Best Water Activities at Lake Como

Known for its magical landscape, Lake Como is the third-largest lake in Italy. Its unspoiled panorama and transparent waters make it a go-to destination for explorers with a soft spot for nature. Discover the best water activities to explore the lake!

Lake Como lies at the foot of the Alps, next to the Swiss border. Its particular "Y" shape creates a wonderful scenery with mountains in the background. Lake Como is also home to numerous towns and villages with beautiful villas, gardens and monuments. Thanks to the stunning landscapes and the lovely weather, there are plenty of things to do at Lake Como and its turquoise waters make it the best place for water activities too! From relaxing boat tours to thrilling paragliding experiences, Lake Como has incredible adventures to offer. Read on to discover the best water activities at Lake Como!

1. Boat Tour from Bellagio

Boat tour around Lake Como

One of the best things to do at Lake Como is undoubtedly a boat tour. Located in the heart of Lake Como, Bellagio is the perfect location for a panoramic ride. During this boat tour from Bellagio you’ll admire the incredible villas and gardens surrounding Bellagio, like Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi d’Eril and Villa d’Este. If you are staying in Como, you can join this boat tour from Como and explore the southwestern end of the Lake and cruise along some towns like Cernobbio and Laglio. You can also rent a speed boat from Como and feel the thrill of riding a boat by yourself - no previous experience is required, only a driving licence! For the Hollywood fans out there, thanks to these boat tours, you can even spot George Clooney’s villa in Laglio!

2. Kayak Rental from Vassena

Kayaking Rental on Lake Como

If you want a more adventurous water activity on Lake Como, don’t miss a kayak trip around the lake with your friends! Thanks to this kayak rental on Lake Como, you’ll have the opportunity to paddle along its beautiful shores at your own pace. At the rental centre, they’ll hand you a map of the lake, highlighting the must-see villas and monuments. With some top-notch and manoeuvrable kayaks, it’ll be easy to paddle around, even for beginners. Tailor your itinerary to your interests and enjoy the stunning views of the Alps from the water!

3. Kitesurfing Lessons in Dervio

Kitesurfing on Lake Como

While Lake Como is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and stunning architecture, it is also an ideal place for kitesurfing. The northern end of the lake is especially good when it comes to watersports like kitesurfing. Its good weather and favourable winds make it the perfect destination for beginners. Thanks to this kitesurfing lesson on Lake Como from Dervio, you’ll be immersed in a motivating and friendly environment, making it the best place to move your first steps into the kitesurfing game, without pressure. Surrounded by the mountains and guided by a professional and experienced instructor, your kitesurfing journey will be fun and unforgettable. If you are an experienced rider wishing to boost your confidence, you can join this intermediate kitesurfing course in Dervio!

4. Stand Up Paddling near Bellagio

Stand up Paddling on Lake Como

Stand up paddling is one of the most relaxing things to do on Lake Como. Starting from Vassena, in the heart of the lake you can rent a SUP and explore Lake Como at your own pace. For 1 hour, you’ll be paddling through crystal-clear waters, enjoying the silence of the lake. Rent your SUP early in the morning if you wish for some quiet time in nature or in the evening to admire a colourful and peaceful sunset! Either alone or with your friends, thanks to this stand up paddling rental on Lake Como, you’ll get incredible views of the lake, its villages and the Alps.

5. Scenic Seaplane Flight from Varenna

Scenic seaplane flight over Lake Como
Varenna Holidays

Are you seeking an unforgettable experience at Lake Como with your special someone? This scenic seaplane flight over Lake Como is one of the most incredible things to do in Como. From Como, your guide will drive you to the take-off point, where you’ll meet your pilot. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to soar above this magical scenery! The unmistakable “Y” shape of the lake and the snowy peaks of the Alps in the background will make this 30-minute flight worth it!

6. Tandem Paragliding Flight from Lecco

Tandem paragliding flight over Lake Como

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure, tandem paragliding is one of the must-try activities on Lake Como. With a professional pilot, you’ll reach a vantage point uphill, gear up and take off. Perfectly designed for first-timers, during this tandem paragliding flight over Lake Como your pilot will take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy the view! The transparent waters, the snow-covered mountains and charming villas make Lake Como a dreamy paragliding destination. Feel the invaluable freedom of flying above these spectacular views!

7. Rafting down the Adda River

Rafting down the Adda River
Indomita Valtellina River

Just a few kilometres away from Lake Como, you can find amazing water activities like rafting! The Adda River rises in the Alps is 313 km long and flows through Lake Como. If you have the chance to drive, you should definitely check out this river rafting down the Adda River. Perfect for a fun-filled family adventure, this rafting journey near Lake Como will not disappoint you! Following your instructor, you and your crew will face rapids and enjoy a refreshing swim in the Adda River. Get ready to get wet!

Easily reachable by car and by train from Milan, Lake Como is a little corner of paradise. From exciting scenic flights to slow-paced kayaking excursions, Lake Como offers a variety of unforgettable water adventures for explorers of all ages. Immerse yourself in nature and collect precious memories with your friends and family all around the lake.

These are just some of the things to do in Como and explore the lake. Check out all our activities at Lake Como and plan the perfect trip! And if you're eager to discover another beautiful lake in Italy, don't miss out on our activity suggestions at Lake Garda.