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Discover the activities to do in Saint-Leu! If you are on a trip to Réunion Island, the Bay of Saint-Leu is surely on your list of places to visit, and you are right: there are many things to do in Saint-Leu and its surroundings!

Located on the west coast of Réunion Island, the city of Saint-Leu is part of the district of Saint-Paul. Below La Saline-les-Bains and Trois Bassins, it is above the border with the arrondissement of Saint-Pierre and the commune of Etang-Salé. Saint-Leu has a beautiful white sand beach and a lagoon, like most of the towns on the west coast of the Réunion Island, which makes it a privileged place for water sports activities.

On land, the main attraction of Saint-Leu is Kelonia, a research and observation center for marine turtles. The turtles are taken care of in this sanctuary which allows them to recover before being released in the Indian Ocean. The visit of the center is a fun activity allowing the awareness of the tourists of the Réunion Island towards the underwater ecosystem and the environmental cause.

If you are looking for other things to do in Saint-Leu, you can also visit the Batterie des Sans-Culottes, a historical site of the city, or the Trou du Souffleur at Pointe au Sel if you are looking for impressive views. The marina of the Bay of Saint-Leu can also be part of your itinerary during a walk along the lagoon on foot, by segway or electric scooter. And if you feel like getting away from the city to explore nature, you can also go on a mountain bike or quad bike tour to discover the beautiful Etang-Salé forest, south of Saint-Leu.

Once you have toured the city, it is time to explore its fabulous lagoon! To do so, different options are available to you: you can rent a jet ski or go sailing on the surface of the turquoise water, but also on the deeper waters of the open sea, which is not far away; go surfing to get the most out of this spot known by surfers from all over the world; or opt for a snorkeling or diving session to discover the fauna and flora of the Saint-Leu lagoon up close. The scuba diving activity will offer you an adventure within the Natural Marine Reserve of Réunion Island, in clear and warm water whatever the depth, especially on the external slope of one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, renowned for its biodiversity with more than 3,500 listed species. You will meet the fabulous fish of the Indian Ocean, but also rays, turtles, dolphins, and even humpback whales during the season that generally extends from June to October in this region. It is during this period that it is recommended to go to Réunion Island, during the southern winter when the temperatures are the most pleasant to realize all kinds of activities.

After having fully enjoyed the lagoon, it remains for you to participate in the flagship activity of the Bay of Saint-Leu: paragliding. It is indeed in this privileged spot of the Réunion Island that nearly 95% of the paragliding flights of the island take place, offering spectacular views on the cirques of Mafate and Cilaos inland, with the Piton des Neiges, and under your feet the splendid lagoon of the west coast of the Réunion Island. The landscapes which will be drawn under your eyes will remain forever engraved in your memory and will sublimate your stay! And if you want more, there are also centers that offer paragliding flights from the heights of the interior of the Réunion Island, towards the Piton de la Fournaise or the Mont Maïdo in Saint-Paul, with an exceptional view of almost the entire island from the sky.

Don't wait any longer and book quickly your activities in the Bay of Saint-Leu: many things to do are waiting for you in Réunion Island!

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Milandie K., South Africa — 01/06/2024
It was an amazing experience! Even though I do not speak French and the instructor speaks broken English, he went to great lengths to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I enjoyed this activity tremendously and would do it again in a heartbeat! Oh, and the view! Just breathtaking!
Allison W., Réunion — 27/04/2024
It was a great snorkelling trip . Coral and ocean so beautiful the trip still done for just the two of us. Which made it special
Kadri N., Estonia — 23/03/2024
Very nice,friendly and proffessional instructors.Everybody was taken care of and guided.
Chad F., South Africa — 16/09/2023
The snorkelling was incredible - the ocean wildlife were beautiful to witness up close. Definitely a highlight of the trip!
Ornella N., United Kingdom — 10/04/2023
First dive and definitely not the last! It was so beautiful.

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