Half-day of adventure dives in Tahiti

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Occasionally sporty
From 12 years-old and up

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Do you have Level 1 diving or higher? Discover the remarkable sites of Tahiti with warm, clear waters and a rich and varied underwater life!

Do you have Level 1 diving or higher? Discover the remarkable sites of Tahiti with warm, clear waters and a rich and varied underwater life!

Tahiti offers a wide range of sites which are all different: drop-off, underwater spring, pitons, canyons, wrecks, sharks, turtles...

Take advantage of a morning to discover 1 or 2 sites among the 30 dive sites of the Polynesian island of Tahiti. They will take place either in the ocean or in the lagoon. Plunge and discover wrecks, drop-offs, underwater springs, valleys, and more! Scuba diving in Tahiti also allows you to discover its fauna: colorful nudibranchs, lemon sharks, schools of jacks, flights of leopard rays, etc.

You will dive twice in small groups and each dive will last from 45 to 60 minutes and from a depth of 15 to 29 meters maximum.

The spot(s) where you will dive will depend on the weather conditions. You may explore the following ones:

Vallée Blanche (White Valley)

It's a very popular spot due to its great fauna made out of grey sharks, Maori snappers, lemon sharks, schools of jacks, blacktip reef sharks, schools of barracudas, eagle rays, and more! A few tiger sharks can sometimes be spotted around. There's also a stoned Tiki watching over the dive site.

La Source (The Spring)

This diving site is definitely a must-do! Coral reefs, turtles, chevron barracudas, eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, humphead Maori wrasses, and an underwater spring will make you impatient to plunge into the ocean!

Hydravion et Goélette (Seaplane & Shooner)

You will explore the Catalina PBY-5A wreck, which the US Navy gave to the RAI, the ancestor of Air Tahiti. In 1960, it was seriously damaged whilst landing in Raiatea, and after being judged useless, it was brought back in Tahiti to be sunk in November 1962. It's now lying on a 20-metre depth bottom. About 10 meters from there, you will see the Orohena wreck, a wooden 45-meter long schooner. It was blown up in 1977 at a depth of 20 to 25 meters and is used as a shelter to a rich marine life.

Accessible to all Level 1 divers and above, these exploration dives in Tahiti will delight you!


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Selina T., New Zealand — 30/07/2023
Lots of vis, warm, relaxing dives
Alexia K., French Polynesia — 07/12/2023
Deux superbes plongées ! des organisateurs au top , superbe ambiance, tout dans la bienveillance ! Je suis même repartie avec mon niveau 1 tellement j'ai été éblouie par les fonds marins !! Une activité seule, en famille ou entre amis ! Encore merci pour ces moments magiques

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