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Comprised of a dozen villages including Briançon, Chantemerle, Monêtier les Bains and Villeneuve, Serres Chevalier is a laid back and friendly alternative for skiing in Hautes-Alpes.

Characterized by its trees reaching above the average of the Alpine forests, Serres Chevalier is not your conventional ski resort. It’s the combination of twelve different towns connected by bus or by skiing, combined, the dozen towns offer about 250km of linked slopes along the Serre Chevalier Valley. These slopes form the Grand Galaxie ski area that expands from Briançon to Le Monêtier-les-Bains. In total, the area offers 530km of alpine skiing in 264 individual slopes accessible by 151 ski lifts.

With height ranges between 1200m to 2800m, Serre Chevalier provides a high-mountain skiing experience. Complementing the vast offer of previously drawn slopes, Serre Chevalier is quite well-known as an amazing spot for off-piste skiing. Since the resort is faced north, the mountains remain colder which means the snow can remain for longer.

Parting from 1000m or 1200m in Briançon you’ll be able to discover the mountain from the air. Smoothly flying on a paraglider, you’ll experience the white covered landscapes of the mountains that seem chiseled by hand. From that unique perspective, you’ll witness traditional alpine towns and skiers descending. You’re can also paraglide during summer when you’ll see a completely different scene.

During summer, the flow of water in the Guisane creates a perfect spot for beginners and people with not a lot of experience in white water sports. This river doesn’t have many rapids so adventures come here to have a more laid back experience, yet the Guisane is still an alpine river which means it can carry a lot of force!

On land, Serre Chevalier is an outstanding hiking spot. Just on the side of Ecrins National Park, Serre Chevalier has a huge amount of trails for you to choose, both combined amount for 370km of paths waiting for you to discover them! Also, Serre Chevalier is part of Via Alpina, a network of 5,000 kilometers of hiking trails that go from Trieste, Italy in the Adriatic Coast all the way to Monaco in the Mediterranean. Shorter trekking options allow you to tour the Combeynot Lake in the Ecrins National Park or the follow the famous Chemin du Roy from Le Lauzet to Le Granon.

The region’s quantity of mountains makes it an attractive spot for rock climbers who at summer flock to take advantage of the enormous climbing spots. Rock climbing zones such as Le Bez, with 6b walls, or Les Lauzières with difficulties of up to 7b, will make your battle against the mountain a rewarding one! Via ferrata outings can be done in group, with trails like Le Rocher du Bez, easy and kids-friendly, or more challenging ones like Le Rocher Blanc.

It important to mention that Serre Chevalier has a designated bike park with 11 downhill trails, 4 operating lifts during summer that will satisfy your need for speed. Descending from up to 2450m at full speed you can ride on trails that vary in difficulty going from green, like the easy La Soupline, to black, the impressive La Tabaz’co.

Finally, unconventional adventure hunters can get their fix from bungee jumping from the Bridge of Asfeld at a height of 60 meters!

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vince D., United Kingdom — 13/03/2022
Did two sessions, one conventional MTB and the other on snow. Both were really good fun with good equipment and Yan was a great guide.
Sam T., United Kingdom — 26/02/2019
My first time ski-paragliding and it was a fantastic experience with Silva, I was a little nervous before take off, but he was lovely and once in the air the it was incredibly serene and invigorating experience. We also tried a few acrobatics for a few extra thrills. I will definitely be doing it again.
Jeroen A., Netherlands — 07/08/2022
Marie-Pascale P., France — 18/08/2018
Lots of fun, good for the whole family
jolie balade ! un très bon moyen de découvrir le VTT en sécurité avec des petits conseils qui font la différence :)

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