Parasailing Flight from Tsambika Beach in Rhodes

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Discover the famous island of Rhodes from above on this parasailing flight from Tsambika Beach!

Discover the famous island of Rhodes from above on this parasailing flight from Tsambika Beach, soaring 100m above the glittering Grecian coastline!

Rhodes is a beautiful island located in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. Situated 25km from central Rhodes, Tsambika Beach is considered the island's most beautiful beach due to its isolated location and lack of commercial development. Stretching 800m between two rocky headlands, it is shadowed by Panagia Tsambika Monastery.

For this scenic paragliding flight, you will meet your captain at the activity centre on Tsambika Beach. Available for groups of up to three people per flight, each flight lasts about 10 minutes, from the time of take-off to landing. After being fitted with a life vest and harness, you'll be seated on the flight deck where you'll be clipped into the parachute and gently lifted into the air.

You'll be pulled along by the boat - soaring up to 300 feet (100 meters) above the Aegean Sea. During your flight, you'll be able to see Tsambika Beach, Kolymbia Beach, Stegna Beach and the Monastery of Panagia Tsambika. All take-offs and landings are done from the boat. Your total stay on board depends on the people in the boat. There can be up to 4 flights every time the boat leaves.

Explore the sites around Tsambika Beach in Rhodes from a parasailing flight above the Aegean Sea!


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Miegel N., Germany — 17/07/2021
Es hat Spaß gemacht. Für den Preis auch super fair, da man 10 Minuten fliegt und noch zusätzlich bis zu 1 Stunde Boot fahren hat, wenn die anderen dran sind.
Angielica K., United Kingdom — 10/08/2019
Parasailing is on of the best activities for couple, kids,and family.
Marieke A., Netherlands — 15/10/2023
Was really easy to get into flight No experience of any kind needed You can just look around and even see some sea turtles
Tehmeena K., United Kingdom — 29/08/2023
It was great. Had so much fun for a first time.
Minttu M., Åland Islands — 11/10/2022
Super and safety

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