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Yes, Ibiza is a world known place for party. Behind the bustling nightlife filled with dancing tourists and loud electronic music, Ibiza hides an UNESCO listed heritage and lots of adrenaline filled outdoor activities.

People from around the world, about 6 million each year, go to Ibiza every year to soak the sun while laying on golden sand beaches and bathing in the turquoise waters, yet a very few consider the spot as an adventure destination.

Ibiza benefits of a gorgeous landscape of rock formations, countryside and crystal clear waters all with a warm Mediterranean weather. Thanks to that, adventures, and why not party people during the day, who want to enjoy the island away from the hustle and bustle of traditional tourism can take the party!

At the famous Playa D'en Bossa, a 2.7 km long beach located at the southeast that houses some of the most famous nightclubs, during the day you can enjoy the amazing feeling of floating over water while flyboarding. With the help of a jetpack attached to your back you will be propelled up thanks to the force of water being pushed at enormous speed from your boots. This sport is becoming quite popular, especially among youngsters who crave the feeling of being a superhero!

Heading north to Cala Martina, a protected cove with shallow sandy beaches and powerful winds, you will be able to glide over the turquoise waters of the most famous Balearic Islands while windsurfing. Windsurfing is a very rewarding sport and lots of windsurfing centers are around Ibiza, so head out and learn with absolutely pros!

If what really gets you going is speed, then you can’t go wrong with jet skiing. Pushing your limits on water you will be able to soak in all the beauty of Ibiza while filling you lungs with clean, ocean air and your heart with adrenaline. Also, jet skiing in Ibiza allows getting to hidden beaches that can’t be normally accessible by land. Almost at all beaches you can take part on a jet ski trip, a suggestion is San Antonio Port.

Ibiza and the Balearic Islands literary emerged from the ocean so the underwater landscape around them is completely outstanding. Having one of the most diverse aquatic habitats in Europe, Ibiza is an excellent spot for scuba diving. The protected marine areas in the island will be at arm’s reach, so take a dive and enjoy the calmness of underwater Ibiza! For outstanding dives head to the west coast and you will find Cap D’Albarca or La Aguja.

On land, the best way to get a fast speed fix is mountain biking. Since Ibiza is rather a small island, a lot of ground can be covered on a bike. Providing you with amazing countryside landscapes and overwhelming views of the Mediterranean Sea, endure bike trails are all around the island but a fan favorite is the Cala Salada descent.

So yeah, nightclubs are fun, but why not break away from the common activities and enjoy the real Ibiza!

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