Canopy Tour in De Pino a Pino Park at San Rafael near Madrid

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3 hrs
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From 5 years-old and up

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Canopy tour

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Enjoy the view from up high while you explore this canopy tour among the pine trees through the San Rafael Zip-line park, only 40 minutes from Madrid.

Enjoy the fresh air, and the view from up high while you explore this canopy tour among the pine trees through the San Rafael Zip-line park, only 40 minutes from Madrid.

As a team of seasoned zip-liners welcomes you into the park and gives you a small, but thorough security talk, you will be able to observe a forest of almost 10 hectares in the incredible Guadarrama National park. In the trees you’ll observe a number of nets, cables, and other equipment attached to the big and beautiful trees, and later gets lost in the forest, but that will actually be the foundation you’ll be standing on while you walk along the track of your choice in the San Rafael Zip-line Park.

This canopy tour adventure near Madrid offers five different paths with their own levels of difficulty:

- The Awenda circuit: for ages 5 (accompanied by an adult) and up, with a minimum height of 110cm. This circuit starts at a height of two metres and includes fun games such as the suspended barrels, the vine bridge, the slide, the spider's web and, of course, the zip lines!

- The Baobab circuit: For ages 6 (accompanied by an adult) and up, with a minimum height of 115cm. When you choose this route, you will climb up the rocopine, overcome the unbalancing wave, the chimpanzee's see-saws, the climbing wall, the jumping bridge and the scales, until you land with the zip-line.

- The Sherwood circuit: For ages 9 and up, with a minimum height of 130cm. This is the circuit for true zip line lovers, as you will find four different zip lines to fly through the trees, as well as some very entertaining tests such as the infinite net, the mysterious barrels, the chained steps, the concentrated bridge and the wobble.

- The Styx circuit: For ages 11 and up, with a minimum height of 140cm. Here, you'll get up close to the treetops and tackle the crazy logs, the suspension bridge, the waterfall, the cliff jump, the beam and the slack ropes, always in conjunction with the fun zip lines.

- The Erawan circuit: For ages 11 and up, with a minim height of 140cm. In this last circuit you will be more than 10 metres high and you will be able to jump over zip lines, pass the giant's steps, the Amazonian bridge, the snake, the flying saucer, the stumble, the Indian vine and the great ultimate zip line: the end of the course.

Once you choose your adventure, you'll be able to lift yourself up to heights of two to twelve meters, and enjoy the view you so deserve.

All you need is a pair of biking-type or tight gloves, comfortable clothing, and anyone, from ages 5 up, can enjoy a wonderful and fun path completely off the ground. Whether with friends, family, schoolmates, or on your own, you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest while you challenge your body to cross from tree to ancient tree in a secured system of nets, wooden beams, and of course, lots of zip-lines!

And you will never be alone. At least one instructor will be by your side at all times to help you, give you advice on how to best follow the path, and most importantly, guarantee your safety.

Take the chance to walk among the trees, experience the calm of the forest, and get in a bit of exercise at de Pino a Pino in San Rafael Zip-line Park, you won't regret it!

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