Wildlife Photo Safari from Longyearbyen in Svalbard

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Wildlife Photo Tour
4.5 hrs
Exclusive Wildlife Photo Tour
4.5 hrs

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Attention all photography enthusiasts! Discover Svalbard's diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes during this immersive photography tour.

Attention all photography enthusiasts! Discover Svalbard's diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes during this immersive photography tour.

After being picked up at your accommodations or at the Svalbard Tourist Center, the adventure begins! You and your group will depart for 3-4.5 hours (the duration depends on both the season and the weather) for a day of exploration, observation, and photography. No prior photography experience is necessary! Your seasoned guide is an experienced wildlife photographer and is more than happy to offer advice regarding equipment, lighting, camera settings, etc.

During the excursion, you'll be taken to various remote locations. There is no endpoint, as the focus of the tour depends on the season, lighting, weather, and which species are present at the moment. Embrace your inner explorer as you move between several locales by car, stopping to hike from a few meters/feet to several km/miles to get the perfect shot and observe these amazing creatures in their natural habitat!

Midway through the experience, you'll enjoy a well-deserved break with warm black currant juice as well as delicious biscuits and thin-folded pastries with butter and cinnamon, a popular local treat! After spending hours taking in the stunning mountainous landscapes of Svalbard, you'll be taken back to your accommodations, satisfied with a day well spent in the great outdoors.

Capture the magnificent scenery and the wonderful animals of Svalbard to remember for years to come!


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Steven W., United Kingdom — 06/06/2024
Great way to experience Longyearbyen's nature in a safe way, with great local insight
Richard D., United Kingdom — 21/05/2024
A great experience. Care for participants and great knowledge of habitats led to many sightings
Megan S., Germany — 27/02/2024
This tour is fantastic! I have done it twice- once in winter and once in summer! In winter, we saw foxes, walruses, ptarmigans, reindeer, etc.
Megan S., Germany — 11/07/2023
I had 5 tours planned for my recent trip to Svalbard and this was the most 'chilled-out' of the bunch. I knew it would be on-land (the other 4 were boat trips) so I was eager to walk around a bit and see some of the area around Longyearbyen. I was not expecting this to end up as my favorite tour but it was! The guide, Ida, was so kind and knowledgeable and her passion for the wildlife on the island was so infectious! She had names and call signals for the animals and it seriously made me feel so connected to the land. We saw an Arctic fox, sooo many birds (including a rare one but I can't recall the name), and got to see areas around Longyearbyen that are typically out of reach without a guide. It was the highlight of my trip and it allowed me to see everywhere that the roads reached from Longyearbyen.
Anna K., Austria — 31/08/2023
kleine Wanderung durch die wunderschöne Landschaft , wir sahen den Polarfuchs, Rentiere, verschiedene Vorgelarten, es wurden genügend Pausen gemacht für Fotos

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