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Grenoble is a major city in the southeastern part of France, located at the foot of the French Alps. As the capital city of the Isère « département », Grenoble sits along the Isère river, which flows to the Rhône. Grenoble is just a short trip by car from Lyon and Valence, and is even easily accessible from Turin and Marseille.

Grenoble is well-known to be one of the main gateway city to the French Alps. Though located at a benign altitude of 200m above sea level, it is surrounded by three significant Alpine mountain ranges : the Vercors to the West, the Chartreuse range to the North, the Belledonne range to the North-East. It is also the main city to access the Ecrins mountain range.


Grenoble has been named the “most attractive city in France to settle in” by thelocal.fr. But the allure of Grenoble isn’t a new phenomenon. Grenoble’s location makes it an ideal spot for people who want to work or go to school in a big city, while also having access to the amazing natural wonders surrounding the city. Grenoble is often called the « capital city of the Alps » and actually is the largest city within the whole of the Alps mountain range. Grenoble is famous for offering year-round adventure sport options just minutes away from residential areas and hotels. Unsurprisingly, Grenoble was host to the 1968 Winter Olympic Games.

Grenoble has historically been an innovative city. In 1870, the development and abundance of hydroelectric power led to rapid expansion of Grenoble’s economy, and the city and suburbs expanded rapidly.

Following the industrial revolution, Grenoble became a capital for innovation and scientific research in the 1950’s. Several large research organizations, such as the Grenoble nuclear studies center, the Company of Wireless Signals, and the first Calculation Laboratory were created here. In 1960, the Grenoble Institute of Applied Mathematics was also established.

Today, Grenoble is still a major center for electronic and scientific development and production, and supports a booming nanotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to all of the amazing scientific research and development that comes out of Grenoble, the city is known for quite a few interesting sites, and a massive amount of outdoor sports to try!

Bastille Cable Car

One of the most famous landmarks in Grenoble is the cable car. Affectionately referred to as the Bulles de Grenoble, these bubble-shaped pods transport riders over 266 metres from Grenoble city center, up to Bastille hill. At the top of Bastille hill, visitors can explore Fort de la Bastille. This is also where Grenoble has one of the only Via Ferrata courses inside a city. The Grenoble cable car is a very fun, easy ride and is accessible for all levels of mobility.

Vizille Castle

The Château de Vizille is a castle in the town of Vizille, very close to Grenoble. It is a must-see for all tourists interested in history. This castle was part of the Dauphiné region - a collection of castles and attached domains belonging to the French throne. Today, the castle has a Museum inside called the Musée de la Révolution française. Historical facts aside, the castle has a beautiful lake and fountain, sprawling 320 acres of beautiful grassy park, and of course the unique architecture of the castle’s interior/exterior.

Saint-Hilaire du Touvet Funicular

Just slightly north of the Grenoble city center is Saint-Hilaire village, on the Chartreuse plateau, and towering above the Grésivaudan Valley. This lift is the single steepest Funicular in all the French Alps, and the steepest railway tunnel in the world. The Funicular offers beautiful sights, a fun ride, and as well as the Icarus Laboratory. This is an air discovery museum, great for families and children to visit. At the top of the funicular, you can also enjoy a meal at the Funicular restaurant! Saint-Hilaire du Touvet is also famous for being a major paragliding and hangliding takeoff point, and the location of the world’s largest Free Flight Event, often described as the mix of a Carnival with a Paragliding competition.

Saint Pierre de Chartreuse

The quaint village of Saint Pierre de Chartreuse is located in the middle of the Chartreuse mountain range, just a short drive away from Grenoble’s city center. It is the main village to stay at for the ski resorts in the Chartreuse range. The town is famous for its Monastery, where monks produce the Chartreuse liquor, made from a secret recipe of 130 wild herbs. Many tourists come visit the Monastery, the surrounding areas as well as hike the Chamechaude peak.

Outdoor activities

Grenoble is a beautiful, busy city nestled next to the epic French Alps, and therefore offers a colossal variety of outdoor activities and fun. By far, one of the best things to do in Grenoble is to go canyoning. This area is jam-packed with stunning canyons to climb, jump, swim and explore. Rappel down rock faces next to waterfalls, and dive into deep pools of cool, fresh water below.

Another very popular activity is Via Ferrata, which you can actually do inside the city, atop the Bastille hill. It’s a fun and quite unique activity to do whilst in Grenoble, and guarantees dazzling views over the city, the Chartreuse and Belledonne mountain ranges.

Grenoble is known for being a destination for Mountain Bikers. the trails and tracks in the French Alps of Grenoble are made for fast, fun, technical rides- with options suitable for both beginners and professionals. Book a mountain biking adventure in Grenoble!

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Erik M., Netherlands — 03/08/2023
Voor het eerst een canyoning gedaan. Na een stevige wandeling van 20 minuten, hele diverse afdaling. Abseilen, sprongen mogelijk tot meer 10 meter, en glijden onder rotsen. Onvergetelijke ervaring.
JOSSELIN O., France — 13/07/2023
Saut au top, merci à Fabien pour les explications durant le vol et le mini cours de pilotage en prime.
Emily R., United Kingdom — 28/05/2023
Canyoning was fantastic. It was very fun and challenging.
India H., Netherlands — 29/07/2022
Canyoning in grenoble was a wonderfull first experience for us. With great coaching.
Really nice spot, but I think that there is no need to have it longer than 20min

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