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Discover the activities to do in Moorea! Visible from Tahiti, Moorea is considered one of the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia, in direct competition with Bora Bora. Indeed, its lagoon and its magnificent white sand beaches have nothing to envy it, and its larger land area than Bora Bora offers many things to do!

Moorea is part of the Society archipelago, and more precisely of the Windward Islands, just like Tahiti. Moorea is nicknamed Tahiti's sister island, as it is located close to Tahiti: only 17 km separate them. It is also known as the island of 8 mountains, 8 mountains populating its lands, the highest of which, Mount Tohiea, reaches 1,207 meters. And, surprisingly, the Moorea lagoon hides 8 Tiki statues representing Polynesian gods, immersed in its waters at Papetoai.

If you are wondering what to do in Moorea between swimming and fare niente, take an interest in Polynesian culture.

The island of Moorea has a total of 17 marae, ancient Polynesian sacred places. Don't hesitate to visit them, while passing by one of the many pineapple fields of the island: in Polynesia, Moorea is the main pineapple plantation center (painapo in Polynesian). This will be the opportunity to taste a good fresh pineapple juice, or even local alcohols made from pineapple, like rum.

You must also visit the Tiki Village, one of the must-see places in Moorea: you can learn a lot about Polynesian culture, participate in local activities, but also attend typical island shows, including the famous vahine dancers. A visit to the private motu of the Lagoonarium is possible, but you can also observe sharks and rays of the Moorea lagoon in many other natural spots of the island! It would be more interesting to visit the turtle clinic, Te Mana O Te Moana, a real sanctuary for these animals that you can admire without even getting wet if you wish.

The island of Moorea is full of beautiful places to see, from heavenly beaches to lush mountains.

One of the first things to do in Moorea would be to head to the lookout offering a magnificent view of Mount Rōtui, culminating at 899 m, wedged between the island's two most famous bays: the bay of Ōpūnohu and Cook's Bay (also known as Pao Pao). Another superb viewpoint, the Toatea Lookout, meanwhile, will offer you a breathtaking view of the famous Temae Beach, near the Sofitel la Ora, as well as the island of Tahiti.

Moorea's land offers the possibility to hike: the most famous hikes are those of Mount Mou'a puta (the pierced mountain), which lasts 5 hours, and the one of the 3 Coconut trees, which is more accessible. However, there are other ways to go on an adventure in a different way! You can rent a mountain bike, traditional or electric, and even a roadster, to live a unique experience! Some locals also offer quad or 4x4 tours, activities that are very popular because they give you access to magical places. And finally, a ranch in Ōpūnohu Bay will take you on a horseback ride through the pineapple fields, an original activity to do in Moorea! And if that's not enough for you, you still have to try a helicopter ride over the island that will leave you with wonderful memories thanks to the magnificent panoramas of Moorea from the sky.

On the coastline, swimming and sunbathing are available on Moorea's beautiful beaches, including Temae Beach, facing Tahiti, Tipaniers Beach, located right next to the Tipaniers Hotel, and Ta'ahiamanu Beach, lined with coconut trees and popular with locals. This last beach is also famous for being a diving spot where it is possible to meet turtles! Diving is very popular in the Polynesian islands thanks to their amazingly rich underwater life, as well as snorkeling which is a very pleasant activity to do in the Moorea lagoon. One of the most beautiful spots for this activity is the space between the motu of Fareone and Tiahura, in the northwest of the island. You can also observe the aquatic fauna and flora through a kayak or a transparent paddle, a very pleasant activity. The clear, warm waters of Moorea's lagoon are ideal for encounters not only with many colorful fish, rays and sharks, but also with large marine mammals: dolphins will be happy to follow you on your boat, sailboat or jet ski excursions, and humpback whales will let you watch them calmly as they arrive during the season that usually runs from August to October. And for an activity with a more "local" taste, have fun going fishing with the Polynesians!

A stay in the Polynesian islands is often synonymous with relaxation. There are many things to do in Moorea to have a nice relaxing vacation. And if you're the type of person looking for thrilling activities, don't panic! Moorea has what you need: from tree climbing and canyoning inland, to surfing, kitesurfing, as well as flyboarding and hoverboarding at sea, and finally skydiving in the air, you'll have plenty of adrenaline with all these activities in Moorea!

If you're looking for sumptuous landscapes with lush jungle mountains and impressive waterfalls, as well as fine white sandy beaches and transparent water, Moorea is the place to be. Don't hesitate and book all your activities now to explore the island from top to bottom and do everything possible in Moorea!

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