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In the southern part of Cape Town you will find a small bay on the eastern part of the Cape Peninsula, where is located Simon's Town or simply Simonstown. A remarkable natural landscape emerges with the picturesque houses of the village that will leave you in awe!

The steep rocks form a natural harbour where the British used in the 18th century to protect their occupied lands, and that's why they built the Martello Tower - a whitewashed lighthouse that runs as a museum today. Simon's Town is officially a suburb of Cape Town, and it is easy to reach it from the business district of Cape Town if you take the Southern line.

One of the places you should visit in the area is the Boulders Beach, only a few kilometres southern than Simon's Town. There you can expect to find the African penguins that have settled since 1985 on the white sandy beach. Friendly and kind they are used to having people around.

In Simon's Town you can find the most thrilling activity which is none other than Shark Cage Diving! Dive in the natural environment of the sharks, and get a closer look to the Jaws!

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