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Discover the activities to do in the Cirque de Cilaos! Of the three cirques of the Réunion Island, the Cirque de Cilaos is the one with a temperate climate, similar to those of the European massifs: it is the perfect place to go hiking in Réunion Island!

Located at an altitude of 1,200 m, the Cirque de Cilaos is in the middle of the Réunion Island. It is a natural enclosure created as a result of certain natural events, in this case the formation of ramparts and peaks classified as World Heritage by UNESCO. Like the Mafate and Salazie cirques, the Cirque de Cilaos is at the foot of the Piton des Neiges, the highest point on Réunion Island at 3,071 m. It is also surrounded by two of the island's other highest peaks: the Gros Morne (3,019 m) and the Grand Bénare (2,898 m). Not only are the landscapes offered by the Cirque de Cilaos sublime, but there are also many things to do there!

The Cirque de Cilaos is part of the GR R2 hiking trail, which crosses Réunion Island from north to south. Its village, also called Cilaos, is a stopping point for all the hikers of the GR R2, but also for tourists coming to visit Réunion Island: it is a very famous site for its vineyards, its beautiful coloured Reunionese houses, but also its hot springs. After a day full of activities and emotions, there is nothing better than to go and relax in the spa of Cilaos!

Apart from the peaks of the Piton des Neiges, the Gros Morne and the Grand Bénare, the Cirque de Cilaos has other peaks: the Sucre, the Bonnet de Prêtre, or the Morne de Gueule Rouge. These are privileged places to practice climbing and mountain biking in a sporting way, but also canyoning and via ferrata in the various canyons and deep ravines of the cirque: Fleur Jaune, Bras Rouge and its waterfall, Gobert, etc. There is no shortage of activities for thrill-seekers!

One of the most popular activities in Réunion Island is a helicopter or microlight tour over the Cirque de Cilaos, which offers spectacular views of this magical place from the sky. Don't hesitate to book this activity if you are passing through Saint-Pierre and its national airport!

The Cirque de Cilaos is a must-see site in Réunion Island, especially for those who enjoy hiking and other sporting activities. You need to be brave if you want to get there on foot, but also by car via the 400 bends road linking Saint-Pierre to the village of Cilaos. If you are looking for adventure and unforgettable memories, it is highly recommended that you pass through the Cirque de Cilaos during your stay in Réunion Island!

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