Speed Boat Trip to a Walrus Colony in Svalbard

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From 4 years-old and up

Go on a safari and see some of Svalbard's iconic wildlife, including a close-encounter with a walrus colony and Atlantic puffin sightings!

Go on a safari and see some of Svalbard's iconic wildlife, including a close-encounter with a walrus colony and Atlantic puffin sightings!

Despite being part of the Arctic desert, Svalbard has a remarkably abundant wildlife. On this boat trip around the archipelago, you will explore all aspects of what makes Svalberg unique, from its ancient glaciers and year-long snow-covered landscapes, to its two tonne mammals and fast-flapping puffins.

Our trip begins with a crossing of the beautiful Isfjord Northbound towards Borebukta. The boat is comfy, closed, dry and heated, with a panoramic view, and includes a bar and lavatories for your comfort.

The many birds that nest along the coast of Svalbard will follow us as you glide across the icy waters, and your guides will try to point out all the different breeds as you sail along.

You will then arrive at the Walrus colony's favourite beach. On a regular day, you find between 10 and 30 walruses chilling by the water, basking in the sun, snacking on clams and fighting over the best sunbathing spots. You will dock and stand quietly on the beach as you observe them. Make sure to bring your camera to get the best shots of these funny and fascinating animals!

Once back onboard, you will be served lunch and head towards the Bore glacier, a stunning wall of blue ice that towers over floating icebers, bergabits and growlers. If you are lucky, you may even see the glacier as it is "calving", dropping massive pieces of ice onto the front.

After a tour of the glacier, you will head back to port at Longyearbyen.

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Practical information

Activity requirements

The guide of this tour recommends wearing long woollen underwear, an insulating layer, an additional wind and a waterproof shell layer.

Special terms

A minimum number of 5 participants is required for this activity to take place.

Wild animals are unpredictable; we cannot guarantee that you will see them during this activity.

Please note that the exact duration and itinerary of the activity are weather-dependent. Moreover, please note that specific weather conditions, such as ice, may render it impossible to access the beach - in these conditions, we will stay on board and observe the walruses from the deck.

Pick-up locations (to specify upon booking):
Radisson BLU Polar hotel
Basecamp Hotel
Gjestehuset 102
Coal Miners Cabin
Funken Lodge
Cruise port
Mary Ann´s Polarrigg
Svalbard hotel – Polfareren
Svalbard hotel – The Vault
Tourist Information center

Meeting point:
Pick-up or Svalbard Tourist Information (see special terms)
Spoken languages:German, English, Swedish, Norwegian
  • Lunch
  • Free drinks on board
  • Pickup,
  • SAR insurance
  • Guide
Do not forget to bring
  • Seasonal Clothing
  • Camera
  • Waterproof boots
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Woollen socks


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Zita G., Lithuania — 04/07/2024
Well organized trip with beautiful scenery near the glacier. Perfect guide and skipper. Walruses, however, were only in port area.
Cheryl C., Singapore — 23/06/2024
The activity was amazing. We didn't see many walruses (though we did see a couple), but the stunning Arctic Ocean views and glaciers made up for it.
Stephanie C., United Kingdom — 04/08/2023
Very well organised tour. Skipper and guide absolutely excellent
Jordannah G., Australia — 27/07/2023
Absolutely incredible to see these massive creatures up close!
Olga S., United States — 19/07/2023
We saw so many walruses! I felt incredibly lucky that, unlike other tours we saw, this tour actually lets you get off the ship onto the island and observe the walruses from a very close distance for 30 minutes. In that time, we saw walruses diving off the island and swimming, climbing back onto the island, fighting, talking to each other, etc. The glacier part of the tour was a bit dull after the amazingness of the walruses, but the walrus experience was absolutely incredible. Seeing a walrus in the wild was one of my life-long bucket list items, and it came true and exceeded all of my expectations!

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