Great White Shark Cage Diving and Whale Watching Tour near Gansbaai

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Fitness level: Everybody welcome
Duration: 6 hrs
Spoken languages: English
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Activity description

Experience diving with great white sharks followed by a whale-watching safari for an unforgettable day at sea in Gansbaai!

This tour will take you out of the port of Kleinbaai to the channel known as "Shark Alley" due to its popularity among the remaining Great White Sharks of the South African coast. There, you will dive in a cage to view these Apex predators from underwater as they hunt for the seals residing nearby. The second chapter of this safari will take you to a protected nature reserve near the cliffs of De Keldar which is a hotspot for Southern Right Whales. Come aboard and wander over these marvellous marine animals!

Meet us at Shark Tours at Kleinbaai harbour for an early-morning breakfast and briefing on shark cage diving and safety precautions. The specific time of the meet-up will vary according to the season and will be communicated with you closer to the time.

We will then set off on a 15-minute boat trip to the diving location, near Dyer Island. This island is home to 50 000 Cape Fur Seals, the main prey of Great White Sharks. This is why this corridor of the ocean is so ideal for Great White sightings. Indeed, despite them being an endangered species, there is an incredibly high chance of spotting them in this location as they hunt for food. We will anchor in Shark Alley and take turns there to enter the safety of the cage and observe the sharks as they go about their usual lives. We will provide you with all the snorkelling equipment necessary. Float in wonder as they silently pass by within inches of you and fear not! Our cages are completely secure and you risk absolutely nothing under our guidance and supervision. While you are waiting for your turn in the cage, you will get an oversea view of these magnificent misunderstood predators, and your guide will answer any questions you may have. 

After 2 to 3 hours with the sharks and a quick lunch, we will then hop onto another boat for a marine safari. from June to December is peak whale migration season. We will anchor near the cliffs of De Keldar’s, where there is a nature reserve that has the highest concentration of whales. Watch in wonder as you see them glide gracefully by. This part of the trip takes around 2 hours, although we may be out at sea a bit longer depending on the location of our underwater friends.

Outside of whale migration season, between January and June, we will take you on a tour to see the other great marine life around the area - although whale sightings are still possible. Expect sightings of Bryde's whales, penguins, seals, and Bottlenose dolphins! 

Offer Description

What you could see
While no two trips are ever the same, from years of experience the team has come to expect sightings of whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and an array of coastal marine fish and birds.

Although sightings of the Southern Right Whales have decreased in the past two years, there are more sightings of Brydes and Humpback Whales than ever before. The dolphin sightings are awe-inspiring and include every mischievous Bottlenose Dolphins, the spirited Common Dolphins as well as endangered Humpbacked Dolphins. The Cape Fur Seal population is ever increasing and you are sure to see these and perhaps even a Great White shark.

While sightings of any particular species cannot be guaranteed, there are species found in the Bay at certain times of the year, which gives a good indication of the likelihood of their occurrence. Remember, this is a guideline founded on experience; animals are being observed in their natural surroundings so no guarantees can be given to any species.

Dolphins can be seen in the Bay all year round. The playful Common Dolphins live in pods and they will often follow boats for the duration of the trip. The Humpback Dolphins are a little less playful and somewhat shy. They are not known to interact much with the boats and they are highly endangered. You will recognize them by the hump they have just below their back fin.  Everyone’s favoured dolphin is by far the Bottlenose Dolphin. These dolphins are the largest of the dolphin species and they are usually seen jumping and surfing in the waves.

Cape Fur Seals
Cape Fur Seals can be seen in the Bay all year round. The Cape Fur Seals get their name from their heavy pelt. The male Cape Fur Seal can grow to over 2m in length and weighs a hefty 200 – 300kgs. Females are a little smaller, growing to roughly 1.5m in length and weighing in at an impressive 50 – 75kgs. The female Cape Fur Seals give birth between the middle of November and the end of December. Each female will only birth one pup.

Bryde's Whales
These whales can often be seen in the Bay all year round. These whales are fast moving and can grow to be up to 14m in length and weigh a bulky 13 tons. They are most often seen in small pods of 5 or 6 whales.

Humpback Whales
Humpback Whales can be seen in the Bay from June to December (whale watching season). Humpback whales get their name from the hump they have on their backs.  They can grow up to 15m in length and weigh in at a staggering 35 – 45 tons. They are often seen jumping out of the water and showing off.

Southern Right Whales
Southern Right Whales can be seen in the Bay from June to December (whale watching season). The Southern Right Whales are slow moving and can reach up to 16m in length. The female Southern Right Whales give birth in the Bay from July to November. The numbers of Southern Right Whales have increased since the curbing of commercial whaling, every year you can see more and more of them playing and uniting in the Bay.

Minke Whales
The Minke Whales can intermittently be seen in the Bay. They are the slightest of the Baleen Whales growing to roughly 10m in length and weighing in at approximately 3 tons. These whales have a distinctive look, long flippers with light white stripes running along them. They are inquisitive and will often approach the vessel. They will good-naturedly swim past the boat or cause almighty splashes by breaking clear of the water in close proximity to the boat.

Orcas can intermittently be seen in the Bay. Orcas are actually the largest of the dolphin species and have been found to be very friendly towards people. The male Orcas can grow up to 8m in length weighing in at approximately 8 tons. They can often be seen jumping out of the water or gently floating belly up.

False Killer Whales
The False Killer Whales can intermittently be seen in the Bay. The False Killer Whales are slightly smaller than the Orca and are a little darker in colour. The male False Killer Whales can grow up to 5.5m in length and weigh in at approximately 2 tons.

A wide variety of sharks can be found in the Bay. Besides Great White Sharks, you can also intermittently encounter Ragged Tooth Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks as well as Mako Sharks.

The African Penguin
The African Penguin is often referred to as the jackass penguin, a name they get from the sound they make. The African Penguin is relatively small growing to approximately 70cm in height and weighing roughly 4.4kgs. They spend nearly all of their day at sea and huddle together to keep warm.

Coastal Marine Birds
- African Black Oyster Catcher
- Albatros
- Cape Cormorant
- White-breasted Cormorant
- Cape Gannet
- Kelp Gull


Course of events

Meeting time varies depending on the season. This can range from 5 AM in the Summer season and 9-10 AM in the Winter season. 

We will contact the guests the afternoon prior to the activity (generally before 1 PM) with all the specifics.  


Activity requirements

The minimum age to go in the shark cage is 9 years old. 

No previous diving experience is needed, as we use snorkel gear and not air tanks. 


Special terms

Children under 5 get to go for free, but cannot participate in the shark cage. 


  • Comfortable boat
  • Expert guide
  • Breakfast
  • Light lunch
  • Snorkeling Equipment
Do not forget to bring
  • Warm clothing
  • Hat or cap
  • Sunglasses & sunscreen
  • Video Camera / Camera
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Kleinbaai Harbour, Van Dyks Bay, 7220, South Africa Get directions

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