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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, and the capital of Greek Macedonia region. The city was founded around 315 BC by the King Cassander of Macedon and he named it after his wife Thessalonike, half sister of Alexander the Great. Nowadays it is a flamboyant city with more than 1 million inhabitants offering more than you can imagine.

Known for its great hospitality, you will easily feel at home in Thessaloniki or Saloniki alternatively. As the second major economic and commercial centre in Greece, it couldn't be missing a vibrant cultural life. You will find great events and festivals all year round. The city is a great gastronomic destination as well with great delicacies.

The city is famous for the great Byzantine monuments. Apart from the Paleochristian and Byzantine monuments, you can find Roman, Ottoman, and Sephardic Jewish structures.

You can fly directly to Thessaloniki through the Macedonia Airport. There are plenty of activities around the city like scuba diving in Chalkidiki, hiking and trekking on mount Olympus, or sailing in the Thermaikos bay. You can also take a ferry to the islands in northern Aegena Sea, like Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Mytilene/Lesvos and many more.

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Stavroula M., Greece — 16/06/2018
Bought a kitesurfing beginner course, for those of you who have tried kiting in Sweden its different in Greece because the water gets deep very fast.
Iuliia S., Greece — 01/08/2022
I had 3-hour sup boarding session
Nina H., Netherlands — 21/02/2022
Amazing and pefect for the day
jonathan E., Italy — 30/06/2019
Tandem jump
Jonas S., Germany — 19/06/2022
Unser 15jähriger Sohn wollte Windsurfen ausprobieren und so buchten wir 2h Privatunterricht bei Simos. Simos begrüßte uns schon freundlich und dann ging es pünktlich los. Schwimmweste, Schuhe, das Surfbrett standen schnell bereit und schon ging es ins Wasser. Simos gab Instruktionen, korrigierte, gab Zeit, das Erlernte umzusetzen und baute die Stunde Stück für Stück auf. Zum Schluss surfte unser Sohn immer besser und sicherer alleine. Simos machte auch ein paar Fotos, die er uns per Email zuschicken wird. Unser Sohn ist begeistert von dieser Zeit!

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