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Discover what to do in Toronto! The 4th largest city in North America, Toronto is a very attractive city that attracts millions of visitors every year. On the border with the United States, the Canadian city has managed to distinguish itself by the activities it offers!

Toronto was founded in 1834. Formerly the land of indigenous peoples, traces of life dating back over 10,000 years have been found. Inheriting a rich past, Toronto is now home to nearly 2,800,000 people and nearly 10,000,000 with its urban ring. The capital of Ontario and Canada's largest city, Toronto was one of the first colonized cities in North America when the Iroquois, the first group of American settlers, arrived. An important trading point thanks to the lakes that surround it, the Canadian city has seen many clashes between the French, English and Americans. After Canada's independence in 1867, Toronto became a veritable cradle of immigration. Men and women from all over the world came to live in Ontario and as a result Toronto became one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Located in northeastern America, Toronto is surrounded by Lakes Ontario and Huron. Across the shore from Niagara Falls, the Canadian city is just a few kilometres from the US border. The many parks and rivers that run through the city make Toronto a green and environmentally friendly city.

As a city committed to the environment, Toronto has a number of values at the heart of its culture that make life there so enjoyable. Obviously, ecology and sustainable development is one of the foundations of Ontario's capital. Many acts of natural protection are done by the city, such as conserving the different parks of the city and even creating new ones! From a cultural point of view, Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. About 70 cultures live side by side in the city, resulting in foreign neighbourhoods in the middle of Canada's largest city. Polish, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Greek... the list goes on.
Thanks to the world's cultures, Toronto enjoys international entertainment, art, concerts and food! A chance for everyone who visits Toronto, you will travel even more!

Now that you know everything about Toronto, it's time to know what to do in Toronto! To have fun and enjoy the city as much as possible, discover the activities it offers!

A great sports city, Toronto hosts many practices and is even world famous for it! Come and see a hockey game, the local sport, to live a unique experience, or if you prefer ball sports, attend a professional basketball or baseball game! For leisure, you can of course go for a bike ride to discover the city or in winter go skiing and dog sledding in the parks and forests around the city.

With your family or friends, try American football, axe throwing or go-karting for fun and unforgettable memories. To get the most out of the city, get out and about and visit the Toronto Zoo, the aquarium or Canada's Wonderland theme park just outside Toronto!

Thanks to the nearby lakes, there are plenty of boat rides to discover Toronto and its surroundings on the water. But if you prefer the air to the sea, take a helicopter or aeroplane ride to enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls! For something a little more imaginative, take a hot air balloon ride in the Canadian sky and experience a magical moment!

Great activities of all kinds to keep everyone happy. Now that you know what to do in Toronto, all you have to do is book all these activities!

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