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Discover the activities to do at the lagoon of Saint-Gilles! It is here, in the district of Saint-Paul, that you will find many water sports activities: the lagoon of Saint-Gilles and its white sandy beaches are just waiting to be swum on!

Just like Saint-Leu a little further south, Saint-Gilles is a seaside resort on the Réunion Island. There is therefore a lot to do, starting of course with swimming in the lagoon and fare niente on the beautiful white sandy beaches. Indeed, there is no shortage of beaches on the west coast of the Reunion Island: starting from the north, from the beach of Boucan Canot, which is very popular with the locals, via the beaches of Roches Noires and Brisants in Saint-Gilles, to the beach of Ermitage and the beach of Trou d'Eau in Saline-les-Bains, you are spoilt for choice!

Saint-Gilles is also a good place to discover Reunionese culture: one of the things to do is to visit the local markets, especially the fairground market, to taste the local cuisine. You can also enjoy a stroll through the Garden of Eden, or along the beaches, while passing by the marina of Saint-Gilles. From there you can go on a boat trip to go fishing, or to watch the dolphins of the Indian Ocean, as well as the whales during the season between August and October. Don't hesitate to rent a jet ski if you want more autonomy and sensations!

Discovering the marine life of the lagoon of Saint-Gilles is an essential nautical activity: you can have fun snorkeling by yourself, or go diving with one of the local clubs. And for those who are not comfortable with these two activities, don't hesitate to visit the Aquarium of Réunion, which will show you the ecosystem of Réunion's waters without getting you wet. Alternatively, you can hire a paddle or even a transparent sea kayak so that you can observe the inhabitants of the Saint-Gilles lagoon at your leisure!

Don't hesitate to go along the Ravine of Saint-Gilles to go inland from Saint-Paul and pass by the Cormorant and Egret basins. You will have the possibility of making beautiful strolls in VTT, but also with horse. And if you feel like a memorable activity that can offer you superb panoramas of Saint-Gilles, its lagoon and its hinterland, take a helicopter tour! You will have nothing but wonderful memories!

Even if tourists usually enjoy Saint-Gilles by spending their day on its white sandy beaches, don't limit yourself only to that and dare to do all sorts of water and land activities: you will leave more than satisfied to have had so much to do in the lagoon of Saint-Gilles!

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Andrea B., Italy — 28/08/2023
Snokerl with humpback is simply amazing!! It was like to be in another universe
Marika S., Italy — 28/08/2023
Swimmong with whales was so excinting and relaxing in the same time, I'll hope to feel again this magical experience!
Josep M., France — 10/08/2023
Amazing chance to be very close (sometimes less than 50 meters) to the hump whales
Ludovic B., United Kingdom — 13/07/2023
It was exactly as described, the water was beautifully clear and we loved the fact you could see everything through the kayak.
Une balade en kayak dans le lagon qui permet de voir la faune et la flore. Le guide est très sympa et partage des connaissances. On a vu des coraux et beaucoup de poissons. Idéal avec des enfants

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