Autonomous Exploration Dives in the Bay of Saint-Leu, Reunion Island

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Autonomous dive | 1 dive + equipment rental
1 half day
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Autonomous dive | 4 dives without equipment rental
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About the activity

Certified divers in search of new underwater adventures, it is around the Bay of Saint-Leu in Reunion Island that your next expedition will take place!

Certified divers in search of new underwater adventures, it is around the Bay of Saint-Leu in Reunion Island that your next expedition will take place!

The Excelsus diving club, based in Saint-Leu, offers to lead autonomous divers to the most beautiful dive sites of Reunion Island, in the heart of the island's Natural Marine Reserve. All of them are located less than 30 minutes by boat from the port of Saint-Leu and will please photographers, underwater biology fans or simply adventure divers!

With your own equipment or that of the diving club, you will discover exceptional underwater sites, each one very different from the other: between caves, tunnels, wrecks, coral reefs and many others, you will be amazed while diving around Saint-Leu!

Spots to discover

Hermitage pass - Open Water minimum

On a bottom of about 6 and 22 meters, green turtles have chosen to install their "cleaning station". You can also meet schools of captains or fusiliers, which have their quarters there, and sometimes even schools of eagle rays. Rocks and faults follow one another in this dive where, as for all the passes, the exchanges between the lagoon and the open sea have created a breathtaking diversity of fauna and flora!

3 Pools - Level 1 minimum

Beautiful coral reef between boulders and sandy bottom where you will go in search of hidden arches. You can see stingrays.

The Antonio Lorenzo - Wreck, Level 2 minimum

Laying on its side, this wreck lies at a depth of 40 meters. This old trawler was sunk only in 1999 and is gradually colonizing. You will start to see several species of fish.

Sec Zitte - Level 1 minimum

This is the ideal spot for macro photographers! You will see the anchor of a trawler on the 30 meters zone and will evolve along numerous coral domes on a sandy bottom and a field of anemones with its clown fish, scorpion fish, etc.

The 2 Arches - Open Water minimum

An absolute must for the beauty of this diving spot with its thousand colors: arches, canyons, coral reef, etc. You will immerse yourself in the schools of convict surgeons and discover the leaf fish that live on the outer slope of the coral reef.

Kiosk Garden - Level 1 minimum

Succession of very uneven canyons from 3 to 25 meters deep. This is one of the most varied dives in terms of fish and corals. You will slip between small arches and caves hidden along the walls.

Golden Bank - Level 1 minimum

A gently sloping drop-off interspersed with small canyons and sandbanks. You will meet some fish on this spot, ideal for a recovery or training dive.

Green House - Level 1 minimum

A gently sloping drop off with coral domes, very rich in fauna and flora. You will meet squids and schools of snappers.

The nose of the Pharaoh - Level 2 minimum

You will descend to a depth of 27 meters, on the end of a drop off. Fish, crustaceans and nudibranchs are on the program. You will sometimes finish the dive on the plateau of Boxy's Canyon.

Boxy's Canyon - Level 1 minimum

Small drop-off whose top is 8 meters deep. The coral branches that cover it are home to a multitude of fish species. The bottom at 20 meters and its multiple crevices are home to leopard morays, beauclaires and small brittle stars. Going further out to sea, a second, larger drop-off will be accessible to experienced divers.

Pointe au Sel - Level 2 minimum

THE deep dive of Reunion Island, THE drop off. On this simply impressive spot, you will swim between tunas, barracudas, loaches, humphead parrots and sometimes, in November, hammerhead sharks!

Sec Jaune - Level 1 minimum

One of the most beautiful dive sites in Saint-Leu. A very rich coral plateau with anemones, sponges, hard corals and black sandy bottoms frequented by a multitude of fish. A unique relief with extraordinary light effects.

And if you prefer to dive with a dive guide, don't hesitate to opt for a guided exploration dive!


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Devillard V., France — 10/04/2022
Plongée top même après longtemps sans avoir Plongée, équipe à l'écoute facile d'échange. Très bonne ambiance.

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