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A few historical facts
The Greek archipelago of Dodecanese is situated east of the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea. Not only is Rhodes the biggest Dodecanese Island, but it is also the most popular Greek island.

Whether you’re interested in the beaches, bars, historical monuments or extreme sports, you’ll find it all in the stunning island of Rhodes. The rolling interior of this 80 kilometre long island enables you to discover the charming authenticity of Greece. Here you will also find one of the 7 Wonders of World, the Colossus of Rhodes, which is a gigantic statue situated at the entrance of the port of Rhodes.

Outside the city of Rhodes, you will find lots of small villages and seaside resorts scattered all over the island; Faliraki, Lindos, Kremasti, Haraki, Pefkos, Archangelos, Afantou, Koskinou, Kiotari, Embona (Attavyros), Paradisi and Trianta (Ialysos). Life in Rhodes is very fun and authentic. You’ll find the people very welcoming; they almost all speak English but very little French.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing
Rhodes is one of the best windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations in Greece, with its famous Meltem from the Aegean Sea that blows from the north to the south almost every day in peak season (May to October). The spots here can be adapted to riders of all levels.

You’ll find Ialyssos on the north west coast of the island. The wind at this spot blows side-shore which is very popular with freeridsers. Because of strong winds, the sea forms a small swell that transforms into small waves (up to 1.5 metres) on the beach.

This spot is adapted to riders of all levels from beginners to advanced. The water at Theologos is rather flat making it ideal for beginners. Not only that but the wind blows side-shore and side-on, again providing the perfect learning environment for wind/kitesurfing novices, as the wind always carries you towards the beach making it safer to practice.
The regular winds blow gently in the morning between 10 – 15 knots and pick up in the afternoon to 20- 27 knots. Beginners are advised to plan their lessons in the morning instead of the afternoon.

This peninsula has 2 very different spots, separated by a sandbank that is nearly 20 metres wide. The wind here varies depending on the spot; it is either on or off-shore. The water also varies between a flat area and an area with waves. This spot is better adapted to autonomous riders who are capable of going upwind and steering their kites in the waves. The water is shallow and the spot is ideal for freeriding, waves and speed.

There is a spot with waves, on the right hand side of the sandbank with on-shore wind. The sandy bay is not very deep. There is a consistent swell that is created after a few days of Meltem (1 to 2.5 metres) that breaks regularly on the sandy shoals. This spot is ideal for riders who’d like to practice jumps and surfing.

There is also a flat spot ideal for riders looking to practice freeriding or improving their speed technique. The water is about 15 – 20 metres deep and is not at all choppy. The wind is off-shore, better adapted to autonomous riders or beginners with a boat or jet ski only.

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Justyna J., Poland — 11/07/2023
We were group of 3 beginners (2 kids + adult). Theory was connected with some questions and a bit of practice. Cool!
Annemari M., Estonia — 26/04/2023
It was my first driving experience. The organisation was clear and convenient as we had the opportunity to prepare required documents through PADI app. a
Irina G., Netherlands — 29/08/2022
Was end to end half day experience in the middle of nature with excellent crew! They provided transfer which was also included in the price which was very convenient. Jumping from cliffs was another perfect moment of the trip.
Dmitri T., United Kingdom — 28/06/2022
Super fun, would do it again! Everything explained by the guide, mostly off-road driving, super dusty, bring own neck gaiter or mask, they do supply if not.
Gabriella S., United Kingdom — 24/06/2022
Buggy tour in Rhodes. 100% must do activity. Beautiful views up in the mountains and so nice to experience local produce in the village.

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