10 outdoor activities to enjoy in Corsica this summer

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Focus on Corsica, a dream spot for outdoor activities!

Corsica is a real pearl of the Mediterranean and an enchanting destination for all lovers of idleness! With its fine sandy beaches and translucent water creeks, this sublime island never ceases to make people happy... But fans of outdoor activities will also find what they are looking for, as they can practise various sports in a heavenly setting. Here are a few examples that will make you want to head straight for Corsica!

Kitesurfing in Bonifacio

In Corsica, and more particularly in Bonifacio, in the south of the island, you can try out the joys of kitesurfing. On one of the best spots on the island of Beauty for kiteboarding, you will clearly have a great time! A very accessible activity as soon as you learn it in the right conditions, kitesurfing will give you access to exhilarating sensations... We advise you to rely on instructors for your beginnings, as they will give you all the adequate safety rules, the tips to ride with efficiency and they will assist you in your first steps. If you are a beginner, you will be introduced to shallow waters, where you will have a foothold, to give you confidence for the rest of the learning process. And turn you into a kitesurfing king or queen, like Kai Lenny or Gisela Pulido... Kitesurfing, a trendy sport which is also practiced by bosses like Richard Branson, and which will allow you to stay in the wind!

Canyoning near Ajaccio

Ahh, the joys of canyoning! If you are passing through Corsica, let yourself be tempted by the Richiusa, you won't regret it... This canyon located near Ajaccio is one of the most famous in Corsica, and offers a very accessible descent of about 4 hours. Jumps, slides, tyrolean traverse, abseils (up to 10m high) will be on the programme of this trendy outdoor activity. Beginners will feel like fish in water, as long as they are in good physical condition. Interested in discovering all the sensations of canyoning? Then go for it!

Scuba diving in Porto Ota

What could be more beautiful than diving into the world of silence in Corsica? The Island of Beauty will offer you exceptional emotions underwater, as you will descend 20 to 30 minutes near Porto Ota and up to six metres deep. Ideal for observing the underwater fauna and flora and for making a lot of memories. Take the plunge, you won't regret it!

Climbing of the Grandes Voies de Corse

Climbing fans will be delighted: Corsica is not only a spot for water activities, but also a Mecca for climbing! Admire all the beauty of the island from above, pleasure guaranteed... In the heart of the mountains, choose your routes and set off on an adventure, on mythical itineraries. A beautiful communion with nature, and in Corsica, you'll certainly get an eyeful! All you have to do is climb and enjoy...

Mountain biking in Porto Vecchio

As we said, there is more to Corsica than its fine sandy beaches... Between two swims in the transparent waters of the island of Beauty, why not give it a go? Near Porto Vecchio, in the south of the territory, a beautiful mountain bike ride awaits you in fantastic undergrowth. Different routes are possible, with the added bonus of a dip in the river to refresh your ideas! So, climb on your two-wheeler, cross plains and forests, imitate Julien Absalon if you feel like it, it will clearly be only pleasure...

Wakeboarding in Calvi

A mix between water-skiing, snowboarding and surfing, wakeboarding is clearly a spectacular discipline, so why deprive yourself? If you are visiting Calvi, it would be really silly not to try this trendy sport, taking advantage of the good advice of local instructors.... Let the rider in you speak, put on your boots, climb on your board and let's go for mega sliding sensations, towed by a boat! A must-do during a stay on the island of Beauty...

Snorkeling in Ile Rousse

Do you want to try a very accessible sport in a dream setting? Then snorkeling is for you, even more so in the magical setting of Ile Rousse... Equip yourself with flippers, a mask and a snorkel and set off on a wonderful aquatic hike in Haute-Corse. Supervised by an instructor, you will explore the seabed from the surface of the water and observe a particularly rich fauna and flora, in all simplicity. Nature lovers will be delighted, and beginners will see their curiosity rewarded by this superb moment in the translucent waters...

Jet Ski in Calvi

The sure thing in water activities, which almost everyone has already done with their family! A ride on a jet ski is ideal for experiencing the thrill of the water, while (re)discovering the landscapes that surround us. If you stop over in Haute-Corse, stop at Calvi and climb on a jet-ski, you won't regret it! Head for the most beautiful beaches of the island of Beauty, supervised by a state-qualified instructor, to fill up on memories and contemplate the splendour of Mother Nature. Epic, for sure.

Sea Kayaking in Porto Vecchio

Another good idea if you travel to Corsica is to go sea kayaking! A perfect boat to discover the most beautiful bays of Porto Vecchio, in the south of the island. Go along the coast of Pinarello, swim in the turquoise waters and admire postcard landscapes! An ideal activity for those who want to take the time to enjoy the beauty of the world...

Stand Up Paddle in Bonifacio

Finally, another outdoor activity and not the least to practice on the island of Beauty: Stand Up Paddle! A sport that should not be unknown to you if you have read our 10 tips for a good start in Stand Up Paddle... So let's go and put them into practice on a dream spot, and Corsica is not short of them!

We recommend the blue lagoon of Piantarella, a magical place for SUP sailing and discovering an absolutely sublime panorama, as Corsica knows how to offer.

So welcome to Corsica and may sport be with you!