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The fishing village of Gansbaai is one of the last hidden natural treasures you can find on Earth. A place of unspoilt natural beauty welcomes you for an unforgettable break from the stress of everyday life.

Located in the south of Cape Town, Gansbaai offers a great variety of activities in the wild nature of South Africa. 2.5 hours away from Cape Town, and you could go shark diving, whale watching, hiking in fynbos, or mountain biking in the great green forests.

Gansbaai is not your average coastal town; this, once a calm fisher village is filled with contrasts. On one side you have Walkerbay Nature Reserve, with its 17 kilometers of peaceful beaches, and on the other the exciting and adrenaline inducing shark cage diving in Geyser Rock.

The jewel of the crown is, without a doubt, shark cage diving. Gansbaai boasts the title of “the Great White Capital of the World”, and no one can deny it. Inside a specially designed cage which lets you submerge up to your shoulders. The sharks will be tempted with bait and they will approach. Make sure you take a deep breath and completely go under, you will be experiencing something only a few get to!

Thankfully, the region’s touristic offer has been developed around the natural ecosystem, allowing nature to prevail. The protected natural areas have some of the most captivating hikes, such as the Fynbos Trail in the heart of Cape Floral. There, you can discover many rare endemic plants and wildlife. On the coast, Duiwelsgat Hiking Trail will take you the cliffs of De Kelders from Gansbaai Harbour to Klipgat Cave. The trail passes various caves and pools and crosses a unique habitat of the rare coastal limestone fynbos vegetation.

If blue is not really your color and you prefer green, mountain biking is extremely popular. The Gansbaai MTB Race Route is a great challenge for riders that come to South Africa. From De Uijlenes, over Flowervalley, to Helderfontein, the trail has been marked. A word of advice, you must get a permit for riding the routes that cross various private farms and conservancies. Quad and 4x4 are rare in the Western Cape, yet Gansbaai has several itineraries, make sure you get in touch with the local outdoor activity centres to live one of the best experiences of your holiday.

You can expect to find delicious seafood in the village, and great, peaceful places to stay in. The memorable sunsets are sure to make you fall in love with this beautiful fishing village!

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Shark Diving

Shark Diving

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Bhavesh N., South Africa — 03/03/2019
Insightful, educational, and well worth every penny!
Sam W., United Arab Emirates — 17/09/2018
Not just a tourist-trap excursion
Stephen L., South Africa — 25/04/2018
Great fun the dunes where a rush.
Laurent P., France — 16/03/2024
L'activité répond aux promesses. Nous avons vu plusieurs requins pendant un long moment
raid A., France — 30/11/2023
Voir un tel animal de si proche est toujours impressionnant quelle que soit sa taille et la distance.

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