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Many of us are guilty of thinking that South Africa is made up of golden sandy beaches, deserted beaches and vast open waters. People rarely think of the impressive mountain range, the Great Escarpment, which is home to the highest mountain in South Africa, the Drakensberg.

Located in the eastern section of the Great Escarpment, the Drakensberg, which literally translates into Mountains of Dragons, has become a hotspot for extreme sports lovers and thrills seekers alike.

The Drakensberg stretches over 1,000 km, from the Eastern Cape Province in the south, forming a border between Lesotho and the Eastern Cape and between Lesotho and KwaZulu-Natal Province.

This immense terrain has become a popular playground for many nature lovers, who enjoy nothing more than hiking and trekking through the wild African backdrops, to take in the exotic views and scenery. One of the most popular hiking trails is the Cathedral Peak and starts at the Nature Conservation office at an altitude of 1,300 metres, providing you with spectacular panoramas of Monks’ Cowl, Mafadi and Champagne Castle.

For those of you who want to try something a little faster can go for a eco-friendly scooter excursion through Drakensberg National Park. A 4x4 will drop you off at the top of the hill, allowing you to experience an exhilarating ride down the 5.4 km descent. Make sure you take the time to breathe in the crisp mountain air and exceptional settings – nowhere else on earth could make such claims!

Maybe you’re thinking that there must be a better way of experiencing the mountainous surroundings than from the ground. And you’re completely right! For those of you who want to try a more aerial vantage point can enjoy a tandem paragliding flight from Bulwer Mountain.

Bulwer Mountain, also known as Amahwaqa, is located less than an hour from Drakensberg and is one of the top flying sites, famous for both for its landscapes and the fact that you can fly all year round, no matter what the season.

It is also a perfect training spot as it has friendly grassy slopes and very reliable breezes. The area around Bulwer has many hills with ten take off sites that allow you to fly in various wind directions, but Bulwer remains, without a doubt one of the most reliable.

The valley generates an updraft regularly, generating its own micro meteorological climate, which makes it consistently flyable. The site has spectacular views of the rolling Kwazulu-Natal hills and the Drakensberg. Soar cross country to Underberg – this experience is simply magnificent!

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