phase, you will see the mountains “rise” to the right and left of you as you fall into the center of the valley. This way you will realize that you are falling. It’s a unique sensation, and specific to Chamonix, because when jumping over a plain you don’t have such a reference point.

And if you'd like to take to the skies again in this region in a more tranquil way, why not try paragliding facing the Mont Blanc to keep your height and admire the magnificent snow-covered landscape?

11. Vannes, Morbihan

Tandem Skydiving over the Gulf of Morbihan
Aero Tandem Celtic – Saut Parachute Bretagne

From the Alps to Brittany, more precisely to the Gulf of Morbihan, where the city of Vannes is the economic center of Lower Brittany and attracts many visitors. On the one hand for its historical heart surrounded by medieval ramparts, on the other hand, Vannes is the guardian city of the magnificent Gulf of Morbihan! Did you know that in the Breton language “Mor bihan” means little sea? It is indeed a small sea with a length of 20 km and several small islands such as the Île-aux-Moines or the Île d’Arz.

Skydiving over the Gulf of Morbihan with its islands and sublime landscapes is a breathtaking experience. With Aero Tandem Celtic you can do a tandem skydive from Monterblanc Aerodrome, a 20-minute drive from Vannes. The same school also offers jumps in Dinan or Ouessant, still in Brittany.

12. Péronne, near Paris

Tandem skydiving, Peronne near Paris

The Alps, the South West, the Region of Dordogne… but where can you do a tandem skydive near Paris? The closest drop zone to Paris is undoubtedly Péronne, in the department of Somme, in the north-east and less than 130 km from the capital. However, the proximity to Paris is not the only reason why we list this spot! By deciding to tandem skydive in Péronne, you are assured of an excellent quality of service, in addition to the basic professional infrastructure and equipment. And you can also do the accelerated free fall training in Péronne.

Another drop zone near Paris, this time to the southeast, is in Saint-Florentin, in the Yonne department. Just like in Péronne, you can do accelerated free fall training as well as a tandem skydive in Saint-Florentin. This jump is unique because the dropzones in the region are close enough to organize a last-minute jump and spice up your city break in Paris.

And you, where will you skydive?

That’s it, we’ve given you 12 great skydiving spots in France, each with a breathtaking view and unique features. Now it’s up to you to choose where you want to do the big jump. We selected for you a list of everything you need to know about tandem skydiving to answer all your questions about this extraordinary sport!

Maybe it’s not in France that you want to jump into the void. You’ll find great skydiving spots all over the world, not just in France. Discover all our skydiving activities for a unique and unforgettable experience. And if you’d rather see what others are doing before you take the plunge yourself, here are the top 6 skydiving movies.